Ultimate Book of the Future

Ultimate Book of the Future by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Ultimate Book of the Future Personal droids, the history and future of cell phones, planets with the possibility of life, how to make music with your brain, and a new way to fight wildfires… These are just a few of the surprises in this non-fiction book.

Ada’s Violin

Ada's Violin by Susan Hood; Sally Wern Comport

Ada’s Violin This inspiring true story, filled with resilience and hope, takes place in a large garbage dump in Paraguay where a girl with a love for music is given the opportunity to use garbage to create an instrument that, when she learns to play it, will take her around the world. 

It Began With a Page

It Began With a Page by Kyo Maclear; Julie Morstad

It Began With a Page Such an inspiring true story of a woman artist that begin in Gyo’s home where “anything seemed possible” even though it didn’t feel that way in the rest of her world. Gyo was determined and persevered through hardship to become a woman who did amazing things and changed our world … Read more