Storytime Videos

Welcome to our Storytime Videos page.  We hope you will use these videos to create a storytime experience at home.  We’ve included eight categories of interactive storytime elements from welcome songs to closing rhymes with a few favorite rhymes and songs for in between.  We’ve included everything you need except the books.  We hope you have some of those at home, so you can set up a cozy reading time with the children in your care and use our videos to supplement the experience.

You can select a specific presenter and see all their videos, or select a type of video to watch and choose from all our presenters. Or you can search for a specific song title.

Welcome Song: Wake Up Feet with Marie , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 marie
Baby Song: We Ask for Milk like This with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Quieting Rhyme: Seven Days in a Week with Mary , , storytime-video quieting-rhyme2021 mary
Participatory Song: Bananas Unite! with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Baby Song: A Smooth Road with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Brief Flannel: Thanks a Lot with Angelina , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 angelina
Tengo Tengo Tengo with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Una Sardina with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Welcome Song: Hello Friends with Whitney
, storytime-video welcome-songwhitney
Tengo Una Muñeca Vestida De Azul with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Brief Storytelling: Trip Trap with Marie , storytime-video brief-storytellingmarie
Baby Song: Ring around the Rosie with Evie , , storytime-video baby-song2021 evie
Action Rhyme: Mix a pancake with Marie , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 marie
Baby Song: Rain is Falling Down with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Participatory Song La Araña Pequiñita with Amelia (in Spanish)
, , storytime-video participatory-song spanish-languageamelia
Participatory Song: Tick Tock with Whitney
, storytime-video participatory-songwhitney
Action Rhyme: Put Your Hands on Your Head with Theresa , action-rhyme storytime-videotheresa
Fingerplay: Here is the Beehive with Whitney
, storytime-video fingerplaywhitney
Fingerplay: Five Little Houses with Marie , , action-rhyme fingerplay storytime-video2021 marie
Baby Song: Eyes Nose Cheeky Cheek Chin with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Brief Flannel: We Dove In the Ocean with Melody , storytime-video brief-flannelmelody
Brief Flannel: Five Green and Speckled Frogs with Evie , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 evie
Baby Song: My Little Baby Loves Dancing with Melody

, , storytime-video baby-song2021 melody
Participatory Song: Bread and Butter, Marmalade and Jam with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Quieting Song: Roly Poly with Marie , storytime-video quieting-rhymemarie
Participatory Song: Standing Like a Tree with Angelina

, storytime-video participatory-songangelina
Participatory Song: Bubble Bubble Pop with Tessa
, storytime-video participatory-songtessa
Participatory Song: Pimpón es un Muñeco with Amelia
, , , action-rhyme storytime-video participatory-song spanish-languageamelia
Participatory Song: Wiggle and Stop with Marie , storytime-video participatory-songmarie
Action Rhyme: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with Melody , action-rhyme storytime-videomelody
Brief Storytelling: Old Mother Hubbard with Rose , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 rose
Welcome Song: If You Want To Read a Book with Evie
, storytime-video welcome-songevie
Action Rhyme: A Delicious Cake with Angelina , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 angelina
Welcome Song with Laurie , storytime-video welcome-songlaurie
Brief Fingerplay: Here is a Bunny with Tessa
, storytime-video brief-storytellingtessa
Fingerplay: Cinco Petitios with Amelia
, , storytime-video fingerplay spanish-languageamelia
Fingerplay: Heres A Cup with Angelina , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 angelina
Participatory Song: Five Little Ducks with Evie , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 evie
Brief Storytelling: Little Boy Blue with Theresa , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 theresa
Action Rhyme: Ten Little Fingers with Laurie , action-rhyme storytime-videolaurie
Participatory Song: Popcorn Kernels with Whitney
, storytime-video participatory-songwhitney
Flannel Story: Bluebird at My Window with Rose , storytime-video brief-flannelrose
Tall as a Tree with Theresa , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 theresa
Brief Flannel Story: Little Miss Muffet with Theresa , storytime-video brief-flanneltheresa
Participatory Song: I Wake Up My Hands with Angelina , storytime-video participatory-songangelina
Brief Flannel: A Mi Burro with Amelia (in Spanish)
, , storytime-video brief-flannel spanish-languageamelia
Pulgarcito with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Participatory Song: Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck with Tessa
, storytime-video participatory-songtessa
Fingerplay: Tres Pecesitos with Amelia
, , storytime-video fingerplay spanish-languageamelia
Quieting Rhyme: Open Shut Them with Tessa

, storytime-video quieting-rhymetessa
Fingerplay: Itsy Bitsy Spider with Laurie , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 laurie
Brief Storytelling: Los Pollitos with Amelia (in Spanish)

, , , storytime-video brief-storytelling quieting-rhyme spanish-languageamelia
Fingerplay: Five Plump Peas with Marie , storytime-video fingerplaymarie
Participatory Song: Knife, Fork, Spoon and Spatula with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Fingerplay: Ten Fat Peas with Rose , storytime-video fingerplayrose
Welcome Welcome Everyone with Rose , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 rose
Brief Flannel: Five Fast Rockets with Melody , storytime-video brief-flannelmelody
Closing Song: Goodbye Friends with Angelina , storytime-video closing-songangelina
Action Rhyme: Two Little Blackbirds with Angelina , action-rhyme storytime-videoangelina
Quieting Rhyme: I Wiggle My Fingers with Theresa , , storytime-video quieting-rhyme2021 theresa
Action Rhyme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Laurie , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 laurie
Participatory Song: Mmm, Ahh Went the Little Green Frog with Marie , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 marie
Action Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock with Evie
, action-rhyme storytime-videoevie
Fingerplay: Five Little Kittens with Theresa , storytime-video fingerplaytheresa
Participatory Song: One Bright Scarf with Melody

, , storytime-video participatory-song2021 melody
Fingerplay: Three Little Monkeys with Evie
, storytime-video fingerplayevie
Action Rhyme: The Farmer Plants the Seeds with Rose , action-rhyme storytime-videorose
Participatory Song: Plant a Little Seed with Rose , storytime-video participatory-songrose
Participatory Song: Lets Be Friends with One Another with Angelina , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 angelina
Closing Song: Up, Down, Turn Around with Evie
, storytime-video closing-songevie
Brief Storytelling: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary with Rose , storytime-video brief-storytellingrose
Action Rhyme: Hello Toes with Marie , action-rhyme storytime-videomarie
Closing Song: Tickle the Clouds with Theresa , storytime-video closing-songtheresa
Baby Song: Yo Te Amo with Melody , , storytime-video baby-song2021 melody
Action Rhyme: The Frog Song with Melody , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 melody
Welcome Song: Good Morning Song with Melody , storytime-video welcome-songmelody
Brief Flannel: When Cows Get Up in the Morning with Tessa
, storytime-video brief-flanneltessa
Closing Song: The More We Get Together with Laurie , storytime-video closing-songlaurie
Participatory Song: I Had a Little Turtle with Melody , storytime-video participatory-songmelody
Action Rhyme: Pat-a-Cake with Evie
, action-rhyme storytime-videoevie
Fingerplay: Heart with Angelina , storytime-video fingerplayangelina
Fingerplay: Ten Fluffy Chicks with Theresa , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 theresa
Action Rhyme: Put Your Hands Up High with Whitney
, action-rhyme storytime-videowhitney
Action Rhyme: Hello Toes with Theresa , action-rhyme storytime-videotheresa
Brief Storytelling: Humpty Dumpty with Laurie , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 laurie
Brief Flannel: Los Colores with Evie , storytime-video brief-flannel
Brief Storytelling: Hey Diddle Diddle with Laurie , storytime-video brief-storytellinglaurie
Participatory Song: I’m a Little Teapot with Laurie , storytime-video participatory-songlaurie
Welcome Song: Storytime Song with Laurie , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 laurie
Brief Flannel: BINGO with Mary , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 mary