Online Guidelines

The Whatcom County Library System (WCLS) strives to maintain spaces that are open, welcoming, and safe–spaces where patrons of all ages can avail themselves of rich and full library experiences, individually and collectively. This is true of our physical and virtual spaces.

WCLS has created the following set of guidelines for online engagement:


Treat others with kindness and respect. Consider the language you use and avoid communication that might be misunderstood. Refrain from name-calling, bullying, and harassment. Build trust.


Be mindful of the personal or private information you share online. Minors should check with a trusted adult before sharing identifying information such as full names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc.


Take advantage of opportunities and tools to create together. Share ideas, learn, and grow.


Consider others in online spaces to be your neighbors and friends. Use your interactions with them to strengthen the fabric of our community.

WCLS Staff and participants work together to build and maintain these constructive spaces online, and we thank you for your mindful and constant support.