Ask a Librarian

There are librarians around the world online 24/7 to chat with you. After hours and during holidays too! Just hit the orange button to the right to get started. This service is perfect for:

Homework Help

“I need help finding a reliable source for my paper”

Reader’s Advisory

“I liked 5th Wave. What else should I read?”

Assistance with Digital Materials

“Why won’t my Overdrive App open?”

 “Does the library have an online language learning program?”

Hard to Find Items

“The book I want is out of print and my library doesn’t have it. How can I get it?”

Teachers, we can help with your research projects for middle or high school students! Contact us to set up virtual visits to help student writing papers on countries, authors, and current issues all via chat. Imagine having ten librarians in your classroom at once to help your students find reliable resources – our chat service makes that possible.

Have questions about your account? Ask A Librarian may be able to help, even when WCLS isn’t open. But if they can’t, they’ll put an alert on your account to notify us and a WCLS librarian will follow up by email in the next 2 business days. Or, Contact Us to email your question directly to WCLS staff.