Miss Quinces

Miss Quinces by Kat Fajardo

Miss Quinces When Sue’s mom surprises her with a quinceañera, Sue just about loses it. Dresses? Speeches? The dreaded color pink? How could this be happening? Sue isn’t quite so sure that she’s going to let it happen. I love this book because it balances the need to be an individual while simultaneously living with … Read more


Allergic by Michelle Mee Nutter; Megan Wagner Lloyd

Allergic Just when it seems Maggie is about to bring home her forever friend she discovers something terrible. She’s allergic to just about every pet you’d ever want!


Click by Kayla Miller

Click The only thing Olive wants is to find where she fits in. But in 5th grade when she realizes cliques are forming all around her, she doesn’t feel quite at home in any of them.


Squished by Megan Wagner Lloyd; Michelle Mee Nutter

Squished This family-friendly story about finding your own space will tug at your heartstrings. Especially if you have loveable boogers for siblings (I’m lucky enough to have five loveable boogers.)