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Reading Recommendations

Storytime Videos

Participatory Song: I Wake Up My Hands with Angelina , storytime-video participatory-songangelina
Brief Storytelling: Old Mother Hubbard with Rose , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 rose
Brief Flannel: A Mi Burro with Amelia (in Spanish)
, , storytime-video brief-flannel spanish-languageamelia
Action Rhyme: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with Melody , action-rhyme storytime-videomelody
Fingerplay: Here is the Beehive with Whitney
, storytime-video fingerplaywhitney
Fingerplay: Ten Fluffy Chicks with Theresa , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 theresa
Brief Storytelling: Los Pollitos with Amelia (in Spanish)

, , , storytime-video brief-storytelling quieting-rhyme spanish-languageamelia
Baby Song: Eyes Nose Cheeky Cheek Chin with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Participatory Song: Knife, Fork, Spoon and Spatula with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Participatory Song: Tick Tock with Whitney
, storytime-video participatory-songwhitney
Fingerplay: Itsy Bitsy Spider with Laurie , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 laurie
Welcome Song: Good Morning Song with Melody , storytime-video welcome-songmelody
Fingerplay: Five Little Kittens with Theresa , storytime-video fingerplaytheresa
Participatory Song: Bubble Bubble Pop with Tessa
, storytime-video participatory-songtessa
Participatory Song: Mmm, Ahh Went the Little Green Frog with Marie , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 marie
Action Rhyme: Hello Toes with Marie , action-rhyme storytime-videomarie
Quieting Rhyme: I Wiggle My Fingers with Theresa , , storytime-video quieting-rhyme2021 theresa
Brief Storytelling: Hey Diddle Diddle with Laurie , storytime-video brief-storytellinglaurie
Quieting Song: Roly Poly with Marie , storytime-video quieting-rhymemarie
Tengo Tengo Tengo with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Brief Flannel: Los Colores with Evie , storytime-video brief-flannel
Tall as a Tree with Theresa , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 theresa
Closing Song: Up, Down, Turn Around with Evie
, storytime-video closing-songevie
Brief Storytelling: Humpty Dumpty with Laurie , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 laurie
Closing Song: Tickle the Clouds with Theresa , storytime-video closing-songtheresa
Welcome Song: Storytime Song with Laurie , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 laurie
Action Rhyme: Hello Toes with Theresa , action-rhyme storytime-videotheresa
Welcome Song: If You Want To Read a Book with Evie
, storytime-video welcome-songevie
Fingerplay: Five Little Houses with Marie , , action-rhyme fingerplay storytime-video2021 marie
Participatory Song: Bread and Butter, Marmalade and Jam with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Participatory Song La Araña Pequiñita with Amelia (in Spanish)
, , storytime-video participatory-song spanish-languageamelia
Baby Song: My Little Baby Loves Dancing with Melody

, , storytime-video baby-song2021 melody
Participatory Song: Wiggle and Stop with Marie , storytime-video participatory-songmarie
Participatory Song: Five Little Ducks with Evie , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 evie
Action Rhyme: The Frog Song with Melody , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 melody
Fingerplay: Cinco Petitios with Amelia
, , storytime-video fingerplay spanish-languageamelia
Action Rhyme: Ten Little Fingers with Laurie , action-rhyme storytime-videolaurie
Welcome Song with Laurie , storytime-video welcome-songlaurie
Action Rhyme: Hickory Dickory Dock with Evie
, action-rhyme storytime-videoevie
Action Rhyme: A Delicious Cake with Angelina , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 angelina
Welcome Song: Hello Friends with Whitney
, storytime-video welcome-songwhitney
Fingerplay: Heres A Cup with Angelina , , storytime-video fingerplay2021 angelina
Participatory Song: I’m a Little Teapot with Laurie , storytime-video participatory-songlaurie
Brief Storytelling: Trip Trap with Marie , storytime-video brief-storytellingmarie
Action Rhyme: Put Your Hands Up High with Whitney
, action-rhyme storytime-videowhitney
Action Rhyme: Mix a pancake with Marie , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 marie
Closing Song: The More We Get Together with Laurie , storytime-video closing-songlaurie
Una Sardina with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Brief Flannel: BINGO with Mary , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 mary
Fingerplay: Heart with Angelina , storytime-video fingerplayangelina
Baby Song: We Ask for Milk like This with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Action Rhyme: Put Your Hands on Your Head with Theresa , action-rhyme storytime-videotheresa
Quieting Rhyme: Seven Days in a Week with Mary , , storytime-video quieting-rhyme2021 mary
Brief Flannel: Five Fast Rockets with Melody , storytime-video brief-flannelmelody
Brief Flannel: Five Green and Speckled Frogs with Evie , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 evie
Closing Song: Goodbye Friends with Angelina , storytime-video closing-songangelina
Pulgarcito with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Brief Flannel Story: Little Miss Muffet with Theresa , storytime-video brief-flanneltheresa
Flannel Story: Bluebird at My Window with Rose , storytime-video brief-flannelrose
Participatory Song: Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck with Tessa
, storytime-video participatory-songtessa
Participatory Song: One Bright Scarf with Melody

, , storytime-video participatory-song2021 melody
Fingerplay: Tres Pecesitos with Amelia
, , storytime-video fingerplay spanish-languageamelia
Welcome Welcome Everyone with Rose , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 rose
Baby Song: Yo Te Amo with Melody , , storytime-video baby-song2021 melody
Action Rhyme: The Farmer Plants the Seeds with Rose , action-rhyme storytime-videorose
Brief Storytelling: Little Boy Blue with Theresa , , storytime-video brief-storytelling2021 theresa
Participatory Song: Pimpón es un Muñeco with Amelia
, , , action-rhyme storytime-video participatory-song spanish-languageamelia
Baby Song: Ring around the Rosie with Evie , , storytime-video baby-song2021 evie
Fingerplay: Three Little Monkeys with Evie
, storytime-video fingerplayevie
Participatory Song: Bananas Unite! with Mary , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 mary
Tengo Una Muñeca Vestida De Azul with Amelia , , storytime-video spanish-language2021 amelia
Participatory Song: Standing Like a Tree with Angelina

, storytime-video participatory-songangelina
Baby Song: Rain is Falling Down with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Action Rhyme: Two Little Blackbirds with Angelina , action-rhyme storytime-videoangelina
Baby Song: A Smooth Road with Tessa , , storytime-video baby-song2021 tessa
Brief Flannel: We Dove In the Ocean with Melody , storytime-video brief-flannelmelody
Participatory Song: Popcorn Kernels with Whitney
, storytime-video participatory-songwhitney
Brief Flannel: Thanks a Lot with Angelina , , storytime-video brief-flannel2021 angelina
Quieting Rhyme: Open Shut Them with Tessa

, storytime-video quieting-rhymetessa
Brief Storytelling: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary with Rose , storytime-video brief-storytellingrose
Participatory Song: Lets Be Friends with One Another with Angelina , , storytime-video participatory-song2021 angelina
Fingerplay: Ten Fat Peas with Rose , storytime-video fingerplayrose
Fingerplay: Five Plump Peas with Marie , storytime-video fingerplaymarie
Participatory Song: I Had a Little Turtle with Melody , storytime-video participatory-songmelody
Brief Flannel: When Cows Get Up in the Morning with Tessa
, storytime-video brief-flanneltessa
Action Rhyme: Pat-a-Cake with Evie
, action-rhyme storytime-videoevie
Action Rhyme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Laurie , , action-rhyme storytime-video2021 laurie
Welcome Song: Wake Up Feet with Marie , , storytime-video welcome-song2021 marie
Brief Fingerplay: Here is a Bunny with Tessa
, storytime-video brief-storytellingtessa
Participatory Song: Plant a Little Seed with Rose , storytime-video participatory-songrose


We believe parents are a child’s first and best teacher. Our kits are filled with books, activities, and games for children and information for adults.

Early Literacy Kits (for ages birth through 5) help parents understand and use the five practices that help prepare children for literacy: Talking, Singing, Playing, Reading, and Writing. There are also two narrative storytelling kits that will develop early literacy skills through storytelling.

Preschool Theme Kits (for ages 3-5) let young children explore the world, and get ready for school. With themes like AnimalsWeather, and Colors, each kit includes books, toys or games, teaching resources, activities, songs and fingerplays, as well as a DVD or CD.

Since Time Immemorial Kits (for ages 2-8) were created specifically for residents of Whatcom County to improve knowledge and understanding of the local tribal nations.

The kit themes are modeled around and expand upon the early learning section of the “Since Time Immemorial” (STI) Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State curriculum developed through the Office of Native Education/Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  They include many books to read aloud as well as teaching resources, videos, cds, puppets and locally produced stories and photos.


Featured Event

Dog Day Afternoons

Dog Day Afternoons

Cuddle up with a good book and read to a canine friend from the Whatcom Humane Society. Choose your half-hour between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. and read once a week for two weeks. Must be able to read with minimal help. Space is limited; registration is required. To register, call the Everson Library at (360) 966-5100.