Never Fall Down

Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick

Never Fall Down The true story of Arn-Chorn Pond and how he survived the Cambodian Genocide as a child. Told from a first person point-of-view this story is extremely potent and emotional. It looks at the best sides of humanity and some of the worst. Recommended for high schoolers and above.

The Elements of Pop-up

The Elements of Pop-up by David A. Carter; James Diaz

The Elements of Pop-up Have you ever read a pop-up book and wondered how it was created? The Elements of Pop-Up gives concise instructions on paper engineering that allow you to make your own pop-up art! Perfect for hands-on teenage artists who are looking for something new.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe by Mallika Chopra; Brenna Vaughan

Just Breathe The world can be a busy place. When it feels like everything is rushing by, sometimes I need to find a quiet place to take a few breaths. If you ever get overwhelmed, scared, or feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself, I would recommend this book as a gentle reminder that it … Read more

Ultimate Book of the Future

Ultimate Book of the Future by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Ultimate Book of the Future Personal droids, the history and future of cell phones, planets with the possibility of life, how to make music with your brain, and a new way to fight wildfires… These are just a few of the surprises in this non-fiction book.