Can’t Find It?


Looking for something that you can’t find in our catalog? You can request it using the form below! Did you know we borrow from and lend to libraries all over the world?!

We do our best to fulfill all requests, but occasionally an item is not available. If that happens, we’ll let you know right away.


Requests may take anywhere from two to six weeks (or longer in some cases).

You can place requests for items that will be published within the next six months. Please use as your source for release date information. You can also use WorldCat to verify information about the item you’re requesting.

Please note: The Whatcom County Library System cannot purchase pirated or illegally reproduced copies of audio or video items.


All kinds of things!

  • Books, DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks
  • Articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers
  • Music scores
  • Government documents
  • And more!

 The following items are not available to be requested:

  • Computer software and videogames
  • Unauthorized DVD releases or pirated DVDs
    (on Amazon, if a DVD is an authorized copy, it will say “buy new” by the price listing)
  • Single issues of a magazine
  • VHS tapes
  • Items we already own, including items with holds and reference materials

We are happy to help you with up to 20 requests per month.

Before completing the form below, please search the Library Catalog to see if this item is already owned.

  • Choose the type of item you are requesting.
  • Enter the publication date
  • Item Source

  • If this item is available from or, copy and paste the link here.
  • When and where did you find out about this item? If you have a date by which you need the item, please enter it here.
  • Patron Information

  • Enter the 14-digit barcode number from your card. No spaces or dashes, please!
  • If you would like to receive an automated confirmation of your request, please enter your email address.