Staff Shelf: Sarah

Sarah Lavender

 I love stories with animals, mysteries, and characters who grow and change by the end of the book. If it will make me cry, sign me up!  

What did you read when you were young? 

I loved reading as a kid, but I did hold quite a bit of shame around it. I was a slow reader and had trouble learning to read and write. I was easily embarrassed when it came to reading in classrooms or in public. But in the safety of my home, I devoured book series such as FranklinThe Boxcar ChildrenHarry Potter, and anything written by Peg Kehret

What five desert island books would you choose?  

Where is your favorite spot to read? 

I love to read in the bathtub at night. It’s one of the only times I can completely disconnect from my phone and actually pick up a book to read for hours. It is the perfect way to end a night. 

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