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The Tree and the River by Aaron Becker

A beautiful picture book without words, author Aaron Becker takes the reader through the story of a valley with a winding valley and a solitary tree that witnesses the flow of time.







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Tamar Clarke Theresa Morrison


Green Eyes and Ham by Mary Penney

Green Eyes and Ham

Ham struggles with the transition from homeschool to traditional seventh grade, but when a charismatic older boy shows him some attention, things get complicated in ways he can’t fully understand. Compelling and heartfelt.

KidMary PenneyThomfiction kid staff-shelf
The Magic of Seasons by Vicky Woodgate

The Magic of Seasons

Everyone knows there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. But did you know some places in the world have only two seasons? Or that there are other seasons called wet and dry? How about why there are seasons at all? Follow Mimi the cat through this book and you’ll even learn why cats are good at predicting seasonal changes in the weather!

KidVicky WoodgateMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

The Rabbit Listened

This is a book I need to read often to remind me how to be the best kind of friend.

EarlyCori DoerrfeldEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

You Should See Me in a Crown

What do you do when you don’t get the final scholarship you need to fulfill your college dreams? Pivot and go for the big prize for Prom Queen, of course!

TeenLeah JohnsonAngelinafiction staff-shelf teen
How to Knit a Monster by Annemarie van Haeringen

How to Knit a Monster

Greta gets a bit carried away with her knitting and accidentally creates some dangerous beasts.

EarlyAnnemarie van HaeringenOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
They Call Me River by Maciek Albrecht

They Call Me River

A picture book with beautiful art and meaningful story, guaranteed to make you feel a flurry of emotions.

EarlyMaciek AlbrechtOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
How to Make Friends With a Ghost by Rebecca Green

How to Make Friends With a Ghost

Have you ever wanted a ghost to be your best bud? Here’s a helpful and whimsical how-to guide!

EarlyRebecca GreenOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Toasty by Sarah Hwang


Toasty, a piece of toast who longs to be a dog, realizes that he might not be kindly welcomed by the dogs at the dog park – maybe there is someone else out there who can appreciate the kind of dog he can be?

EarlySarah HwangOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Marcy must face her fears when her father goes missing during an adventure.

EarlyJoe Todd-StantonOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Tree and the River by Aaron Becker

The Tree and the River

A beautiful picture book without words, author Aaron Becker takes the reader through the story of a valley with a winding valley and a solitary tree that witnesses the flow of time.

EarlyAaron BeckerOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton

The Comet

A young girl struggles with finding magic in the city after her and her father move out of their country home into a small apartment.

EarlyJoe Todd-StantonOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Pandora by Victoria Turnbull


A picture book with beautiful art and a heartwarming story.

EarlyVictoria TurnbullOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Pigs Can't Look Up by Vincent D'Onofrio

Pigs Can’t Look Up

A kind child wants to give their pig an opportunity to look at the stars.

EarlyVincent D'OnofrioOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Chirri & Chirra by Kaya Doi

Chirri & Chirra

The twins on another whimsical adventure – the rain is no match for their boundless energy and creativity!

EarlyKaya DoiOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Skull by Jon Klassen

The Skull

Otilla has escaped from terrible danger and stumbled upon a lonely house in a dark forest, quickly making friends with the fearful resident of the home.

EarlyJon KlassenOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
My Dog Just Speaks Spanish by Andrea Cáceres

My Dog Just Speaks Spanish

A young bilingual immigrant wanders through a park, translating for her beloved dog who only speaks Spanish.

Early, EarlyAndrea CáceresOllieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Wait Till Helen Comes

A graphic novel adaptation of the original 1986 novel, this is a children’s book with dark themes and heavy topics.

KidMary Downing HahnOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Swan Lake. Quest for the Kingdoms by Rey Terciero; Megan Kearny; Meagan Carter

Swan Lake. Quest for the Kingdoms

What do you get when you put two princesses from feuding kingdoms, magical curses, and ancient lands together? A fun and whimsical graphic novel that focuses on the importance of honest and supportive friendship!

KidRey Terciero; Megan Kearny; Meagan CarterOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Stepping Stones by Lucy Knisley

Stepping Stones

Jen is experiencing a lot of change: she has to move from the city to the country when her mom gets a new boyfriend, as well as gaining two new “sisters”, and having to learn new chores on Peapod Farm. Can Jen learn to deal with her insecurities about her new family, and how she fits into the equation? 

KidLucy KnisleyOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Séance Tea Party by Reimena Yee

Séance Tea Party

A warm and welcoming graphic novel about a 12-year-old who is afraid to grow up, and the ghost that has been haunting her house for generations.

KidReimena YeeOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Garlic & the Vampire by Bree Paulsen

Garlic & the Vampire

Garlic & the Vampire is a humorous and heartwarming graphic novel about Garlic’s journey to confront a bloodthirsty vampire.

KidBree PaulsenOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
My Aunt Is a Monster by Reimena Yee

My Aunt Is a Monster

Safia thought the being blind meant she could only experience adventures in the form of audiobooks – until her reclusive Aunt Whimsy takes her on the adventure of a lifetime.

KidReimena YeeOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Hooky. Vol. 03 by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky. Vol. 03

A time skip, a war, and a curse – can there be a happy ending for Dani, Dorian, and their friends?

KidMiriam Bonastre TurOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Hooky. Vol. 02 by MЃiriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky. Vol. 02

Dani and Dorian – and their group – have been through a lot together. They have to find their lost allies to continue their journey, but are constantly being thwarted by family and strangers.

KidMiriam Bonastre TurOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Hooky. Vol. 01 by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Hooky. Vol. 01

When Dani and Dorian miss the bus to magic school, a series of mishaps gets them labeled as traitors to their own kind. They befriend a troublemaker, a princess, and a teacher who can see the future – can this ragtag group of misfits repair their broken kingdom?

KidMiriam Bonastre TurOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Mermaid Scales and the Town of Sand by Yoko Komori

Mermaid Scales and the Town of Sand

Everyone besides Tokiko denies the existence of merpeople, yet there is a secret annual festival in the small coastal town to honor them anyway.

KidYoko KomoriOlliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
The Halloween Moon by Joseph Fink

The Halloween Moon

Written by one of the creators of Welcome to Nightvale, this middle-grade novel captures the beauty of Halloween.

KidJoseph FinkOlliefiction kid staff-shelf
Wretched Waterpark by Kiersten White

Wretched Waterpark

A sudden summer vacation leads to three siblings being left at an odd waterpark, full of mysteries to explore.

KidKiersten WhiteOlliefiction kid staff-shelf
Escape to Witch City by E. Latimer

Escape to Witch City

Emmaline is a witch, in a world where witches are persecuted. Emmaline researches a method to get rid of her powers before she is discovered, finding a secret city and missing family members along the way.

KidE. LatimerOlliefiction kid staff-shelf
I Had That Same Dream Again by Yoru Sumino

I Had That Same Dream Again

This is a beautiful story with dark themes presented with a hopeful and optimistic lens, complete with a surprise twist.

TeenYoru SuminoOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life. Vol. 01 by Usata Nonohara

The Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life. Vol. 01

Mariela is the last alchemist alive after waking up from a 200-year sleep. As the only alchemist in town, she can make exorbitant amounts of money making and selling potions – but all she wants is to relax and live at her own pace.

TeenUsata NonoharaOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow. Vol. 01 by Makoto Hagino

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow. Vol. 01

Two students in the aquarium club form an instant bond that starts to blossom into something more than friends.

TeenMakoto HaginoOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino

I Hear the Sunspot

Taichi needs a well-paid part-time job. Kohei needs a note taker, as he has experienced hearing loss since middle school. What starts out as a business-like friendship evolves into something more, that neither of them expected.

TeenYuki FuminoOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Again!! Vol. 01 by Mitsurou Kubo

Again!! Vol. 01

Imamura is a loner, having graduated high school with no friends or club experiences. Before leaving, he visits the club room for the defunct oendan club, leading to a series of events that sends him in the past to his first day of high school.

TeenMitsurou KuboOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Belle of the Ball by Mari Costa

Belle of the Ball

A graphic novel about a high school wallflower who ends up in an unexpected love triangle after tutoring the girlfriend of her crush.

TeenMari CostaOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Cheer Up! by Crystal Frasier

Cheer Up!

This graphic novel focuses on antisocial Annie, who is pressured into joining the cheerleading squad to make friends. Her former friend BeeBee is on the squad as well, and is a huge people pleaser, forced to keep her parents happy with her high grades and positive social life in order for them to keep supporting her transition. The two girls rekindle their friendship while dealing with the rigors of training and increased social pressure.

TeenCrystal FrasierOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
M Is for Monster by Talia Dutton

M Is for Monster

A mad scientist attempts to resurrect her younger sister, but instead a new soul takes over the body. This is a Frankenstein-inspired graphic novel about identity, family, and ghosts.

TeenTalia DuttonOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Well by Jake Wyatt

The Well

This book captured my interest immediately with the beautiful art, and the plot had me on edge (and shedding tears). I would definitely recommend this to readers looking for an adventure with emotion.

TeenJake WyattOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Other Ever Afters by Melanie Gillman

Other Ever Afters

This is a compilation of queer fairy tales, drawn and colored by hand by the author with colored pencils, giving it a unique feel.

TeenMelanie GillmanOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Goodbye, Eri by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Goodbye, Eri

Yuta’s mother is suffering from a terminal illness and asks him to record as much of her life as possible to keep her memory alive. After she passes, he makes the footage into a movie, but is criticized by his classmates for disrespecting his mother. Devastated and wanting to end his life, he is stopped by Eri, the only fan of his movie. She proposes a partnership – she wants him to make a second movie, with her as the star.

TeenTatsuki FujimotoOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Noragami, Stray God Omnibus. Vol. 01-03 by Adachitoka

Noragami, Stray God Omnibus. Vol. 01-03

Yato, a stray god, doesn’t even have a shrine, let alone worshippers. He accepts all kinds of jobs, trying to raise money for the lavish temple he dreams of. Ranging from lost kittens to dealing with bullies, Yato finds himself surrounded by an interesting and charming cast of characters.

TeenAdachitokaOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom. Vol. 01 by Tail Yuzuhara

A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom. Vol. 01

When shut-in Sena dies on her 18th birthday and is reincarnated as a witch in another world, she is only able to master two spells – explosion and destruction. After accidentally scaring the nearby villagers, she is once again living a life of isolation – until a mysterious boy collapses on her doorstep!

TeenTail YuzuharaOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
In the Clear Moonlit Dusk. Vol. 01 by Mika Yamamori

In the Clear Moonlit Dusk. Vol. 01

Yoi is constantly being mistaken as a guy, due to her deep voice and handsome face. She’s had the nickname “Prince” for as long as she can remember and has given up on living as a normal high school girl – that is, until Ichimura, another “Prince”, is the first person to see her for who she truly is

TeenMika YamamoriOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Ayashimon. Vol. 01, I'll Play With You, Punk by Yuji Kaku

Ayashimon. Vol. 01, I’ll Play With You, Punk

Maruo has trained his entire life to become as strong as his favorite manga heroes – an endeavor that seems to have been a waste, until he meets the daughter of the recently deceased chairman of the largest criminal organization for supernatural beings.

TeenYuji KakuOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Insomniacs After School. Vol. 01 by Makoto Ojiro

Insomniacs After School. Vol. 01

Two insomniacs form an unlikely bond when they both find that the school observatory, long abandoned after the astronomy club lost all its members, is the perfect place for a nap.

TeenMakoto OjiroOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Call the Name of the Night. Vol. 01 by Tama Mitsuboshi

Call the Name of the Night. Vol. 01

Mira, a girl with an affliction that calls forth the night, and Rei, a kindly doctor searching for a cure, reside peacefully deep within a forest.

TeenTama MitsuboshiOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Unfamiliar. Vol. 01 by Haley Newsome

Unfamiliar. Vol. 01

A whimsical and endearing graphic novel filled with magical mayhem as well as the power of friendship and found family.

TeenHaley NewsomeOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Deya Muniz

The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A funny and heartfelt romance about finding love, and grilled cheese sandwiches, where you least expect to.

TeenDeya MunizOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Delicates by Brenna Thummler


In this sequel to Sheets, Marjorie has been accepted by the popular kids – at a cost. She must keep Wendell and their friendship hidden, to avoid being labeled as a freak. As Wendell grows upset by their deteriorating friendship, and another student named Eliza is bullied by Marjorie’s new friends, Marjorie must reevaluate her priorities.

TeenBrenna ThummlerOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Sheets by Brenna Thummler


Marjorie is a practical and responsible 13-year-old who is in charge of her family laundry business after her mother dies. Her day-to-day life consists of angry customers, unbearable classes, and a threatening businessman – until she meets Wendell, a ghost who has escaped the afterlife.

TeenBrenna ThummlerOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

Mina sacrifices herself to the Sea God her village worships – and fears – to save her brother and his beloved, Shim Cheong. Finding herself in the Spirit Realm, Mina sets out on a quest to awaken the sleeping Sea God and put an end to the sacrifices, once and for all.

TeenAxie OhOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
A Semi-definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland

A Semi-definitive List of Worst Nightmares

Ever since Esther’s grandpa met Death, her entire family has been cursed to suffer from one great fear that will eventually lead them to their deaths. Esther has managed to avoid the curse, because she avoids anything that could become a phobia – until she encounters her childhood crush Jonah, who strives to rid her of her fears.

TeenKrystal SutherlandOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

House of Hollow

Three sisters are went missing as children and were returned to their home – changed. Years later, when the youngest is about to graduate high school, the oldest goes missing again, leaving the other two to find her.

TeenKrystal SutherlandOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
All the Bad Apples by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

All the Bad Apples

Deena’s mysterious sister Mandy disappears, and everyone assumes she is dead – except Deena. After the funeral, Deena starts receiving letters from Mandy, instructing her to investigate the curse of bad luck that generations of women in their family have suffered from.

TeenMoïra Fowley-DoyleOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Be Not Far From Me by Mindy McGinnis

Be Not Far From Me

Ashley is hiking in the Smokies with her friends for a night of partying, when she catches her boyfriend with another girl. After running off in the night in a drunken rage, she has a nasty fall in a ravine, and realizes that she is alone, injured, and far from the trail. This is a survival thriller that is sure to make your skin crawl.

TeenMindy McGinnisOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Loveless by Alice Oseman


Georgia has never been in love, or even had a crush, but is hoping she’ll change that when she goes to university with her two best friends. Her romance plan wreaks havoc amongst her friend group, and she becomes more uncertain about her feelings than ever before. Has she been looking for the wrong thing all along?

TeenAlice OsemanOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno

Summer of Salt

The island of By-the-Sea has a famous guest every summer – an (allegedly) three-hundred-year-old bird that comes to roost every year. The magical Fernweh family owns the Inn on the island, hosting birdwatching fanatics from around the world. Tragedy strikes on the island the year that Georgina and her twin sister, Mary, are about to turn 18, changing the lives of those on the island forever. 

TeenKatrina LenoOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

Some Girls Do

In this young adult romance novel, an openly gay track star falls for a closeted bisexual beauty queen with a hobby of fixing up old cars. Can they still be together despite being on different paths?

TeenJennifer DuganOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

Any Way the Wind Blows

The last book in the Simon Snow trilogy, Simon struggles to find his place in the world, especially when a new “chosen one” appears.

TeenRainbow RowellOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

Wayward Son

The second book in the Simon Snow series, our favorite duo (plus Penny) go on an American road trip filled with mishap and mayhem.

TeenRainbow RowellOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

Carry on

This is a ghost story, love story, and a mystery, filled with monsters and chaos. Carry On is one of my favorite books – I’ve read it 3 times so far, and plan on many more rereads in the future!

TeenRainbow RowellOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
Thornhill by Pam Smy


Told in the formats of both full page pictures and diary entries, Thornhill tells a story of friendship between two girls split into two time periods. This book is both eerie and beautiful.

TeenPam SmyOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
What Stalks Among Us by Sarah Hollowell

What Stalks Among Us

A thriller about two best friends trapped in an impossibly giant corn maze, filled with corpses that look just like them. They quickly learn that they have explored – and died in – this maze many times before. If they can’t figure out what – or who – is hunting them, they might be trapped… permanently.

TeenSarah HollowellOlliefiction staff-shelf teen
The Dark Maidens by Rikako Akiyoshi

The Dark Maidens

After the president of the literature club at the prestigious St. Mary’s Academy for Girls dies on campus, the remaining club members meet and try to figure out how she died, and who killed her. Told in multiple perspectives, this murder mystery will have you questioning which, if any, of the narrators are trustworthy.

TeenRikako AkiyoshiOlliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker

A shy seamstress gets hired to work for the prince. This becomes an exciting job when she learns the prince’s secret; he likes to wear woman’s dresses! They form a close bond over this secret, but the prince’s parents can not find out… This book is so fun and heartfelt!

TeenJen WangSarahgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Lily and the Night Creatures by Nick Lake

Lily and the Night Creatures

When mysterious, malignant phantasms of her parents overtake her home, and her life, Lily fights back with the aid of a ragtag band of sentient, indelible, and occasionally hapless neighborhood animals.

KidNick LakeThomfiction kid staff-shelf
The Bitter Side of Sweet by Tara Sullivan

The Bitter Side of Sweet

While this book is fictional, the setting is child labor and slavery in the chocolate industry.

TeenTara SullivanEviefiction staff-shelf teen
Premeditated Myrtle by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Premeditated Myrtle

Enjoy a classic mystery set in Victorian England with 12-year-old Myrtle Hardcastle who is more interested in the truth than being proper and will do whatever it takes to find the murderer.

KidElizabeth C. BunceAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
Healer and Witch by Nancy Werlin

Healer and Witch

15-year-old Sylvie has the healing gifts that run in her family but doesn’t know how to use them. After she tries to help her mother and makes a giant mistake instead, she sets off on a journey seeking a mentor, while avoiding those who would attack or exploit her in this blend of historical fiction and fantasy set in France in 1531.

TeenNancy WerlinAngelinafiction staff-shelf teen
Bomb by Steve Sheinkin; Nick Bertozzi


A non-fiction graphic novel set in WWII that reads like an international spy thriller. Learn about the genius and scientific discovery needed in the development of the atomic bomb in the midst of back-alley secret deals and wartime sabotage.

Teen, TeenSteve Sheinkin; Nick BertozziAngelinagraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Invisible by Christina Diaz Gonzalez; Gabriela Epstein


Graphic novel told in flashback about 5 middle schoolers who are grouped together because they all speak some Spanish, but they are all quite different. While working together they start to get to know each other, and they discover a family who has a secret and needs help.

TeenChristina Diaz Gonzalez; Gabriela EpsteinAngelinagraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Rescuer of Tiny Creatures by Curtis Manley; Lucy Ruth Cummins

The Rescuer of Tiny Creatures

Roberta wants to rescue all of the tiny creatures and her classmates don’t understand why. Her extensive knowledge comes in handy when baby spiders hatch in the classroom and all work together to solve the problem.

EarlyCurtis Manley; Lucy Ruth CumminsAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Still This Love Goes on by Buffy Sainte-Marie; Julie Flett

Still This Love Goes on

Beautiful illustrations accompany this adaptation of the song by Buffy Sainte-Marie about seasons, nature and community. Includes sheet music so that readers can play along.

EarlyBuffy Sainte-Marie; Julie FlettAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Wisdom of Trees by Lita Judge

The Wisdom of Trees

Did you know trees communicate via the wood-wide web? Learn how trees share information and nutrients to help each other survive in this non-fiction book.

KidLita JudgeAngelinakid nonfiction staff-shelf
Ultimate Book of the Future by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Ultimate Book of the Future

Personal droids, the history and future of cell phones, planets with the possibility of life, how to make music with your brain, and a new way to fight wildfires… These are just a few of the surprises in this non-fiction book.

KidStephanie Warren DrimmerAngelinakid nonfiction staff-shelf
A Spoonful of Frogs by Casey Lyall; Vera Brosgol

A Spoonful of Frogs

A silly picture book about a cooking show called Bewitching Kitchen and the antics of the chef attempting to teach the audience how to make frog soup, but the frogs aren’t cooperating.

EarlyCasey Lyall; Vera BrosgolAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Remember by Joy Harjo


Lush and gorgeous illustrations are on every page of this picture book adaptation of a poem by Joy Harjo that reminds us to look to the universe and the interconnectedness of all things.

EarlyJoy HarjoAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Children of the Forest by Matt Myers

Children of the Forest

Siblings explore how to survive the wilds of their backyard in this imaginative and funny story.

EarlyMatt MyersAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Just You and Me by Jennifer Ward; Alexander Vidal

Just You and Me

See animals help each other in all kinds of interesting and surprising ways in this non-fiction picture book.

Early, EarlyJennifer Ward; Alexander VidalAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Fair and Square by Heather Ayris Burnell; Hazel Quintanilla

Fair and Square

Unicorn and Yeti are good friends working out how to get along even when they don’t agree in this beginning reader series.

KidHeather Ayris Burnell; Hazel QuintanillaAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
Debating Darcy by Sayantani DasGupta

Debating Darcy

Pride and Prejudice meets the debate team in this modern retelling of the story. A behind-the-scenes look at forensics competitions, including how sexism affects judging, brings a new perspective to this romance.

TeenSayantani DasGuptaAngelinafiction staff-shelf teen
The Marvellers by Dhonielle Clayton

The Marvellers

It is hard to be the first Conjuror allowed in a school of magic, especially when everyone is suspicious of Conjurors and see them as different from Marvellers. 11-year-old Ella finally makes some friends and bands with them to find her missing teacher. 

KidDhonielle ClaytonAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
The Greatest Thing by Sarah Winifred Searle

The Greatest Thing

Various types of teen relationships, mental health, making art and disordered eating are all part of this graphic novel about a group of friends in high school.

TeenSarah Winifred SearleAngelinagraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Borders by Thomas King; Natasha Donovan


What happens when your nation is divided by someone else’s border and your citizenship isn’t acknowledged? Hang out in the gray area between borders known as the duty-free parking lot. When will they be able to leave?

TeenThomas King; Natasha DonovanAngelinagraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera

The Last Cuentista

12-year-old Petra is among the chosen few to board a spaceship for another planet when Earth is going to be destroyed by a comet. Hundreds of years later she awakes to discover she is the only one aboard who still remembers Earth or any of its stories. An amazing combination of sci-fi and Mexican-American storytelling.

TeenDonna Barba HigueraAngelinaearly staff-shelf teen
Roll for Initiative by Jaime Formato

Roll for Initiative

12-year-old Riley is learning to survive middle school without her older brother’s help. As she makes friends, she realizes that she can run the D&D games she used to play with her brother. When he comes home from college early, she has to prove her independence.

KidJaime FormatoAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
Lucy in the Sky by Kiara Brinkman; Sean Chiki

Lucy in the Sky

7th grader Lucy is struggling with some family issues and feels her friends are drifting away. She discovers some of her parent’s old Beatles albums, gets a drum set, and decides to start a girl band. Can she keep the band together?

KidKiara Brinkman; Sean ChikiAngelinagraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Stuntboy, in the Meantime by Jason Reynolds; Raúl the Third

Stuntboy, in the Meantime

A novel with short comic sections tells the story of a boy whose alter ego is Stuntboy, the greatest superhero you’ve never heard of. Told as a television series with each chapter as an episode, we see Stuntboy using his powers to protect those he loves.

KidJason Reynolds; Raúl the ThirdAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliott

Dragons in a Bag

9-year-old Jax didn’t realize how easy it would be to break the 2 rules of caring for newborn dragons: 1. Don’t let them out of the bag. 2. Don’t feed them anything sweet. Read to find out what happens next!

KidZetta ElliottAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
The Used-to-be Best Friend by Dawn Quigley; Tara Audibert

The Used-to-be Best Friend

Jo Jo has lots of funny ideas about how the world works. Join her and her best friend Mimi (her cat) as she learns how to navigate first grade and make more friends.

KidDawn Quigley; Tara AudibertAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
Flubby Will Not Go to Sleep by J. E. Morris

Flubby Will Not Go to Sleep

Will anything help Flubby go to sleep? A pillow, a blanket, a song or a snack? Read and find out in this beginning reader in the Flubby series.

KidJ. E. MorrisAngelinafiction kid staff-shelf
The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser; Kate Hindley

The Littlest Yak

Even the littlest yak can do big things in this sweet, rhyming picture book.

EarlyLu Fraser; Kate HindleyAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Search for Sasquatch by Laura Krantz

The Search for Sasquatch

A journalist seeks the truth using the scientific method to discover if Sasquatch are real. Read this non-fiction book to find out the answer!

KidLaura KrantzAngelinakid nonfiction staff-shelf
A Journey Under the Sea by Craig Foster; Ross Frylinck

A Journey Under the Sea

An amazing non-fiction book with beautiful photos of the Great African Sea Forest. My favorite part is how many different ways an octopus can change shape and color.

KidCraig Foster; Ross FrylinckAngelinakid nonfiction staff-shelf
Marshmallow & Jordan by Alina Chau

Marshmallow & Jordan

Gorgeous illustrations add to this delightful story set in Indonesia about a girl in middle school and a mysterious white elephant and how they help each other.

KidAlina ChauAngelinagraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor

Mel Fell

Have fun turning the book sideways to read about little bird Mel as she decides she is ready to try flying for the first time!

EarlyCorey R. TaborAngelinaearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Crown for Corina by Laekan Zea Kemp; Elisa Chavarri

A Crown for Corina

I want to walk through Abulea’s beautiful garden and make a crown that tells my story for my brithday, what a wonderful tradition!

EarlyLaekan Zea Kemp; Elisa ChavarriEviepicture-book staff-shelf
The Bear Who Wasn't There by LeUyen Pham

The Bear Who Wasn’t There

Was the bear there? Or Wasn’t he? I guess you will have to check this book out to see!

EarlyLeUyen PhamEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Ada's Violin by Susan Hood; Sally Wern Comport

Ada’s Violin

This inspiring true story, filled with resilience and hope, takes place in a large garbage dump in Paraguay where a girl with a love for music is given the opportunity to use garbage to create an instrument that, when she learns to play it, will take her around the world. 

KidSusan Hood; Sally Wern ComportEviekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Grumpy Pants by Claire Messer

Grumpy Pants

What do you do when you feel grumpy? Penguin has a great solution and maybe it will work for you too.

EarlyClaire MesserEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Woodpecker Wants a Waffle by Steve Breen

Woodpecker Wants a Waffle

Benny the woodpecker wakes up to a wonderful smell one morning. He discovers it’s coming from the new diner serving waffles and he is determined to try one, but the waitress is determined to keep him out of the diner. Will Benny get to try a waffle? Check out this fun book and find out.

EarlySteve BreenEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
I Walk With Vanessa by Kerascoet

I Walk With Vanessa

A wordless book about a girl who sees someone being bullied and inspires her community to surround and support the girl while they stand up to the bully together.

EarlyKerascoetEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wordy Birdy by Tammi Sauer; Dave Mottram

Wordy Birdy

Wordy Birdy has lots of things to say and sometimes she is so busy saying them that she misses important things. It’s a good thing she has special friends, but will she get them all in trouble, or will they rescue her? Will Wordy Bird learn to pay attention to what’s happening around her? Read this book and find out.

EarlyTammi Sauer; Dave MottramEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker; Katy MacDonald Denton

A Library Book for Bear

Bear has seven books and he his sure they are all the books he needs. His friend, Mouse wants to take him to the library and even though he thinks that it is “completely unnecessary”, he has agreed to the outing. His first impression of the library is that it is “most excessive”, but with a little help from Mouse his eyes are opened to the magic of a library.

EarlyBonny Becker; Katy MacDonald DentonEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Prince and the Pee by Greg Gormley; Chris Mould

The Prince and the Pee

If your family doesn’t mind a little potty humor this is a fun story of a Prince who sets out to save a castle, but they don’t get far before he asks, “Are we there yet?” Unfortunately for Prince Freddie, every time they stop he encounters a problem and has to hold it just a little longer which sets the story up for a surprise ending. 

EarlyGreg Gormley; Chris MouldEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
It Began With a Page by Kyo Maclear; Julie Morstad

It Began With a Page

Such an inspiring true story of a woman artist that begin in Gyo’s home where “anything seemed possible” even though it didn’t feel that way in the rest of her world. Gyo was determined and persevered through hardship to become a woman who did amazing things and changed our world through her art and vision.

KidKyo Maclear; Julie MorstadEviekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Lost and Found Cat by Doug Kuntz; Amy Shrodes; Sue Cornelison

Lost and Found Cat

If you had to leave your home and could only bring what you could carry, what would you choose? What a hard choice! Based on a true story that involves people around the world working together to be kind and caring.

EarlyDoug Kuntz; Amy Shrodes; Sue CornelisonEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
I'm Trying to Love Rocks by Bethany Barton

I’m Trying to Love Rocks

We love rocks, but if you don’t this fun and informative book might be the perfect thing to change your mind.

KidBethany BartonEviekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Peaceful Like a Panda by Kira Willey; Anni Betts

Peaceful Like a Panda

Great, easy to practice, ways to manage your body.

KidKira Willey; Anni BettsEviekid nonfiction staff-shelf
There's a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher; Greg Abbott

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

I love reading interactive books, and this is another fun one.

EarlyTom Fletcher; Greg AbbottEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough

Blood Water Paint

Historical novel based on true events. It wasn’t an easy read, but it was riveting.

TeenJoy McCulloughEviefiction staff-shelf teen
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

A Single Shard

Historical fiction set in Korea with a character who shows grit and determination to achieve a goal and change their life. You will be rooting for Tree-ear the whole way!

KidLinda Sue ParkEviefiction kid staff-shelf
Efrén Divided by Ernesto Cisneros

Efrén Divided

A great opportunity to read about a family whose life is touched by the immigration issue.

KidErnesto CisnerosEviefiction kid staff-shelf
Maple & Rosemary by Alison James; Jennifer K. Mann

Maple & Rosemary

The story of life through the eyes of a tree, Maple, and a friend, Rosemary.

EarlyAlison James; Jennifer K. MannEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Don't Eat Bees by Dev Petty; Mike Boldt

Don’t Eat Bees

If you are a dog lover, this book will make you laugh!

EarlyDev Petty; Mike BoldtEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Panda Problem by Deborah Underwood; Hannah Marks

The Panda Problem

So much fun and laugh-out-loud funny!

EarlyDeborah Underwood; Hannah MarksEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Wolf Hollow

A book that makes you think about compassion, justice, dignity, and how the words you say matter deeply.

KidLauren WolkEviefiction kid staff-shelf
Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear by Nadine Brun-Cosme; Olivier Tallec

Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear

A book that invites you to slow down, take a deep breath, and smell the forest. I could just smell that big tree and I’ll bet you can too!

EarlyNadine Brun-Cosme; Olivier TallecEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Maud and Grand-Maud by Sara O'Leary; Kenard Pak

Maud and Grand-Maud

What could be better than a book about a sleepover at Grandma’s house? This book was just perfect!

EarlySara O'Leary; Kenard PakEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
A True Home by Kallie George

A True Home

A place where creatures of the forest come together and practice kindness and compassion make this a sweet beginning chapter book with a little bit of tension as they have to work together to find safety from the dangers of of each others quirks as well as from outside forces.

KidKallie GeorgeEviefiction kid staff-shelf
A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus

A Place to Hang the Moon

A “preposterous plan”, a closely guarded secret, and 3 book loving children make this story, set in 1940 England amidst the wartime evacuation of children from London, a compelling read you won’t want to miss.

KidKate AlbusEviefiction kid staff-shelf
Too Much Stuff! by Emily Gravett

Too Much Stuff!

I’m not sure what’s more fun in this book, the pictures, the rhymes, or the story itself of a pair of birds so excited about their new family that they keep adding more stuff to the nest until they add so much stuff it comes crashing down right on their eggs! Did the eggs survive? You’ll want to read this silly book and find out.

EarlyEmily GravettEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wally & Freya by Lindsey Pointer; Stella Mongodi

Wally & Freya

“There is always much more to people than we can see. Beautiful things happen when we practice empathy.” is the last line of this book and how the author shows us that truth makes this book a gem.

EarlyLindsey Pointer; Stella MongodiEvieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Bubbles by Kit Chase


When Kangaroo’s attempts at befriending Koala are rebuffed, she thinks Koala isn’t interested. But perhaps Koala just likes to say hello in a different way. A sweet and touching exploration of friendship.

EarlyKit ChaseHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio; Christian Robinson


I adore Gaston and his poodle family. An incredibly sweet story about how you don’t have to look alike to be a family.

EarlyKelly DiPucchio; Christian RobinsonHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

The Rabbit Listened

Sometimes all you need when you’re upset is to be heard.

EarlyCori DoerrfeldHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Color the Sky by David Elliott; Evan Turk

Color the Sky

A joyful exploration of the wonders of color.

EarlyDavid Elliott; Evan TurkHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Swashby and the Sea by Beth Ferry; Juana Martinez-Neal

Swashby and the Sea

Swashby’s seaside peace is interrupted when a young girl and her grandmother come to stay in the house next door, but he won’t stay grumpy about it for long.

EarlyBeth Ferry; Juana Martinez-NealHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
We All Play by Julie Flett

We All Play

Beautifully illustrated children and animals mirror each other in this celebration of play, which also includes words in Cree and a glossary of their meanings.

EarlyJulie FlettHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Berry Song by Michaela Goade

Berry Song

A grandmother teaches her granddaughter the practice of berry picking and to appreciate and respect their connection to the earth and its gifts. Stunning illustrations coupled with the rhythmic text (including some Tlingit words) bring the PNW to life.

EarlyMichaela GoadeHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Cat Knit by Jacob Grant

Cat Knit

Cat loves his new friend, Yarn. But when Girl takes Yarn and changes him into something else, Cat does not love that. Will Cat be able to accept that his friend has changed?

EarlyJacob GrantHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Bats at the Library by Brian Lies

Bats at the Library

When the library is closed, the bats sneak in to play! A joyful love letter to discovering the wonders of a library.

EarlyBrian LiesHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard; Juana Martinez-Neal

Fry Bread

A beautiful celebration of heritage and passing traditions on to the next generation. Also includes a recipe for fry bread!

EarlyKevin Noble Maillard; Juana Martinez-NealHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Whale Who Swam Through Time by Nick Pyenson; Alex Boersma

The Whale Who Swam Through Time

Follow a bowhead whale over the course of her 200-year lifespan in the Arctic. Striking illustrations carry you through the whale’s world and the changes that happen around her.

EarlyNick Pyenson; Alex BoersmaHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Some Writer! by Melissa Sweet

Some Writer!

This biography of E.B. White, the beloved author of Charlotte’s Web, is uniquely laid-out and just a pleasure to read.

KidMelissa SweetHanakid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Line Tender by Kate Allen

The Line Tender

The sort of heart wrenching, introspective story I love.

KidKate AllenHanafiction kid staff-shelf
Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly


A fantasy that is an incredible combination of Frankenstein and The Brothers Grimm.

KidMarcyKate ConnollyHanafiction kid staff-shelf
In the Key of Us by Mariama J. Lockington

In the Key of Us

An achingly real story of self-discovery and first love set at a prestigious music camp.

KidMariama J. LockingtonHanafiction kid staff-shelf
The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

The Nest

Haunting and creepy, you will never look at a wasp’s nest the same way again.

KidKenneth OppelHanafiction kid staff-shelf
The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands

The Blackthorn Key

The perfect blend of adventure, humor, puzzles and ciphers, the occasional alchemical explosion, and an enormous amount of heart.

KidKevin SandsHanafiction kid staff-shelf
Big Tree by Brian Selznick

Big Tree

Alternating between text and illustrations, follow Louise and her brother, Merwin, on their epic quest to finding their place in the world. They may just end up saving it in the process. Oh, and Louise and Merwin happen to be sycamore seeds.

KidBrian SelznickHanafiction kid staff-shelf
Ancestor Approved by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Ancestor Approved

An anthology highlighting Native voices, featuring 17 authors! The short stories all come together in a compelling, satisfying way to showcase one powwow seen through different eyes.

KidCynthia Leitich SmithHanafiction kid staff-shelf
Parachute Kids by Betty C. Tang

Parachute Kids

An engrossing graphic novel about Feng-Li, who is thrilled to be visiting California with her family. After an amazing vacation, she and her siblings are told they will be staying in L.A. while their parents return to Taiwan without them. Can she and her siblings keep each other afloat until their parents are able to join them again?

KidBetty C. TangHanagraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
The Girl Who Sailed the Stars by Matilda Woods

The Girl Who Sailed the Stars

A high seas adventure, a seafaring cat, sea creatures who can soar through the skies, and how to find your own inner strength. Stunning.

KidMatilda WoodsHanafiction kid staff-shelf
City of Dragons. Vol. 01, The Awakening Storm by Jaimal Yogis

City of Dragons. Vol. 01, The Awakening Storm

A gorgeously illustrated graphic novel fantasy about a girl and her newly-hatched dragon. Action, fun, and sinister plots await!

KidJaimal YogisHanagraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
A Thousand Steps Into Night by Traci Chee

A Thousand Steps Into Night

A dark fantasy about a demon-cursed girl who must decide whether to save her soul, or to embrace the freedom that comes with her new demonic self.

TeenTraci CheeHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Glory O'Brien's History of the Future by A.S. King

Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future

Teenage Glory suddenly gains the power to see into a person’s past or future through eye contact. Stunning and weird, Glory’s inner journey will stick with you.

TeenA.S. KingHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Sawkill Girls

A creepy horror that will have you checking over your shoulder for days.

TeenClaire LegrandHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Fireborne by Rosaria Munda


Dragons! Munda’s fantasy world is full to the brim with dragon riding, romantic angst, and political intrigue. I inhaled this whole trilogy.

TeenRosaria MundaHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Seafire by Natalie C. Parker


I am hardcore in love with Caledonia Styx and her all-girl crew aboard the ship the Mors Navis. Determined to take down the vicious warlord responsible for the destruction of their families and homes, Cal’s crew takes on the patriarchy in a vicious storm of strength and sisterhood.

TeenNatalie C. ParkerHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Jackaby by William Ritter


An addicting combination of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, paranormal detective R.F. Jackaby and his steadfast assistant, Abigail Rook, take New England by storm in this story that is part mystery, part fantasy.

TeenWilliam RitterHanafiction staff-shelf teen
A Tyranny of Petticoats by Jessica Spotswood

A Tyranny of Petticoats

An engrossing anthology of short stories featuring women standing their ground across time and realms.

TeenJessica SpotswoodHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Ocean! by Stacy McAnulty; David Litchfield


Love this book! Tells the story of the ocean from the ocean’s point of view. Clever and informative, fun and entertaining.

EarlyStacy McAnulty; David LitchfieldMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Deadliest Hurricanes Then and Now by Deborah Hopkinson

The Deadliest Hurricanes Then and Now

One of the best ways to bring an historical event to life is to listen to the stories of the people who lived through it. In this book, we hear about the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 from many different people, including from the rare point of view of African Americans. Along with facts and figures from historical hurricanes is the story of early weather science and how we can all learn more about how to survive these deadly storms.

KidDeborah HopkinsonMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
Ancient Egypt by George Hart

Ancient Egypt

For many people, nothing is as fascinating as the culture and practices of the ancient Egyptians. Learn how mummies were made, discover the secrets of the pyramids, and explore every-day life through the objects they left behind!

KidGeorge HartMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
There's No Ham in Hamburgers by Kim Zachman; Peter Donnelly

There’s No Ham in Hamburgers

When author Kim Zachman had trouble finding the real reason burgers are called hamburgers, she was inspired to write this book. From potato chips and ice cream, to chicken fingers and chocolate, there’s yummy (and funny) stories about the foods we love to eat. Reading this book is the next best thing to eating pizza!

KidKim Zachman; Peter DonnellyMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
Music and How It Works by Charlie Morland; David Humphries

Music and How It Works

Morland’s book shares so much about music – how animals react to music, why it makes us feel good, how to write a song, set up a recording studio, and much more. There are even playlist examples for every topic. It really is a complete guide!

KidCharlie Morland; David HumphriesMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest by Ole Könnecke

Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest

A fairytale involving an evil witch, clever Dulcinea, and her hapless father who gets turned into a tree on Dulcinea’s birthday. Will Dulcinea save the day?

KidOle KönneckeMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Henry Heckelbeck Gets a Dragon by Wanda Coven

Henry Heckelbeck Gets a Dragon

Younger brother to the famous Heidi, Henry has no magic but he’s okay with that. Until show-and-tell day at school, when he accidentally turns his toy dragon into a real one…?

KidWanda CovenMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Judy Moody Was in a Mood by Megan McDonald; Peter H. Reynolds

Judy Moody Was in a Mood

Charming story of third-grader Judy and her trials and tribulations in school, with her little brother Stink, and her nemesis Frank Pearl, who eats paste, and her best friend Rocky. A fun read.

KidMegan McDonald; Peter H. ReynoldsMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
The Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

The Merchant of Death

Exciting tale of a normal 14-year-old whose uncle whisks him off via a worm tunnel to another world where he has to help save the day. Turns out the 14-year-old is a Traveler like his uncle, and must do battle with the Merchant of Death. Page-turner that will leave you breathless for the next installment – which we have!

TeenD. J. MacHaleMaryfiction staff-shelf teen
When You Need Wings by Lita Judge

When You Need Wings

Feeling anxious, worried or afraid? This book will help you find courage within yourself. Let your wings soar!

EarlyLita JudgeMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty Bard MacDonald; Alexandra Boiger

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Hilarious classic stories about kids needing a little help from Mrs. P on their manners, picking up toys, taking baths and remembering how to share. Laugh-out-loud funny!

KidBetty Bard MacDonald; Alexandra BoigerMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Something Is Killing the Children. Vol. 01 by James Tynion IV; Werther Dell ' Edera; Miquel Muerto

Something Is Killing the Children. Vol. 01

A good introduction to horror graphic novels if you’ve never tried one, the story follows an uneasy small town as it deals with the unnerving loss of its children. Shiver!

TeenJames Tynion IV; Werther Dell ' Edera; Miquel MuertoMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
D&D, Dungeon Club. Vol. 01, Roll Call by Molly Ostertag; Xanthe Bouma

D&D, Dungeon Club. Vol. 01, Roll Call

Awkward school kids live both in the real world and in D&D, and their growth and development in both worlds is a great read.

TeenMolly Ostertag; Xanthe BoumaMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Journey by Aaron Becker


Wordless story of a lonely kid who makes a doorway to another world and embarks on a journey through the lands. Beautiful illustrations carry you forward to the end.

EarlyAaron BeckerMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta


A post-apocalyptic story where the world lives under the thumb of the government’s mechas. A plot to take it down from the inside collides with the outside resistance forces in this incredible story; a page-turner!

TeenZoe Hana MikutaMaryfiction staff-shelf teen
Delicious in Dungeon. Vol. 01 by Ryoko Kui

Delicious in Dungeon. Vol. 01

A unique take on a dungeon-crawling adventure where the monsters are the ones on the menu. The art style, over-arching plot, and complex characters will have you placing the next 8 on hold as soon as you finish!

TeenRyoko KuiMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Book of Stolen Dreams by David Farr

The Book of Stolen Dreams

Exciting fantasy taking place in a world with zeppelins, tyrants who want to live forever, and the two kids attempting to thwart them and save their country. Page-turner!

KidDavid FarrMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Lost and Found Cat by Doug Kuntz; Amy Shrodes; Sue Cornelison

Lost and Found Cat

Moving true tale of refugees who flee with their cat, only to lose her enroute to safety. Amazing story of kindness and perseverance despite terrible circumstances.

EarlyDoug Kuntz; Amy Shrodes; Sue CornelisonMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
Comeback Kids by Aubre Andrus

Comeback Kids

Inspiring true stories of animals able to overcome their challenges and end up in outrageously loving adoptive homes. Beautiful color photos are included in the center of the book.

KidAubre AndrusMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Adventures of John Blake. Mystery of the Ghost Ship by Philip Pullman; Fred Fordham

The Adventures of John Blake. Mystery of the Ghost Ship

A “ghost” ship trapped traveling through time picks up a young shipwrecked girl and together with the ship’s crews fights an evil corporation bent on their destruction.

TeenPhilip Pullman; Fred FordhamMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Dragons and Marshmallows by Asia Citro

Dragons and Marshmallows

Tale of Zoey and her faithful cat companion Sassafras and their encounters with magical creatures in their magic-filled barn. Learn how Zoey saves a dragon and experiments with what the dragon will eat! A fun and exciting read.

KidAsia CitroMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
The Haunting by Kathryn Lasky

The Haunting

A secret colony of beavers avoids being hunted and killed in Scotland until one of the beavers is accidentally photographed by a human. From there, it’s a fight for survival for perhaps the last known beaver colony in Scotland.

KidKathryn LaskyMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Mapmaker by Lisa Moore Ramée


Walt finds out he can map worlds that come to life. When Walt and his friends find themselves trapped in one, things only get worse when he discovers another mapmaker is trying to destroy Walt’s world and maybe even the Earth itself!

KidLisa Moore RaméeMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

On a Sunbeam

Galaxy-spanning and gorgeous, this sci-fi romance will introduce you to loveable characters against a stunning backdrop.

TeenTillie WaldenMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Other Ever Afters by Melanie Gillman

Other Ever Afters

Stunning illustrations make this graphic novel both a beautiful and charming read. Get ready to shake up your assumptions about fairy tales!

TeenMelanie GillmanMarygraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Big Book of Monsters by Hal Johnson; Tim Sievert

The Big Book of Monsters

Do you love monsters and mythology? This is the book for you! Find out more about the creatures that haunt our steps and enjoy the beautiful comic book style illustrations.

KidHal Johnson; Tim SievertMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
Maiden & Princess by Daniel Haack; Isabel Galupo; Becca Human

Maiden & Princess

A delightful rhyming love story with a twist on a well-known fairy tale. The illustrations are just incredible!

EarlyDaniel Haack; Isabel Galupo; Becca HumanMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
X-ray Me! by Felicitas Horstschäfer; Johannes Vogt

X-ray Me!

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your body looks like? This book lets you take a peek and discover what is inside. Hold the book up to your body and see where it all falls into place.

KidFelicitas Horstschäfer; Johannes VogtMarykid nonfiction staff-shelf
Tom and Ironskin by Alastair Chisholm

Tom and Ironskin

Young Tom works with his dad as a blacksmith until he sees, in the fire, a …dragon? Delightful tale of a different world where many adventures await.

KidAlastair ChisholmMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
A Tulip in Winter by Kathy Stinson; Lauren Soloy

A Tulip in Winter

Folk artist Maud Lewis filled her tiny world with outsized color and cheer. Her indelible, uncontainable spirit lives on in her delightful, irrepressible paintings.

KidKathy Stinson; Lauren SoloyThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud

The Bear’s Song

Part hunt and find, part urbane adventure, Little Bear is off after a bee (and some honey) while his Papa Bear is off after the cub. Cue the hilarity, and one surprise song.

EarlyBenjamin ChaudThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Seen and Unseen by Elizabeth Partridge

Seen and Unseen

This fascinating account of three photographers’ images of the Manzanar Concentration Camp examines America’s troubled history of Japanese American incarceration and asks important questions about historical documentation.

KidElizabeth PartridgeThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Boy With Flowers in His Hair by Jarvis

The Boy With Flowers in His Hair

A true friend is a good thing to have, and this sweet, simple story shows just what it means to be one.

EarlyJarvisThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
I Won't Give Up My Rubber Band by Shinsuke Yoshitake

I Won’t Give Up My Rubber Band

By turns bombastic and quiet, a child proclaims the utility of her rubber band until it breaks, and her attentions migrate. Sweet, silly, and surprisingly deep.

EarlyShinsuke YoshitakeThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Story Is to Share by Carter Higgins; Isabelle Arsenault

A Story Is to Share

Ruth Krauss wrote some of the most beloved and enduring books for children, and this effervescent biography gets right to the heart of her imaginative spirit.

KidCarter Higgins; Isabelle ArsenaultThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Letters From Bear by Gauthier David

Letters From Bear

When Bird flies south Bear is blue and takes off after his friend. IN a series of letters to Bird, Bear details his fantastical journey and disappointing arrival, all the while illuminating the deep bond they share.

EarlyGauthier DavidThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Building Our House by Jonathan Bean

Building Our House

This warm outing follows a family as they undertake to build a home for themselves.

EarlyJonathan BeanThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wings, Waves & Webs by Robin Mitchell Cranfield

Wings, Waves & Webs

Clear text and appealing imagery illuminate a variety of natural patterns, from spots and stripes to mirror and radial symmetry, in a slim volume packed with wonder.

KidRobin Mitchell CranfieldThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Wildoak by C.C. Harrington


A misunderstood girl and a neglected snow leopard cub find solace and strength in one another’s caring.

KidC.C. HarringtonThomfiction kid staff-shelf
American Redux by Ariel Aberg-Riger

America Redux

Intellectually invigorating and graphically arresting, this “new way of seeing history” challenges our understandings with carefully curated, scrupulously detailed information that provokes and fascinates in equal measure.

TeenAriel Aberg-RigerThomnonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Swifts by Beth Lincoln

The Swifts

Shenanigan Swift attends the 10-year family reunion believing she’ll be hunting for treasure. She ends up searching for a murderer. Along the way readers will uncover their own truths about the importance of names (or not) and what it means to be yourself.

KidBeth LincolnThomfiction kid staff-shelf
Amazon River by Sangma Francis; Rômolo D'Hipólito

Amazon River

Come for the detailed examination of the great river’s ecosystems, history, and intersections with humanity; stay for the ridiculously gorgeous imagery.

KidSangma Francis; Rômolo D'HipólitoThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Heart String by Brooke Boynton-Hughes

Heart String

A red thread ties together neighbors far and wide in a simple story of family love and global community.

EarlyBrooke Boynton-HughesThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Killer Underwear Invasion! by Elise Gravel

Killer Underwear Invasion!

I love this funny, straightforward examination of disinformation and fake news for lots of reasons, including its advice to check with a librarian to verify a source’s trustworthiness.

KidElise GravelThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Indigenous Ingenuity by Deidre Havrelock

Indigenous Ingenuity

This comprehensive work traces scientific advancements in place before Europeans arrived in North America at the end of the 15th Century and looks at their contemporary application and value.

KidDeidre HavrelockThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Me-- Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Me– Jane

This picture book biography focused on primatologist Jane Goodall’s early childhood combines jubilant storytelling with artifacts from her youth, showcasing the strength of young minds and voices, and calling us all to listen.

KidPatrick McDonnellThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder

Bodies Are Cool

Bodies are cool!

EarlyTyler FederThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Sky Is Not the Limit by Jérémie Decalf

The Sky Is Not the Limit

The Voyager 2 spacecraft shares its history, trajectory, and golden record in a first-person poem originally published in France. Utterly unique and compelling.

KidJérémie DecalfThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Lolo Weaver Swims Upstream by Polly Farquhar

Lolo Weaver Swims Upstream

How do you mend a broken heart? Start by repairing someone else’s.

KidPolly FarquharThomfiction kid staff-shelf
LOL 101 by Davide Roth; Rinee Shah

LOL 101

What’s upbeat, thorough, and full of super-useful information? This guide to joke writing and telling for kids.

KidDavide Roth; Rinee ShahThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Dear Mr. G by Christine Evans; Gracey Zhang

Dear Mr. G

A young boy and his elderly neighbor exchange letters and develop a bond that endures even after they are separated. Poignant and honest.

EarlyChristine Evans; Gracey ZhangThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Walter Had a Best Friend by Deborah Underwood; Sergio Ruzzier

Walter Had a Best Friend

Sometimes friendships change. Sometimes they end. But there will be new friends. Best friends.

EarlyDeborah Underwood; Sergio RuzzierThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Hospital Book by Lisa Brown

The Hospital Book

From the onset of symptoms to the post-recovery return home, one girl’s bout with appendicitis illuminates the inner-workings of a hospital and the wonderful people who care for us.

EarlyLisa BrownThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Night Lunch by Eric Fan; Dena Seiferling

Night Lunch

A horse-drawn lunch cart rolls into a starlit street to provide welcome and sustenance to a passel of nocturnal animals. Atmospheric, evocative, and shining with everyday magic, this fanciful exploration of the wee hours thrums with warmth and comfort.

EarlyEric Fan; Dena SeiferlingThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Walk Through the Rain Forest by Martin Jenkins; Vicky White

A Walk Through the Rain Forest

Incredibly detailed photorealistic drawings illuminate the remarkable variety of activity that takes place in a dense and humming rainforest. Captivating.

EarlyMartin Jenkins; Vicky WhiteThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
All the Beating Hearts by Julie Fogliano; Cátia Chien

All the Beating Hearts

This contemplative reflection on what it means to be is full of quiet poetry, sweeping imagery, and eye-opening wonder.

EarlyJulie Fogliano; Cátia ChienThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Dear Yesteryear by Kimberly Annece Henderson

Dear Yesteryear

Archival photography, lyrical language, and historical research combine in a heartfelt celebration of African American ancestry and heritage.

EarlyKimberly Annece HendersonThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
Little Robot by Ben Hatke

Little Robot

A charming, colorful graphic novel with minimal text, this is the story of a little girl who helps a lost robot.

KidBen HatkeNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Where to Start by Mental Health America

Where to Start

Covering a wide range of mental health topics in an easy-to-read way, this book can help us feel more grounded and in control.

TeenMental Health AmericaNicknonfiction staff-shelf teen
Drawing With Squiggles & Wiggles by Christopher Hart

Drawing With Squiggles & Wiggles

Do you find yourself doodling and want more out of your art? Check out this fun guide to turning simple shapes into unique and complete cartoons of your own.

TeenChristopher HartNicknonfiction staff-shelf teen
Kurt Vonnegut by Dan Wakefield

Kurt Vonnegut

Dan Wakefield walks readers through the life of one of the most well known American authors in this intimate and inspiring biography.

TeenDan WakefieldNicknonfiction staff-shelf teen
LEGO. Ideas on the Go by Hannah Dolan

LEGO. Ideas on the Go

Dive into your creative side and explore exciting LEGO projects you can build on your own.

KidHannah DolanNickkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Snapdragon by Kat Leyh


Not everyone is who they seem in this graphic novel about Snap, a girl who befriends her town’s witch and discovers her own potential along the way. Full of funny, snarky dialogue and a vibrant cast.

TeenKat LeyhNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang

The Eternal Smile

Enjoy three distinct stories that explore imagination and the boundaries of reality in this mesmerizing graphic novel.

TeenGene Luen YangNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

Song for a Whale

Iris is deaf, which can be pretty lonely for her. When she learns of an isolated whale in the wild who can’t communicate with his species, Iris becomes determined to help him. A touching story about connection and following your goal no matter what.

KidLynne KellyNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Stand Up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim

Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

Yumi loves standup comedy and YouTubers, but her parents have more traditional plans for her career goals. How can she be true to herself without hurting her family? Funny, honest, and heartfelt.

KidJessica KimNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Terror at Bottle Creek by Watt Key

Terror at Bottle Creek

When a hurricane causes devastating flooding, Cort must use all his survival skills to get his neighbor and her little sister to safety — and to avoid all the dangerous wildlife that has emerged.

KidWatt KeyNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Dungeons & Dragons [5th Edition]. Player's Handbook by Jeremy Crawford

Dungeons & Dragons [5th Edition]. Player’s Handbook

Learn the ins and outs of how to play the popular tabletop game with this essential Handbook.

TeenJeremy CrawfordNicknonfiction staff-shelf teen
Mr. Higgins Comes Home by Mike Mignola

Mr. Higgins Comes Home

Ancient vampires, hidden castles, and evil secrets collide in this quick, clever graphic novel.

TeenMike MignolaNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Mary's Monster by Lita Judge

Mary’s Monster

A captivating and haunting biography told in free-verse poetry about the young author of the famous horror story.

TeenLita JudgeNicknonfiction staff-shelf teen
Mickey All-stars

Mickey All-stars

In this mostly textless graphic novel, each page is illustrated by a different artist from around the world, showcasing many unique art styles to celebrate the iconic mouse.

KidMickey All-starsNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Small Spaces

A supernatural thriller with strong themes of friendship and finding the strength to move forward.

KidKatherine ArdenNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Nightbooks by J.A. White


Trapped by a witch, Alex must continue reading her scary stories in order to stay safe — but he is running out of pages. Find out if he can escape in this spooky page-turner.

KidJ.A. WhiteNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Maya and the Robot by Eve L. Ewing

Maya and the Robot

5th grade science lover Maya needs a friend, and finds that and much more when she fixes up an old robot named Ralph. A fun book about finding power in being curious and creative.

KidEve L. EwingNickfiction kid staff-shelf
The Accursed Vampire by Madeline McGrane

The Accursed Vampire

Spooky and funny, this story is about the misadventures of young vampire Dragoslava and friends.

KidMadeline McGraneNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

The Thief

When a young thief is caught and then hired for his skills, he finds himself in the midst of a thrilling power struggle in this medieval fantasy.

TeenMegan Whalen TurnerNickfiction staff-shelf teen
Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

Clean Getaway

A middle-grade American road trip with a boy and his larger-than-life grandma. They learn about each other, themselves, and civil rights history.

KidNic StoneNickfiction kid staff-shelf
The Ancient Magus' Bride. Vol. 01 by Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Vol. 01

Equal parts fantasy and slice-of-life, this series follows young Chise as she finds herself under the tutelage of a mysterious mage living in the English countryside.

TeenKore YamazakiNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog by John Richard Erickson; Gerald L. Holmes

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog

Hank is the “Head of Ranch Security” in this funny series that follows the various colorful characters and events encountered on a farm home.

KidJohn Richard Erickson; Gerald L. HolmesNickfiction kid staff-shelf
One Piece. Vol. 01-03, East Blue by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece. Vol. 01-03, East Blue

Luffy and his crew fight for their dreams in this epic pirate adventure full of action, comedy, and heart.

TeenEiichiro OdaNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Nessie Quest by Melissa Savage

Nessie Quest

The search for a myth leads to discovering friends, family, and purpose in this adventures full of strong characters.

KidMelissa SavageNickfiction kid staff-shelf
A Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry

A Wolf Called Wander

Experience the adventure of traveling over 1000 miles through dangerous wilderness through the eyes of a wolf. Inspired by a true story.

KidRosanne ParryNickfiction kid staff-shelf
The Bottle Imp of Bright House by Tom Llewellyn

The Bottle Imp of Bright House

Funny, clever, and quick, this supernatural story plays with the timeless theme: “Be careful what you wish for.”

KidTom LlewellynNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Sonic the Hedgehog by Ian Flynn

Sonic the Hedgehog

Follow the adventures of Sonic and friends as they fight to protect the world from the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik and other threats.

KidIan FlynnNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Blue Exorcist Vol. 1 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist. Vol. 01

In this action/fantasy manga, Rin learns he is a half-demon and joins an academy for teenage exorcists to learn how to use his dark powers to fight for humanity.

TeenKazue KatoNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Wildfire by Rodman Philbrick


A middle school summer camp takes a turn for the worst, and a boy and girl must put their survival skills to the test as they try to escape and survive a vicious forest fire.

KidRodman PhilbrickNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Bunnicula by James Howe


A cat and dog suspect their family’s new pet bunny of being a vampire in this funny modern classic.

KidJames HoweNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Moose's Book Bus by Inga Moore

Moose’s Book Bus

This book is silly and a good reminder of how important libraries and book mobiles are!

EarlyInga MooreRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Sun-mi Hwang

The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

A very interesting, strange, and one-of-a-kind book!

TeenSun-mi HwangRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Moon Within by Aida Salazar

The Moon Within

This is a great coming of age story about embracing change and growing up.

KidAida SalazarRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

This book is full of magic and hope!

KidGrace LinRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Ereth's Birthday by Avi

Ereth’s Birthday

This story is funny and so sweet with unforgettable characters and a vivid setting.

KidAviRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty

Willa of the Wood

Willa is a fascinating character and her intense love for her home is inspiring to read about.

KidRobert BeattyRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
No Beauties or Monsters by Tara Goedjen

No Beauties or Monsters

This genre-bending book is mysterious, fast-paced, and utterly unique.

TeenTara GoedjenRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
Dustborn by Erin Bowman


A super exciting and creative sci fi story!

TeenErin BowmanRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden by Karina Yan Glaser

The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden

This story is heartwarming and fun!

KidKarina Yan GlaserRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
The Ocean Book by Derek Harvey; Daniel Sanchez Limon

The Ocean Book

You will never run out of cool ocean facts with this book around!

KidDerek Harvey; Daniel Sanchez LimonRhiannonkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Moorchild by Eloise Jarvis McGraw


This strange and sweet story is entertaining and unique.

KidEloise Jarvis McGrawRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson


A groundbreaking book for its time, this book addresses assault and its aftermath with unflinching honesty.

TeenLaurie Halse AndersonRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

This intense coming of age story has vivid characters and a fascinating but often heartbreaking storyline.

TeenMarkus ZusakRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
Stardust by Neil Gaiman;Charles Vess


This fairytale is fascinating and super funny, with cool illustrations that bring it to life a little extra.

TeenNeil Gaiman; Charles VessRhiannonfiction staff-shelf
The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen

The Magic Fish

This coming of age graphic novel is about a queer son of immigrants navigating school, family, culture, and crushes.

TeenTrung Le NguyenRhiannongraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Coraline by Neil Gaiman


One of my all-time favorite books! It’s creepy and strange but impossible to put down.

KidNeil GaimanRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Ghost Boys

This book about gun violence is intense but important with vibrant, relatable characters.

KidJewell Parker RhodesRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Everything Changes by Carol Dodd; Erin Huybrechts

Everything Changes

This picture book has incredible art and a really good lesson reiterated throughout.

EarlyCarol Dodd; Erin HuybrechtsRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
Sunrise Summer by Matthew Swanson; Robbi Behr

Sunrise Summer

A great story about one family’s tradition of fishing in Alaska all summer.

EarlyMatthew Swanson; Robbi BehrRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Sockeye Mother by Brett D. Huson; Natasha Donovan

The Sockeye Mother

The art in this book is fascinating and so is the story!

KidBrett D. Huson; Natasha DonovanRhiannonkid nonfiction staff-shelf
What the Road Said by Cleo Wade; Lucie de Moyencourt

What the Road Said

This book has a wonderful message for anyone of any age!

EarlyCleo Wade; Lucie de MoyencourtRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
Bringing Back the Wolves by Jude Isabella; Kim Smith

Bringing Back the Wolves

This book does a great job explaining ecology and how restoring wolves to one of their former habitats has made that ecosystem more resilient and balanced.

KidJude Isabella; Kim SmithRhiannonkid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Boreal Forest by L. E. Carmichael; Josee Bisaillon

The Boreal Forest

I love this thorough and interesting book about such a unique and actively changing ecosystem.

KidL. E. Carmichael; Josee BisaillonRhiannonkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Josie Dances by Denise K. Lajimodiere; Angela Erdrich

Josie Dances

A great story about tradition, culture, and bravery.

EarlyDenise K. Lajimodiere; Angela ErdrichRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
Wild Orca by Brenda Peterson; Wendell Minor

Wild Orca

This beautiful story is about our local southern resident orca’s and takes place on the San Juan Islands!

EarlyBrenda Peterson; Wendell MinorRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
Heidi by Johanna Spyri


Heidi’s kindness, positivity, and deep love for her mountains and meadows will always keep her as one of my favorite characters.

KidJohanna SpyriRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves

A wonderful, emotional classic for anyone who loves animals, especially wolves.

KidJean Craighead GeorgeRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
When the Whales Walked by Dougal Dixon; Hannah Bailey

When the Whales Walked

This book does a great job conveying the concepts of evolution to young people with beautiful pictures and articulate descriptions.

KidDougal Dixon; Hannah BaileyRhiannonkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Northwind by Gary Paulsen


This survival story starts out pretty bleak but ends up being adventurous and inspiring.

KidGary PaulsenRhiannonfiction kid staff-shelf
Da Vinci's Cat by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Da Vinci’s Cat

Fantastic time travel chapter book. An Italian nobleman’s child held hostage meets modern tomboy at a Pope’s palace where Michelangelo is painting a secret ceiling project. Funny and historical both.

Kid, KidCatherine Gilbert MurdockRosefiction kid staff-shelf
The Music in George's Head by Suzanne Slade; Stacy Innerst

The Music in George’s Head

Stacy Innerst somehow turns music into illustrations in this delightful picture book biography. Easy and inspiring to read.

KidSuzanne Slade; Stacy InnerstRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
What I Carry by Jennifer Longo

What I Carry

A teen novel that you’ll remember for a long time. An inside look at growing up in the West Coast Foster Care system. No awful abuse and a happy ending, so a suitable read for tween to adult. A beautifully written story, a tender gift to the author to her daughter.

TeenJennifer LongoRosefiction staff-shelf teen
The Longest Letsgoboy by Derick Wilder; Catia Chien

The Longest Letsgoboy

If you need a good book about your beloved dog’s death, this is the one. Truly, I hope when I go through the veil, it is just like this. Just a gorgeous book about dogs and friendship and letting go.

EarlyDerick Wilder; Catia ChienRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear by Nadine Brun-Cosme; Olivier Tallec

Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear

A wonderful read-aloud book, not quite what you expected, only better. Three friends who do everything together, except when they don’t. Nice hidden things in Olivier Tallec’s illustrations too.

EarlyNadine Brun-Cosme; Olivier TallecRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Barnaby by Andrea Curtis; Kass Reich


If you have ever wanted to fly like a bird, Kass Reich’s images will make your heart soar in this sweet tale about a pet bird who gets to try life outside the cage.

EarlyAndrea Curtis; Kass ReichRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
The House of Serendipity by Lucy Ivison

The House of Serendipity

Fun, creative and historically accurate chapter book about sewing, dress design, and the Jazz Age in London, England.

Kid, KidLucy IvisonRosefiction kid staff-shelf
The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

The Suitcase

Best kids book to talk about immigration ever. One of my all time favorites. Charming illustrations and a delightful story, without heaviness.

EarlyChris Naylor-Ballesteros;Roseearly picture-book staff-shelf
How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay; Matt Ottley

How to Make a Bird

Magical Illustrations by Matt Ottley add terrific depth to this odd story about a child who creates a living bird from beach flotsam and heartfelt desire. Really beautiful.

EarlyMeg McKinlay; Matt OttleyRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
It Fell From the Sky by Terry Fan; Eric Fan

It Fell From the Sky

Very funny book about bugs who discover the most wondrous object dropped from their sky. Super cute, nice narrative structure and funny ending. Great to read aloud.

EarlyTerry Fan; Eric FanRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Restart by Gordon Korman


Another terrific chapter book read, about a boy who returns to school after a concussion to find that everyone hates him. It turns into a chance at major self-transformation.

KidGordon KormanRosefiction kid staff-shelf
The Iridescence of Birds by Patricia MacLachlan; Hadley Hooper

The Iridescence of Birds

A fictional story of Henri Matisse’s childhood life, illustrated by Hadley Hooper IN THE STYLE of the artist. I can’t say often enough how much I love this book. Great way to talk about the whole concept of iridescence too.

KidPatricia MacLachlan; Hadley HooperRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Luli and the Language of Tea by Andrea Wang; Hyewon Yum

Luli and the Language of Tea

Good read aloud book about sharing, being yourself and making friends. Charming and light and happy.

EarlyAndrea Wang; Hyewon YumRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Pass It On by Sophy Henn

Pass It On

Another positive storybook, especially good for the very young. Spread that love all around, yes yes yes.

EarlySophy HennRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
I Want to Be a Vase by Julio Torres; Julian Glander

I Want to Be a Vase

The school kids I work with in Point Roberts could not agree if this was the weirdest book they’d ever seen, but they whole-heartedly thought it was very, very funny. A laugh out loud story about a toilet plunger who wishes he was something else. Brilliant author/illustrator combination of comedian Julio Torres and 3-D style artist Julian Glander. This is a book you don’t want to miss.

EarlyJulio Torres; Julian GlanderRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Patchwork by Matt de la Peña; Corinna Luyken


Another wonderful read-aloud book, matching lyrical, inspiring writing with expressive illustrations by Corinna Luyken. A thoughtful exploration of self-value and personal potential.

EarlyMatt de la Peña; Corinna LuykenRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Night Lunch by Eric Fanl Dena Seiferling

Night Lunch

Glorious yet qwirky, a truly sweet story of kindness and connection, set in an odd midnight world full of very hungry animals. You really have to read the illustrations to get all of the story, not a book to rush through.

EarlyEric Fan; Dena SeiferlingRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
As the Crow Flies by Gail Hartman; Harvey Stevenson

As the Crow Flies

Read this while you still can get it – a fun, simple book about the concept of directions and mapping. Each section builds into the next, finally making a mountain to ocean transition. It’s especially fun to use this book with wooden blocks to “make” the map in 3-D. Kids love it.

EarlyGail Hartman; Harvey StevensonRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Bear and the Star by Lola Schaefer; Bethanne Andersen

The Bear and the Star

This winter season story involves the gathering of animals in friendship and peace to admire a huge new star in the sky. It’s a gentle read with beautiful illustrations.

EarlyLola Schaefer; Bethanne AndersenRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Before Morning by Joyce Sidman; Beth Krommes

Before Morning

A favorite winter season storybook, with scratchboard and watercolor pictures (like woodcuts), it tells the story of a child waiting for her parent to come home on a snowy night. Just stunning pictures by Beth Krommes.

EarlyJoyce Sidman; Beth KrommesRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke

A Hat for Minerva Louise

Anything Minerva Louise is hysterical! The too-smart for her own good chicken that continually mis-identifies objects, to the amusement of any child who reads this book series. Very fun.

EarlyJanet Morgan StoekeRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Hungry Lion, Or, a Dwindling Assortment of Animals; Lucy Ruth Cummins

A Hungry Lion, Or, a Dwindling Assortment of Animals

Funny and shocking, too alarming for very young children. But for school age kids this book is a great attention keeper, right to the very end. It’s quite fun to read it aloud, but hard not to snicker yourself.

EarlyLucy Ruth CumminsRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt by Riel Nason; Byron Eggenschwiler

The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

A story about a ghost who looks like a patchwork quilt instead of a white sheet. Byron Eggenschwiler’s restrained illustrations make this story transcend the ho-hum everyday world. It’s a charming tale that culminates on Halloween night, so would be fun for that holiday too.

EarlyRiel Nason; Byron EggenschwilerRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Runaway Shirt by Kathy MacMillan; Julia Castaño

The Runaway Shirt

A sweet story about Mother/Child love, involving laundry and folding and playtime. Julia Castano’s illustrations make this tale sing.

EarlyKathy MacMillan; Julia CastañoRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Working Boats by Tom Crestodina

Working Boats

If you have a curious reader who enjoys Hunt and Seek books, these boat cut-away illustrations by the author will keep them busy for hours.

KidTom CrestodinaRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Making More by Katherine Roy

Making More

Most amazing book of the year! Stunningly beautiful and scientifically accurate illustrations about the basic mechanics of life, reproduction. Touches on almost all families of life: bugs, birds, mammals, fish, plants – the whole shebang, in clear language reflecting the miracle that it is to be alive. Recommended for any age, this is an amazing book.

KidKatherine RoyRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
What the Road Said by Cleo Wade; Lucie de Moyencourt

What the Road Said

A thoughtful read for school age children with positive, hopeful writing that encourages kids to make brave choices as they grow up.

EarlyCleo Wade; Lucie de MoyencourtRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Jubilee by KT Johnston; Anabella Ortiz


If you like horse stories, and success against the odds stories, this one is for you. A picture book biography that both makes the reader feel good, but also instills them with hope and encouragement.

KidKT Johnston; Anabella OrtizRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
She Heard the Birds by Andrea D'Aquino

She Heard the Birds

Torn-paper collage illustrations grace this picture book biography of the woman who taught the world to bird-watch, and not bird-hunt for feathers on a hat. Inspiring reading for your budding scientist.

KidAndrea D'AquinoRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Emilie & the Hollow World by Martha Wells

Emilie & the Hollow World

Chapter book fantasy with some wild steampunk mechanics, following a runaway girl who stows away on an unbelievable sea adventure. Very imaginative, with a satisfying ending. 1st of a series.

TeenMartha WellsRosefiction staff-shelf teen
Telling Stories Wrong by Gianni Rodari; Beatrice Alemagna

Telling Stories Wrong

Silly mixed up fairy tales are this grandfather’s superpower, making for funny corrections by his exasperated granddaughter. A fun read aloud.

EarlyGianni Rodari; Beatrice AlemagnaRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
I'm Trying to Love Rocks by Bethany Barton

I’m Trying to Love Rocks

This is a playful beginners geology picture book, with lots of great information delivered with humor and enthusiasm. I especially like the endpapers, which change from front to back, be sure to check them out.

KidBethany BartonRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
A Voice for the Everglades by Vicki Conrad; Ibon Adarne; Rachel Yew

A Voice for the Everglades

A lovely picture book about an inspiring and determined environmentalist, who helped establish the Everglades National Park.

KidVicki Conrad; Ibon Adarne; Rachel YewRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
I Am Mozart, Too by Audrey Ades; Adelina Lirius

I Am Mozart, Too

The story of Mozart’s sister, who’s own musical genius was eclipsed by her younger brother. It’s both inspiring and sad for what was lost by the lack of recognition for women in the 18th century.

KidAudrey Ades: Adelina LiriusRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
Her Name Was Mary Katharine by Ella Schwartz; Dow Phumiruk

Her Name Was Mary Katharine

Great biography about the only printer willing to print our nation’s most important historical document. This story covers women’s history in Revolutionary War times and some about the job of being a moveable type printer.

KidElla Schwartz; Dow PhumirukRosekid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan

The Astonishing Color of After

When Leigh’s mother died, she turned into a bird. At least this is what Leigh believes. But is it true? And how can she get everyone to believe her? This is a beautiful book about grief, loss, and healing.

TeenEmily X.R. PanSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Speak by Lauria Halse Anderson


Something “bad” happened to Melinda at a party last summer. Starting highschool, the other kids stare at her with judgment and disgust. How will she ever talk about this and heal from it? A classic for every teenager.

TeenLaurie Halse AndersonSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean

The White Darkness

Sym loves Antarctica more than anything. When her Uncle surprises her with a trip there, she can’t believe it. But, things turn sinister when she realizes this is not a vacation, but a kidnapping… Get ready to be terrfiied!

TeenGeraldine McCaughreanSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen

Wild Bird

Wren is sent to a wilderness rehab program in the middle of the desert after she is caught using drugs and alcohol. Watch her make a complete transition back to her old self again in this unforgettable book.

TeenWendelin Van DraanenSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

The Thief Lord

A group of rogue orphans are on the run from a nasty detective. An action-packed adventure story with a huge mystery!

KidCornelia FunkeSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
The Secret Horses of Briar Hill by Megan Shepherd

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

A young girl with tubercuosous gets sent to a hospital during WWII. Everyone thinks she is losing her mind when she claims to see big horses with wings around the hospital. Are the horses real? Or just her imagination? This book is very special and dear to my heart.

KidMegan ShepherdSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
The Thickety by J.A. White

The Thickety

Her mother was killed for being a witch, but now she is showing symptoms herself. Can she keep her powers hidden? But how can she do that when the dark forest is calling her name… This book is terrifying in the best way!

KidJ.A. WhiteSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes

The Arsonist

Three main characters, one big mystery, and plot-twists that will keep you up all night. This book has everything and then some.

TeenStephanie OakesSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Jennie by Paul Gallico


If you like cats, read this book!

KidPaul GallicoSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Juniper by Monica Furlong


The prequel to Wise Child. Set in a fantastical countryside long ago, discover magic and adventure!

KidMonica FurlongSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World

Ivy likes to draw pictures of girls holding hands. But when her sketchbook is misplaced, her secret is no longer just hers. This is a wonderful LGBTQIA+ book about a girl discovering her sexuality in our complex world.

KidAshley Herring BlakeSarahfiction staff-shelf
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko


A beautifully detailed fantasy with epic world-building and in-depth characters.

TeenJordan IfuekoSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli


When a new girl comes to town and shakes things up, no one knows what to think. She is bold, unique, and unapologetically herself. This will encourage you to let your own light shine!

TeenJerry SpinelliSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie

A lonely girl, an adandoned dog, a beautiful friendship. This is one of those books that everyone should read in their lifetime.

KidKate DiCamilloSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks

From the Desk of Zoe Washington

Zoe has never met her father because he has been in jail since before she was born. But, when she recieves a letter from him, everything changes. Suddenly she wants to know him AND she wants to prove his innocence. A riveting story full of mystery and action! 

KidJanae MarksSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Maisy Gets a Pet by Lucy Cousins

Maisy Gets a Pet

An adorable story about getting your first pet kitten. Maisy learns about taking care of a little creature with care. Lovely book!

EarlyLucy CousinsSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Good Place by Lucy Cousins

A Good Place

A perfect story for summertime with wonderful illustrations and cute characters!

EarlyLucy CousinsSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
Cat Tales by Penelope Rich; Isabel Muñoz

Cat Tales

I love learning about famous cats throughout history. They are such incredible creatures!

KidPenelope Rich; Isabel MuñozSarahkid nonfiction staff-shelf
Duck Sock Hop by Jane Kohuth; Jane Porter

Duck Sock Hop

This book will always put a smile on my face. Simple, joyful, and full of life.

EarlyJane Kohuth; Jane PorterSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Bear and the Wildcat by Kazumi Yumoto

The Bear and the Wildcat

Such a simple, breathtaking look at grief and healing. I started crying by page 3.

EarlyKazumi YumotoSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
Emmett and Jez by Emmett and Jez and Beverly Johnson

Emmett and Jez

Written by a woman who rescues cats and kittens for a living! Such a fun read!

KidHannah Shaw; Beverly JohnsonSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Skunked! by Jacqueline Kelly and Jennifer L. Meyer


For all those kids who love animals and hope to be a vet one day…

KidJacqueline Kelly; Jennifer L. MeyerSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Cat Wings by Ursula K. Le Guin and S.D. Schindler

Cat Wings

Strange and magical winged-cats? What more could you hope for in a children’s book?

KidUrsula K. Le Guin; S.D. SchindlerSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
The Big Bath House by Kyo Maclear and Gracey Zhang

The Big Bath House

A beautiful story about a family tradition and inter-generational love. I love this picture book!

EarlyKyo Maclear; Gracey ZhangSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
My Baba's Garden by Jordan Scott

My Baba’s Garden

A beautiful picture book about a boy and his Baba. The love they share with one another is unbreakable and unending.

EarlyJordan Scott; Sydney SmithSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Moth Keeper by K. O'Neill

The Moth Keeper

Wow! This graphic novel will take your breath away with its incredible illustrations and magical whimsy.

KidK. O'NeillSarahgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

Cat Heaven

My favorite book for honoring all the wonderful cats that have passed on. Cherish every moment you have with them on earth, and then know that Cat Heaven will be good to them.

EarlyCynthia RylantSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
The World and Everything in It by Kevin Henkes

The World and Everything in It

Kevin Henkes does it again! His delightful illustrations are what make this book so wonderful.

EarlyKevin HenkesSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
What's Sweeter by June Tate

What’s Sweeter

Simple, sweet illustrations with a dash of story. A perfectly lovely picture book for all ages.

EarlyJune TateSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
October, October by Katya Balen

October, October

A girl who is raised in the wilderness by her father is suddenly expected to live in the “real-world” with a mother she has never met before. If you love nature, animals, and the woods, then you will love this book.

KidKatya BalenSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Wildoak by C.C. Harrington


A young girl is ridiculed for her stutter. A young snow leopard is illegally sold and realeased into a forest where he cannot survive. Their paths cross in remarkable ways in this moving, exciting novel.

KidC.C. HarringtonSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
Calculated by Nova McBee


A modern, fast-paced thriller about a math genius and the evil forces that want to control her for their own economic gain. Characters with real depth and complex plot twists propel this book into the next in the series. Set in Shanghai and Seattle.

TeenNova McBeeTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys

I Must Betray You

Romania, 1989. 17 year old Cristian is blackmailed into informing on his friends and family. Rather than give in, he joins an underground movement led by young people to overthrow the tyrannical regime. But will he pay the ultimate price as the cost to fight for freedom? A gripping, historical thriller.

TeenRuta SepetysTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Bomb by Steve Sheinkin


Learning to split the atom was just the beginning. This graphic novel explains the intelligence operations that pitted county vs country, scientist vs scientist, and spy vs spy as they raced to build the world’s biggest weapon.

TeenSteve SheinkinTamargraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
No Accident by Laura Bates

No Accident

7 teens survive a plane crash and wash up on a deserted island. This survival tale morphs into a thriller as it seems like someone is out to get them. But that’s not all. The party the night before the crash has followed them to the island and might be what divides them even further.

TeenLaura BatesTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Klara and the Sun

Klara is an artificial friend full of hope and waiting in the toy store window to be adopted. But what happens when the one who loves the most is the one who is deemed to be outdated? A perfect book for our changing times and ethics and questions we will confront.

TeenKazuo IshiguroTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Mirror Girls by Kelly McWilliams

Mirror Girls

Bi-racial twin sisters are separated shortly after their birth. One is raised as a white child and the other as a black child. When they reconnect as teens, they must uncover the truth about their parents’ murder and their futures.

TeenKelly McWilliamsTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater

The 57 Bus

The true story about an agender teen who was set on fire by another teen on a public bus. This book is details what led up to the event and afterwards. This book changed so much of how I understand gender identity, race and class divisions, the limits of the justice system, and most of all, the capacity for human cruelty and forgiveness. 10/10.

TeenDashka SlaterTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This

After drowning, Seth wakes up at the doorstep of his childhood home, a place he hadn’t been to for years. Unsure if he is alive or dead, confounded by the silenced of the abandoned town, he decides to explore. A surreal story that questions everything about reality.

TeenPatrick NessTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder

Orphan Island

9 children on an idyllic island that provides everything they need to live. Each year, the oldest is taken away and a new child is delivered. Where does that older child get taken to and where is the younger one coming from? You’ll either love this story or hate it. Tell me what you think!

KidLaurel SnyderTamarfiction kid staff-shelf
The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange

The Secret of Nightingale Wood

With her father away, her mother confined to her bed, and her little sister too young to play with, Hen spends most of her day alone, traipsing through the woods near her new home, Hope House. When she spots a flicker of light in the woods, she decides to investigate. What she discovers will change her forever.

KidLucy StrangeTamarfiction kid staff-shelf
The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green

The Anthropocene Reviewed

Short essays about life from the brilliant, quirky mind of John Green. You’ll never think of Diet Dr. Pepper and the human capacity for wonder the same way ever again.

TeenJohn GreenTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
Whatcomics 2022 Teen Poetry Anthology

Whatcomics 2022

Whatcomics is annual publication that showcases artwork of 6th – 12th graders in Whatcom County. Check out past issues and find out how to submit artwork under the Get Published tab at

TeenWhatcom County TeensTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
A Forest of Words 2023 Teen Poetry Anthology

A Forest of Words 2023

A Forest of Words is WCLS’s annual teen poetry book. Check out past issues and find out how to submit poetry under the Get Published tab at

TeenWhatcom County TeensTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
Don't Look Back by Achut Deng

Don’t Look Back

As a very young child, Achut Deng walked alone across deserts and survived drought, refugee camps and violence brought on by war. Through it all the dream of reuniting with her family and loved ones kept her alive. This is her story.

TeenAchut DengTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
Welcome to the Universe in 3D by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Welcome to the Universe in 3D

A book that includes 3-D glasses? Yes, please! Neil deGrasse Tyson brings the mysteries of space down to earth.

TeenNeil deGrasse TysonTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Agathas by Kathleen Glasgow

The Agathas

Two teens who couldn’t be more different team up to figure out how their once BFF, Brooke Donovan, died. A fast-paced mystery with high stakes and a whodunit to the very end.

TeenKathleen GlasgowTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean

Where the World Ends

On a rocky outcrop in the Scottish Isles, a small group of boys and a few adults spend their summer gathering sea fowl and eggs. When no one picks them up on their scheduled date, the fabric of their bonds wears thin and their once peaceful existance soon dissolves into a brutish anarchy.

TeenGeraldine McCaughreanTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Aviva Vs. the Dybbuk by Mari Lowe

Aviva Vs. the DybbukAviva Vs. the Dybbuk

Only Aviva can see the ghost-like creature that causes mishaps and mischief that she gets blamed for. On top of that, Aviva has lost so much in her short life, including her father. This is a story about grief, loss and healing, but also shows an inner strength in Aviva that offers up the dash of hope we all need to keep going. 

TeenMari LoweTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Gold Mountain by Betty G. Yee

Gold Mountain

Working on the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the 1860’s was dangerous business, but it also meant getting enough money to get her dad out of prison. Tam Ling Fan disguises herself as a boy and travels to from China to California to try her luck, and hope that it doesn’t run out before it’s too late.

TeenBetty G. YeeTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen by Isaac Blum

The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen

Hoodie is funny. He’s also an Orthodox Jew living in a town that isn’t thrilled that he and his community have recently relocated there. An accidental friendship with a cool girl he meets who happens to be the mayor’s daughter starts to ramp up just as tempers and tensions in the town start to unravel.

TeenIsaac BlumTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Abuela, Don't Forget Me by Rex Ogle

Abuela, Don’t Forget Me

Though he lived with lots of violence and dysfunction in his family, Rex always had his abuela who for comfort, support and most of all, unconditional love. A true story about how Rex survived high school and how it only takes one person to help transform another’s life.

TeenRex OgleTamarnonfiction staff-shelf teen
The Paper Girl of Paris by Jordyn Taylor

The Paper Girl of Paris

Alice digs through her grandmother’s apartment, following clues left in her grandmother’s will, to find out about family secrets locked away for more than 70 years. A story told in two voices, Alice’s and her grandmother’s.

TeenJordyn TaylorTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould

The Dead and the Dark

Snakebite, Oregon was a quite rural town until teens started to go missing and some even showed up dead. TV’s most popular ghost-hunters moved to town at the same time that the first teen went missing. Coincidence? Maybe. Then again, maybe not…

TeenCourtney GouldTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
The Sacrifice by Rin Chupeco

The Sacrifice

The cast and crew from a Hollywood TV reality show decends onto an island in the Phillipines. Alon, a local teen, warns them repeatedly that they should not be there. When the crew disregards his warnings, danger strikes.

TeenRin ChupecoTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Wildoak by C.C. Harrington


Maggie escapes the harshness of school and her unsympathetic father taking long walks alone in the Wildoak forest. What she discovers there, and the danger that follows, creates an engrossing, almost-magical tale where healing and help can be found in the unlikeliest places. Perfect for fans of Pax and the One and Only Ivan.

KidC.C. HarringtonTamarfiction kid staff-shelf
Beneath the Wide Silk Sky by Emily Inouye Huey

Beneath the Wide Silk Sky

All Samantha Sakamoto wants to do is learn about photography and, encouraged by her white boyfriend, Beau, she secretly enters her work in a statewide contest with the hopes of winning the prize money to help her family. But with federal agents scouring the island and white townsfolk turning on their Japanese-American neighbors, Sam may not be able to save her family. A fabulous debut that confronts racism and discrimination faced by Japanese-Americans in an America on the brink of war in the 1940’s. Perfect for fans of Ruta Sepetys.

TeenEmily Inouye HueyTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
As Long as the Lemon Tree Grows by Zoulfa Katouh

As Long as the Lemon Tree Grows

Impossible choices – that’s what 17 year-old Salama Kassab has to make if she is to find safe passage on a refugee boat for her and her best friend. A powerful novel set during the Syrian Revolution that will have you wondering what you would do if you had to pick between saving one life and moving to safety or saving many lives and living in a war zone.

TeenZoulfa KatouhTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Sugaring Off by Gillian French

Sugaring Off

A tension-filled mystery/thriller about partially deaf teen, Owl, whose quiet refuge on her aunt and uncle’s maple syrup farm is unmoored with the arrival of Cody. Cody’s dark secrets slowly unravel as Owl grows closer to him, putting Owl into the crosshairs of dangerous people.

TeenGillian FrenchTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Anatomy by Dana Schwartz


Women in 1817 Scotland were barred from becoming surgeons, but that doesn’t stop Hazel Sinnett from training in secret. Dive into this utterly compelling page turner filled with mystery, romance and the occasional cadaver.

TeenDana SchwartzTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Hutchinson

A Complicated Love Story Set in Space

A love story/mystery/thriller set in space with lots of action, unexpected plot twists and hijinks. If you had one book to bring on a journey to space, this might be it.

TeenShaun David HutchinsonTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Dress-up Day by Blanca Gómez

Dress-up Day

This book has one of my favorite lines in it, “Be sad no more, little rabbit–your carrot is here!” Hugo the carrot really is a mensch.

EarlyBlanca GómezTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Charlie & Mouse Are Magic by Laurel Snyder; Illustrated by Emily Hughes

Charlie & Mouse Are Magic

I love all of the Charlie and Mouse beginning readers. In this one, like in the others, Charlie and Mouse find magic in the simple things–like being together, using their imaginations, and appreciating the natural world.

KidLaurel Snyder; Emily HughesTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
The Magnificent Book of Animals by Tom Jackson

The Magnificent Book of Animals

The gorgeous, detailed illustrations in this oversize book are enough to recommend it alone, but the information shared is also intriguing. They chose the most fascinating facts about some really spectacular mammals.

KidTom Jackson; Val WalerczukTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Big Book of Bling by Rose M. Davidson

The Big Book of Bling

Extravagant in every way! If you are a frugal-minded person who appreciates a little vicarious decadence, this book satisfies.

KidRose M. DavidsonTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Wolf Hollow

Annabelle is one of my favorite characters ever. She sees injustice in her small town and she sets out to right some wrongs. Unfortunately, she’s only twelve years old, and the world is more complicated and sinister than it should be.

KidLauren WolkTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
I Really Want to See You, Grandma by Tarō Gomi

I Really Want to See You, Grandma

Yumi and Grandma really want to see each other, so they set out at the same time with great determination. Their paths seem star crossed, but they won’t be sidetracked from their mission to reunite.

EarlyTarō GomiTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty

Bathe the Cat

Probably the silliest, funniest story about doing chores ever written. You’ll love the cat!

EarlyAlice B. McGintyTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly

Hello, Universe

KidErin Entrada KellyTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

Niño Wrestles the World

A sweet family story with all of the energy and drama of a Lucha Libre match.

EarlyYuyi MoralesTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood

The Mysterious Howling

Maryrose Wood takes the best parts of Jane Eyre, the Jungle Book, and Sherlock Holmes and adds a whopping dose of slapstick comedy to create a series that feels wholly original and delightful.

KidMaryrose WoodTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

The Candymakers

The Candymakers was probably inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it is a much more modern story with four fascinating 12-year-old protagonists vying for the chance to create a chocolate company’s next great candy. The plot unfolds slowly as we learn one surprise after the next about our candymakers and their connections.

KidWendy MassTheresafiction kid staff-shelf


Simple, powerful pleasure is achieved with 14 words, some basic line drawings/collage, and a charming meet cute.

EarlyDoreen CroninTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Jeff Goes Wild by Angela Rozelaar

Jeff Goes Wild

Jeff is a cat with a rich interior life. Watch him go wild!

EarlyAngela RozelaarTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
To Make by Danielle Davis

To Make

A clever picture book that celebrates the creative process and the power of art to connect people.

EarlyDanielle DavisTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
A Seed Grows by Antoinette Portis

A Seed Grows

A science book for toddlers explains a remarkable transformation in accessible language and bright, bold pictures.

EarlyAntoinette PortisTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Clovis Keeps His Cool by Katelyn Aronson

Clovis Keeps His Cool

EarlyKatelyn AronsonTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Elvis is King! by Jonah Winter

Elvis is King!

Photographs of clay puppets and scenery capture the magic of the Elvis story in a surprisingly visceral way.

KidJonah WinterTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
Trees by Piotr Socha


This gorgeous book celebrates trees for their beauty, utility, and awe-inspiring history of making earth and life on it better in countless ways!

KidPiotr SochaTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

All My Rage

Powerful storytelling set in the CA desert. Two Pakistani-American teens with a loving but strained relationship are struggling through some agonizing experiences during their senior year of high school. The witty dialog and music references perk this sad story up just when you need it.

TeenSabaa TahirTheresafiction staff-shelf teen
The Story of Us by Lauren Castillo

The Story of Us

A story to warm the heart–Hedgehog begrudgingly leaves his idyllic island home after a bad storm and discovers a rich world full of diverse friends and experiences.

KidLauren CastilloTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
Blink! by Doe Boyle


An up-close look at the amazing eyes of many creatures. Beautiful illustrations and fascinating information.

KidDoe BoyleTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Trolls by Polly Horvath

The Trolls

Family stories full of danger and intrigue are revealed when the Anderson children are left home with their witty and unconventional aunt.

KidPolly HorvathTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
A Gift for Nana by Lane Smith

A Gift for Nana

A special relationship between a young rabbit and his grandmother inspires a compelling and challenging quest for the perfect gift.

EarlyLane SmithTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Season of Styx Malone by Kekla Magoon

The Season of Styx Malone

Remarkable storytelling takes us straight into the pivotal summer of two brothers and the mysterious and exciting new teenager who enters their lives in small-town Indiana.

KidKekla MagoonTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
Puppy Truck by Brian J. Pinkney

Puppy Truck

A resourceful toddler finds a way to get the pet he always wanted. This delightful book bubbles with energy, adventure, and positivity.

EaryBrian J. PinkneyTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Gustavo, the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago

Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

As a shy person, I related strongly to Gustavo. I also loved poring over the clever details in the illustrations by Mexican artist, Flavia Drago.

EarlyFlavia Z. DragoTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Egg by Kevin Henkes


Henkes is a master of simplicity. Using only __ words and four colors, he creates sweet characters, anticipation, surprise, and sheer delight.

EarlyKevin HenkesTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Tumtum & Nutmeg by Emily Bearn

Tumtum & Nutmeg

Charming, old-fashioned adventures involving a wealthy, mouse couple and the human children they try to keep safe. A great read aloud for all ages.

KidEmily BearnTheresafiction kid staff-shelf
My Heart by Corinna Luyken

My Heart

This gorgeous celebration of everything a heart can do causes mine to both ache and to feel hope in the most affirming way.

EarlyCorinna LuykenHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Sanctuary by Paola Medoza and Abby Sher


This thrilling page-turner kept me hooked until the end as Vali tries to get her and her brother to sanctuary in a not-so-distant 2032 USA.

TeenPaola MendozaAngelinafiction staff-shelf teen


After Sadie’s sister is found dead, Sadie is convinced she knows who the killer is. She sets off on a thrilling journey across the country to find him and seek revenge. A terrifying book!

TeenCourtney SummersSarahfiction staff-shelf teen
Meditate with Me by Mariam Gates

Meditate With Me

This book is full of really helpful advice for young people to learn how to be calm, mindful, and peaceful – skills that will benefit them throughout life.

EarlyMariam Gates; Margarita SurnaiteRhiannonearly nonfiction picture-book staff-shelf
The Brilliant Deep

The Brilliant Deep

You’ll feel like you dove straight into a glimmering underwater paradise that needs to be saved.

KidKate MessnerTheresakid nonfiction staff-shelf
The Killer's Tears

The Killer’s Tears

What begins as a story of hardscrabble struggle and emotional trauma ends in love, peace, and extraordinary redemption.

KidAnne-Laure BondouxThomfiction staff-shelf teen
Harvesting Hope by Kathleen Krull

Harvesting Hope

An inspiring story about Cesar Chavez’s life and his fight for farmworker’s rights – an issue that is still extremely relevant today.

EarlyKathleen Krull; Yuyi MoralesRhiannonkid nonfiction picture-book staff-shelf
Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows

This is the book that turned me into a reader.

KidWilson RawlsThomfiction kid staff-shelf
The floating field by Scott Riley

The Floating Field

What do you do when you want to form a soccer team but your practice field is a sandbar that is only revealed twice a month with the tides?

EarlyScott Riley; Nguyen Quang; Kim LienAngelinaearly nonfiction picture-book staff-shelf
We Are Lost and Found

We Are Lost and Found

Explores LGBTQIA+ issues in 1980s New York with history and self-discovery. Strong friends and made families make this journey of growing up a compelling read.

TeenHelene DunbarMaryfiction staff-shelf teen
Little Witch Hazel

Little Witch Hazel

All I want is to curl up inside Phoebe Wahl’s world of adorable creatures and nostalgic illustrations.

EarlyPhoebe WahlSarahearly fiction picture-book staff-shelf
Wise Child

Wise Child

A nostalgic journey of an orphaned girl finding a witch in the woods. You will want nothing more than to step into this story and stay there forever.

KidMonica FurlongSarahfiction kid staff-shelf
The Journey of Little Charlie

The Journey of Little Charlie

This story has it all: action, adventure, an incredibly likable main character, and a whole lot to think about on big social issues that still resonate today.

KidChristopher Paul CurtisTheresafiction kid staff-shelf


I was impressed with how this book brought me back to middle school in its story about caring for one another regardless of our differences.

TeenKyo MaclearNickgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Tell Me A Picture

Tell Me A Picture

Explore the National Art Gallery in London with a group of art lovers who have fascinating thoughts and questions about what they see and how they see it.

KidQuentin BlakeThomkid nonfiction staff-shelf
A Heart in a Body in the World

A Heart in a Body in the World

Why Annabelle is running across the country from her Seattle home to D.C. is slowly revealed in this multi-layered tale about friendship, healing, and hope. Be forewarned, you might start craving Dick’s Drive-In fries!

TeenDeb CalettiTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
Seabird in the Forest by Joan Dunning

Seabird in the Forest

Marbled murrelets are elusive, rarely seen, and extremely endangered. This book describes the life cycle of one baby murrelet, from its nest in an old growth forest to the sea where it will live most of it’s adult life.

EarlyJoan DunningRhiannonearly nonfiction staff-shelf
Rez Dogs by Joseph Bruchac

Rez Dogs

If you like realistic fiction that connects past to present and has a great dog you will enjoy this great book.

KidJoseph BruchacEviefiction kid staff-shelf
The Silver Button

The Silver Button

So much happens in just an instant. This picture book offers a distinct sensory experience of the broad depth of a single moment of life, expanding your mind outward to include almost the whole world, in just one instant. A great thinking book with delightful illustrations.

EarlyBob GrahamRoseearly picture-book staff-shelf
Across the Pond

Across the Pond

Scottish castles, “twitching” (Brit-speak for bird-watching), and learning to stand up for yourself and what’s right make this fish-out-water tale delightful.

KidJoy McCulloughMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Howl’s Moving Castle

Maybe the best fantasy book of all time, Sophie is sent on a wild adventure to undo a curse put upon her by the Witch of the Waste.

KidDiana Wynne JonesNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
Olu and Greta

Olu and Greta

No matter how far apart you feel from the people you love, there are always opportunities for connection. Just ask Olu and Greta.

EarlyDiana EjaitaThomearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Science of Surfing

The Science of Surfing

I appreciate how easy this graphic novel made it to learn about various ocean facts.

KidKim DwinellNickgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All

Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All

With an interesting setting that feels like a character all its own, unique and alternating narrative points of view, and just the right amount of supernatural intrigue, this book leaves an impression.

TeenLaura RubyNickfiction staff-shelf teen
The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry

The Scarecrow

A beautiful celebration of family and love in which two very different souls unexpectedly find their hearts connected. Words and illustrations work together in perfect sync and bring me to tears every time.

EarlyBeth Ferry; Fan BrothersHanaearly picture-book staff-shelf
Snapdragon by Kat Leyh


A graphic novel about finding friends, family, and magic in unexpected places.

KidKat LeyhAngelinagraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
The Sun Egg

The Sun Egg

Exquisite drawings illumine the story of the woodland elf and the mysterious sun egg. Unexpected playful fun with breathtaking illustrations.

EarlyElsa Maartman BeskowMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
Where I belong by Marica Argueta Mickelson

Where I Belong

I loved reading about Millie and seeing the world through her eyes as she balanced responsibility to her family, her passion for the sea, her growing interest in a boy. and her growing awareness of the role she could play in others lives if she was willing to be vulnerable and open to sharing her story.

TeenMarcia Argueta MickelsonEviefiction staff-shelf teen
The Tea Dragon Society by K. O'Neill

The Tea Dragon Society

Greta gets to meet a tea dragon, a magical creature that produce tea leaves imbued with memories.

KidKatie O'NeillNataliegraphic-novel kid staff-shelf


Full of inserts and extra content, I couldn’t resist exploring this fun and creative book that invites readers to dive into the bizarre world of paranormal investigation.

KidLucinda CurtleNickfiction kid staff-shelf
Big Cat, Little Cat

Big Cat, Little Cat

One day, a new baby kitten comes home. The big cat teaches the kitten all about how to be a cat. As the big cat gets older, the kitten grows into a big cat too. Get ready to shed some tears and feel some big feelings.

EarlyElisha CooperSarahearly picture-book staff-shelf
Esperanza Rising by Mam Munoz Ryan

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza learns to transcend her emotional challenges as well as the physical challenges before her when her family must leave home to become migrant farm workers during the great depression. Esperanza is inspiring, courageous, and she feels so real. 

TeenPam Munoz RyanRhiannonfiction staff-shelf teen
Whistling in the Dark

Whistling in the Dark

WWII themed chapter book, about rationing and the struggles to live during wartime in England. I loved the characters and the way they try to live a normal life in very abnormal circumstances.

KidShirley HughesRosefiction kid staff-shelf
Waiting for Goliath

Waiting for Goliath

A lonely bear practices patience and trust as he awaits the return of his long-lost friend. And the happy resolution is worth the wait.

EarlyAntje DammThomearly fiction staff-shelf
Stand up, Yumi Chung by Jessica Kim

Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

A sweet and funny story about familial expectations, self-confidence, and learning to stand up for yourself and stand out.

KidJessica KimMariefiction kid staff-shelf
The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown

The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown

An irreverent biography about the fun, free-spirited author of Goodnight Moon and so many other classic picture books.

EarlyMac Barnett; Sarah JacobyTheresaearly nonfiction staff-shelf
Meet Yasmin by Saadia Faruqi, art by Hatem Aly

Meet Yasmin!

Yasmin has an insane confidence and go-getter attitude that I wish to emulate even as an adult.

KidSaadia Faruqi; Hatem AlyHanafiction kid staff-shelf
Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea

Four fictional characters reveal the story of the real-life rescue attempt by the cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff at the end of WWII. A gripping page-turner!

TeenRuta SepetysMaryfiction staff-shelf teen
The Ocean Calls by Tina Cho

The Ocean Calls

I love learning about the haenyeo tradition of female divers in Korea and the main character in this story is a young girl learning how to become a haenyeo from her grandmother. The art is beautiful and the experiences Dayeon has are fascinating and exciting.

EarlyTina M. Cho; Jess X. SnowRhiannonearly picture-book staff-shelf
Fat Chance Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

I loved Charlie’s story! She was smart, talented, kind, and fat. At times she was insecure, other times brave and bold. It felt real and opened my eyes to challenges of being plus sized in our world.

TeenCrystal MaldonadoEviefiction staff-shelf teen
Jules Vs. the Ocean

Jules Vs. the Ocean

You can almost smell the suntan lotion in this relatable family story about trial, failure, persistence and the power of partnership.

EarlyJessie SimaTheresaearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson

The Barren Grounds

Talking animals, a complicated sister/brother relationship – think Narnia but with Indigenous folklore in the best way possible.

KidDavid A. RobertsonMariefiction kid staff-shelf


A fast-paced mystery set in a secret, multiplayer online game. Even as a non-gamer, I was hooked!

TeenBrittney MorrisTamarfiction staff-shelf teen
The Turtle of Oman

The Turtle of Oman

A loving grandson makes a last adventure with his beloved grandfather into the desert to store up memories to take with him when he leaves for America. Sweet and poignant.

KidNaomi Shihab NyeRosefiction kid staff-shelf
Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly

Lalani of the Distant Sea

Lyrical writing and the enchanting fable-like quality (inspired by Filipino folklore) swept me away and has stuck with me ever since.

KidErin Entrada KellyHanafiction kid staff-shelf


The detailed illustrations really bring to life the various animals in this sweet and funny story about coming together to stay warm for the winter.

EarlyJan BrettNickearly picture-book staff-shelf
Lighter Than My Shadow

Lighter Than My Shadow

Katie recounts her childhood with an eating disorder and the trauma of recovering from sexual assault. Blunt, beautiful, and life-changing.

TeenKatie GreenSarahgraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Deep Water by Watt Key

Deep Water

Exciting adventure tale of two kids who have to survive in the Gulf of Mexico off the Alabama coast. Fast-paced read will have you turning pages to find out what happens!

KidWatt KeyMaryfiction kid staff-shelf
I wonder by K. A. Helt and Kenard Pak

I Wonder

Asking questions is a good and powerful start. How many things can YOU wonder about? Beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking images.

EarlyK. A. HoltMaryearly picture-book staff-shelf
Some Kind of Happiness

Some Kind of Happiness

I’m so glad this book exists. For kids grappling with anxiety and depression, Finley’s journey in learning the importance of putting herself first is an amazing chance to feel seen.

KidClaire LegrandHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Stargazing by Jen Wang


A story about two friends, two cultures, and one unbelievable secret that will change everything. 

KidJen WangSarahgraphic-novel kid staff-shelf
Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones


The writing in this book is amazing! Definitely a must read if you like elaborate worldbuilding and fairy lore.

TeenS. Jae-JonesNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
I want to eat your pancreas. Story by Yoru Sumino. Art by Idumi Kirihara

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Two teens bond over the secret they share: that one is dying from a terminal illness.

TeenYoru SuminoNataliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince

Beautiful worldbuilding about the fey world, and also an enemies to lovers romance. The Cruel Prince is the first book in the trilogy.

TeenHolly BlackNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

Challenger Deep

Caden is heading to the Marianas Trench, the deepest point on Earth. Caden is also a high schooler dealing with schizophrenia.

TeenNeal ShustermanNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Mooncakes by Wendy Xu and Suzanne Walker


Witches, werewolves, and a horse demon? A magical graphic novel.

TeenSuzanne WalkerNataliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Eat your heart out by Kelly Devos

Eat Your Heart Out

After being sent to spend their winter break at a fat camp in the middle of Arizona, several teens find themselves fighting the zombie apocalypse.

TeenKelly deVosNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe

Gender Queer

Maia’s autobiographical graphic novel about e’s journey with gender expression and sexuality.

TeenMaia KobabeNataliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue

Seraphina must band together with five other mermaids from around the globe in order to save their hidden world.

KidJennifer DonnellyNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper. Vol. 01

And adorable LGBTQ+ romance graphic novel that’s also a television show if you’re interested!

TeenAlice OsemanNataliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai and Psuka Demizu

The Promised Neverland. Vol. 01, Grace Field House

The orphan’s at Grace Field House learn the truth about the world around them, and realize they must escape.

TeenKaiu ShiraiNataliegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Daughter of the Pirate King

An epic swashbuckling adventure and also maybe a romance?

TeenTricia LevensellerNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter

The First Time She Drowned

It’s been two years since Cassie’s mother left her at a mental institution against her will, and Cassie is finally allowed to leave on her 18th birthday.

TeenKerry KletterNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
I wish you all the best by Mason Deaver

I Wish You All the Best

Ben’s parents kick them out after they come out as nonbinary, and they are forced to move in with their sister they haven’t seen in years.

TeenMason DeaverNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

The Lie Tree

After Faith’s father is found dead under suspicious circumstances, she discovers a tree that feeds off of lies.

TeenFrances HardingeNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons

The Passing Playbook

Spencer loves soccer and he transfers to a new school, where no one knows that he’s trans. Until a new bill threatens to bench him for whole season, and he has to make the difficult choice of staying safe or standing up for what is right.

TeenIsaac FitzsimonsNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy

The Disappearances

During the war, two children are sent to their mother’s hometown, but something is off about the people within it. This leads to them investigating a mystery that’s been unsolved for decades, and hopefully clearing their mother’s name in the process.

TeenEmily Bain MurphyNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
All my rage by Sabaa Tahir

All My Rage

What do you do when everything that could go wrong, does?

TeenSabaa TahirNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World

Ivy’s sketchbook is the only places she can express her true feelings and draw pictures of girls holding hands, but she loses it in a tornado that rips through her home. Until mysteriously, the drawings start appearing in her locker with notes telling her to open up about her true identity.

KidAshley Herring BlakeNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

The Emerald Atlas

Three siblings who have been tossed around from orphanage to orphanage end up going on a fantastical

KidJohn StephensNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
The Mirror Season by Anna Marie Mclemore

The Mirror Season

Two teens are sexually assaulted at the same party, but only one of them remembers it. Graciela thinks she can just forget until the boy, Lock, shows up at her school.

TeenAnna-Marie McLemoreNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Sisters of the Snake by Sarena and Sasha Naua

Sisters of the Snake

A South Asian retelling of Princess and the Pauper, featuring epic magical powers.

TeenSasha NanuaNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Zip by Ellie Rollins


After Lyssa’s mother passes away, she sets off on a cross-country adventure to save her childhood home.

KidEllie RollinsNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman


As a Californian suburb faces a catastrophic drought, the streets spiral into warzones, and three kids must make impossible decisions in order to survive.

TeenNeal ShustermanNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Last Meeting of the Gorilla Club by Sara Nickerson

Last Meeting of the Gorilla Club

Josh finally has a chance at a new start when he moves across the country, to escape his imaginary friends. Only this time, someone else can see them, too.

KidSara NickersonNataliefiction kid staff-shelf
Yolk by Mary K. K. Choi


Two estranged sisters with nothing in common are suddenly living together after a case of stolen identity.

TeenMary H. K. ChoiNataliefiction staff-shelf teen
Nicola Traveling Around the Demons' World by Asaya Miyanga

Nicola Traveling Around the Demons’ World. Vol. 01

If you love Miyazaki, manga series with precocious characters, and a fantasy world to delve this is one to read.

TeenAsaya MiyanagaMariegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
The Blue House by Phoebe Wahl

The Blue House

Home is where the heart is in this contemplative and sweet picture book – local artist Phoebe Wahl makes amazing illustrations.

EarlyPhoebe WahlMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Lintang and the Pirate Queen by Tamara Moss

Lintang and the Pirate Queen

For fans of spunky heroines who go against the grain, this sea-faring fantasy will delight with action and adventure.

KidTamara MossMariefiction kid staff-shelf
Grown a novel by Tiffany D. Jackson


Twisty, dark, and all too real, this book balances heavy topics with a character worth rooting for and a plot that will keep you glued to the page.

TeenTiffany D. JacksonMariefiction staff-shelf teen
I hear the sunspot by Yuki Fumino

I Hear the Sunspot

A super sweet slice of life manga, the endearing characters and slow burn romance delight!

TeenYuki FuminoMariegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Don't touch my hair by Sharee Miller

Don’t Touch My Hair!

This picture book balances silly whimsy with something to say – a great book to introduce kids to the idea that their body is their own.

EarlySharee MillerMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Library of Ever by Zeno Alexander

The Library of Ever

For anyone who grew up loving books, this whimsical fantasy is a treat.

KidZeno AlexanderMariefiction kid staff-shelf
Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar

Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating

Fake dating done right – this book is sweet and romantic but also has something to say.

TeenAdiba JaigirdarMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Oscar's Tower of Flowers by Lauren Tobia

Oscar’s Tower of Flowers

This books needs no words – the pictures tell a beautiful story of family, friends, and the delight of plants.

EarlyLauren TobiaMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks

From the Desk of Zoe Washington

This book takes on a tough topic with heart and grace – it soars because of it’s loving and realistic main character that I couldn’t stop reading about.

KidJanae MarksMariefiction kid staff-shelf
A song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne a. Brown

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

They like each other, but they also need to kill each other – a classic star-crossed lovers fantasy romance with twists to keep you glued to the page.

TeenRoseanne A. BrownMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Off to sea the sea. Words by Nikki Grimes, pictures by Elizabeth Zunon

Off to See the Sea

This picture book is so imaginative and reminds me of why I loved bath time as a child – the illustrations help create a whole new world.

EarlyNikki Grimes; Elizabeth ZunonMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko


A complex, engrossing fantasy world with characters that had me rooting for them to triumph against impossible odds.

TeenJordan IfuekoMariefiction staff-shelf teen
The boring book by Shinsuke Yoshitake

The Boring Book

My favorite picture book for the child with a hundred questions – bright, playful illustrations and hilarious text.

EarlyShinsuke YoshitakeMariepicture-book staff-shelf
You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno

You Must Not Miss

A mix of realistic fiction and dark fantasy, this book is a gritty, twisty tale with an unforgettable protagonist.

TeenKatrina LenoMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger


Whimsy, mystery, and myth collide in this arresting book – if you love a witty heroine give it a try.

TeenDarcie Little BadgerMariefiction staff-shelf teen
I'll be the one by Lyla Lee

I’ll Be the One

What more could I want than this witty heroine, a K-Pop competition, plus-size representation, and an engrossing romance.

TeenLyla LeeMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Pokko and the drum by Matthew Forsythe

Pokko and the Drum

A perfect book for kids who march to the beat of their own drum with playful text and immersive illustrations.

EarlyMatthew ForsytheMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
Soul Lanterns by Shaw Kuzki

Soul Lanterns

A unique historical fiction translated from Japanese – if you love stories about WWII then you should try it.

KidShaw KuzkiMariefiction kid staff-shelf
All the Bad Apples by Moira Fowley-Doyle

All the Bad Apples

Complicated characters and a messy road trip through the Irish countryside – their stories and the knotted roots of their family history will linger with you after the final page.

TeenMoira Fowley-DoyleMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Mega Bat by Anna Humphrey, illustrated by Kass Reich


Hilarious and heartfelt – if you love books about human/animal relationships I can’t recommend this enough.

KidAnna Humphrey; Kass ReichMariefiction kid staff-shelf
Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang, illustrated by Charlene Chua

Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon

Bright, joyful illustrations help tell this delightful story – if you love dragons and different cultures this is for you.

EarlyKat Zhang; Charlene ChuaMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
The Griefkeeper by Alexandra Villasante

The Grief Keeper

A hard-hitting realistic fiction novel with a sci-fi twist – this book looks at trauma in a deeply affecting way and has an excellent f/f romance.

TeenAlexandra VillasanteMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Tigers, not Daughters by Samantha Mabry

Tigers, Not Daughters

A haunted house story (ish?) that is at it’s heart about sisters who love each other, but can’t quite figure out how to be with one another – lovely, creepy, engrossing.

TeenSamantha MabryMariefiction staff-shelf teen
Blue Flag by Kaito

Blue Flag Vol. 1

The only love square I’ll accept – these characters are so heart-warming and their dynamics kept me glued to the page.

TeenKaitoMariegraphic-novel staff-shelf teen
Legendborn by Tracy Deonn


Everything I could want out of an urban fantasy novel – a twisty plot, juicy character dynamics, and a heroine that feels so achingly real.

TeenTracy DeonnMariefiction staff-shelf teen
When Spring Comes to the D.M.Z. by Uk-bae Lee

When Spring Comes to the DMZ

Beautiful, colorful illustrations help tell this heartfelt story about seasons, distance, and culture.

EarlyUk-Bae LeeMarieearly picture-book staff-shelf
When Life Gives you Mangos by Kereen Getten

When Life Gives You Mangos

Lovely and heartfelt, this book looks at the trials and tribulations of friendship with just a touch of mystery – plus a lush island setting.

KidKereen GettenMariefiction kid staff-shelf
Blood, Water, Paint by Joy Mccullough

Blood Water Paint

This story based on a real-life Renaissance painter left a considerable imprint on me. Thinking back on Artemisia’s story, told in stunning verse and alternating with depictions of Biblical women full of rage, still makes me catch my breath.

TeenJoy McCulloughHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Wolf by Wolfe. A novel by Ryan Groudin

Wolf by Wolf

The page-turning action and overall themes of identity that define this alternate WWII make it a knockout of a story, with characters and scenes that I still can vividly recall.

TeenRyan GraudinHanafiction staff-shelf teen
The Reader by Traci Chee

The Reader

A story where a book is literal magic and has the power to alter the entire class system in an illiterate kingdom? Yes, please!

TeenTraci CheeHanafiction staff-shelf teen
Girls made of snow and glass by Melissa Bashardousi

Girls Made of Snow and Glass

This is my favorite take on the “Snow White” story, with the princess and the queen fighting to be there for each other in a kingdom trying to keep them at odds.

TeenMelissa BashardoustHanafiction staff-shelf teen


Native American Heritage Month - Titles for Young People

Native American Heritage Month: Titles for Young People

These books and DVDs for young people provide many perspectives on the Native American experience. Read on to explore fiction, memoir, history and more.

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LGBTQIA+ - Books for Teens

LGBTQIA+ – Books for Teens

Read the Rainbow! The LGBTQIA+ experience is far from monolithic, and these books explore the depth, instersectionality, and glory of being queer, including gay, bi, lesbian, trans, and nonbinary stories.

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Family Stories - Books for Teens

Family Stories – Books for Teens

Families. You can’t live with them, so why not write a book? These intriguing stories bring sensitivity and insight to those first relationships of our lives.

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Fantasy - Books for Teens

Fantasy – Books for Teens

This is not your grandparents’ wizards and dragons (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Stark or lush, fanciful or foreboding, these worlds are as vivid as they are compelling.

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Graphic Novels - Books for Teens

Graphic Novels – Books for Teens

Some of the most intelligent, creative, intuitive, and emotionally searing storytelling for young people is happening with illustrated panels. Check these out!

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Romance - Books for Teens

Romance – Books for Teens

What makes a good love story? Sweet innocence? Fiery passion? Unrequited affection? Family interference? Destiny? These varied titles offer a little bit of everything romance. 

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Speculative Fiction - Books for Teens

Speculative Fiction – Books for Teens

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History – these books expose the deepest truths of our own experience by plunging us into unimagined worlds of epic adventure.

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Fantasy - Books for Kids

Fantasy – Books for Kids

Venture to another realm to witness epic struggles, eye-popping new worlds, and characters dedicated to fighting off the forces of evil so good will prevail.

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True Stories - Books for Kids

True Stories – Books for Kids

From fascinating accounts of historical events to revealing portraits of interesting individuals, these nonfiction titles offer hours of exploratory fun.

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Silly Stories - Books for Early Years

Silly Stories – Books for Early Years

What’s more fun than a picture book chock full of nonsense? These silly books invite gaggles of guffaws by turning the world on its head and doubling down on the flapdoodle.

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Realistic Fiction - Books for Teens

Realistic Fiction – Books for Teens

Discover your next favorite read by taking a dive into a story that reads as true as life itself. These YA realistic fiction books have all the feelings, great characters whose stories  cover everything from heartbreak and hard life circumstances to difficult decisions and real life challenges.  

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Mystery and Thriller - Books for Teens

Mystery and Thriller – Books for Teens

Murder mysteries, ghost stories, missing person cases, and more. These books will leave you utterly freaked out in the best way!

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Historical Fiction - Books for Teens

Historical Fiction – Books for Teens

Travel back in time to 1727 and camp with a pack of boys on a remote Scottish island, smuggle aboard the Titanic, experience living at school for deaf teens in 1928 Massachusettes, and dive into LA during the 1992 Rodney King riots. These page-turning YA historical fiction gems will be sure to transport you there and back again.

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Action and Adventure - Books for Teens

Action and Adventure – Books for Teens

Like a fast-paced read? These YA action-packed stories are filled with non-stop adventures, some thrilling, some horrifying, but all of which will keep you turning the pages. 

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Realistic Fiction - Books for Kids

Realistic Fiction – Books for Kids

Do you like stories about school, family life, or friendships? This list features books that many of us can relate to and find comfort in.

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Mystery - Books for Kids

Mystery – Books for Kids

Love a good mystery? Dive in to any one of these and try to figure out the culprit too! 

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Graphic Novels - Books for Kids

Graphic Novels – Books for Kids

Beautiful illustrations along with wonderful stories, these graphic novels are unforgettable!

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Books to Make You Cry - Books for Kids

Books to Make You Cry – Books for Kids

Get yourself a box of tissues and curl up with one of these books guaranteed to tug your heartstrings. After all, what’s more cleansing than a good cry?

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Action and Adventure - Books for Kids

Action and Adventure – Books for Kids

Daring adventures, thrilling conquests, and amazing heroes. These books will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more!

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Books to Make You Laugh - Books for Kids

Books to Make You Laugh – Books for Kids

Whether it’s a giggle or a guffaw, these books for kids should do the trick! Picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and a joke book or two.

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School Stories - Books for Early Years

School Stories – Books for Early Years

School is the setting in all of these stories but the emotional content varies from silly, to anxious, to accomplished, and beyond.

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Hunt and Find - Books for Early Years

Hunt and Find – Books for Early Years

If you love Where’s Waldo and I Spy, you’re going to love these search and find titles.

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How to Human - Books for Early Years

How to Human – Books for Early Years

Growing up is hard. These stories will help.

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Go Outside - Books for Early Years

Go Outside – Books for Early Years

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Animal Stories – Books for Kids

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Books for Kids - Mythology and Folklore

Mythology and FolkloreBooks for Kids

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All the Feels - Books for Early Years

All the Feels – Books for Kids

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