Flora & Ulysses

Flora & Ulysses I love to hear books read to me as well as read them myself. This one is SO fun, and funny. A squirrel has a near-death experience and gets amazing superpowers! Flora rescues the squirrel and he rescues her in return.

The Big Dark

The Big Dark This kids adventure chapter book is fun for all ages! A solar storm shuts off all motors in the whole world. What could happen? Will people be kind or greedy? A young boy makes a life saving decision. Great read.


Mythologica An explosion of rocking illustrations by UK musician Victoria Topping! This oversize book highlighting the characters in Greek myths is in the kids area, but is suitable for anyone. My favorite is the 100-eyed monster, yowza!


Swap! Delightful picture book, using minimal words, showing how a pirate and his sidekick trade their way up to a like- new repaired ship! Fun illustrations of the town and it’s people.

The Silver Button

The Silver Button So much happens in just an instant. This picture book offers a distinct sensory experience of the broad depth of a single moment of life, expanding your mind outward to include almost the whole world, in just one instant. A great thinking book with delightful illustrations.

Where is the Green Sheep?

Where is the Green Sheep? Such a fun read-aloud book for preschoolers! Full of contrasts with silly illustrations of happy-go-lucky sheep of every color and occupation, as you wander through the book searching for that elusive green sheep. Illustrations by famed cartoonist Judy Horacek, this is a great Australian collaboration; always a big hit.

The Obstinate Pen

The Obstinate Pen A quirky, cartoon-illustrated story about a pen with a mind of its own, who tends to write only rude (but truthful) things. It makes all readers laugh at the unexpected antics and follies of humanity, in a whimsical way.

The End

The End Terrific fairytale mash-up picture book, great for narrative story skill development, this story starts at the end and goes backwards to the start. Funny, full of detailed illustrations, it’s a book to re-read from the back to the front as soon as you “finish”.

Voices in the Air

Voices in the Air A teen/tween magical book of poems and short short writings. Each a treat to dip in and consume. Silky and smooth on the tongue, a mixture of light, deep, poignant, reflective and honoring poet’s who were.