A Forest of Words 2018 Poetry Anthology cover page


A Forest of Words 2018

Poetry Anthology featuring the work of Whatcom County teens is now available.

Experience the poetry of Whatcom teens!

View the poetry anthology here.

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There’s more than just books to discover at the library. Got a hankering to color? We have special coloring books that are just for you to color in. Yep. It’s true. We’ve also got a wide selection of video games as well as tons of CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. Want it right now? Our eBooks, eAudiobooks, music streaming, and help with homework resources are just a click away.

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Come visit any of our libraries where you will find spaces just for teens with comfy seating and lots to do. Join an afternoon Minecraft or Anime group, design using our 3D printers, discuss your favorite books in a book club, cook, craft, code, or just hang out. Find out more about what’s going on.

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We can’t do all this without you. Let us know if you’re interested in sharing your skills and ideas and when you’re available. Librarians heart volunteers! Check out our volunteer page for more info.

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