Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt by George Hart

Ancient Egypt For many people, nothing is as fascinating as the culture and practices of the ancient Egyptians. Learn how mummies were made, discover the secrets of the pyramids, and explore every-day life through the objects they left behind!

The Magic of Seasons

The Magic of Seasons by Vicky Woodgate

The Magic of Seasons Everyone knows there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. But did you know some places in the world have only two seasons? Or that there are other seasons called wet and dry? How about why there are seasons at all? Follow Mimi the cat through this book and you’ll … Read more

There’s No Ham in Hamburgers

There's No Ham in Hamburgers by Kim Zachman; Peter Donnelly

There’s No Ham in Hamburgers When author Kim Zachman had trouble finding the real reason burgers are called hamburgers, she was inspired to write this book. From potato chips and ice cream, to chicken fingers and chocolate, there’s yummy (and funny) stories about the foods we love to eat. Reading this book is the next … Read more

Music and How It Works

Music and How It Works by Charlie Morland; David Humphries

Music and How It Works Morland’s book shares so much about music – how animals react to music, why it makes us feel good, how to write a song, set up a recording studio, and much more. There are even playlist examples for every topic. It really is a complete guide!

Comeback Kids

Comeback Kids by Aubre Andrus

Comeback Kids Inspiring true stories of animals able to overcome their challenges and end up in outrageously loving adoptive homes. Beautiful color photos are included in the center of the book.

X-ray Me!

X-ray Me! by Felicitas Horstschäfer; Johannes Vogt

X-ray Me! Have you ever wondered what the inside of your body looks like? This book lets you take a peek and discover what is inside. Hold the book up to your body and see where it all falls into place.

Seen and Unseen

Seen and Unseen by Elizabeth Partridge

Seen and Unseen This fascinating account of three photographers’ images of the Manzanar Concentration Camp examines America’s troubled history of Japanese American incarceration and asks important questions about historical documentation.