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Storytime themes, from ABC to Zoo, with books, fingerplays, felt stories and Toddlers Specials.

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Gooseberry GooseFreedman, Claire …Ducks & Geese, Fall, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes
Growing Vegetable SoupEhlert, Lois …Fall, Food, Growing Things, I Can Do It, Spring, Storytime Themes, Summer
Grandma Rabbitty’s VisitSmith, BarryFamily, Rabbits, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!, Waiting
It Looked Like Spilt MilkShaw, Charles …Shapes, Storytime Themes, Wind & Clouds
Little Mouse and the Big CupcakeTaylor, ThomasFood, Friends, I Can Do It, Mice, Sharing, Storytime Themes
Chicka Chicka Boom BoomMartin, Bill …ABC, Storytime Themes
One Fox A Counting Book ThrillerRead, Kate …Chickens, Counting, Wild Animals
PouchStein, David …Babies, Family, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Good Night OwlPizzoli, Greg …Owls, Sleep
I Just Want to Say Good NightIsadora, Rachel …Family, Sleep, Storytime Themes
Color CatsFelt Story …Cats, Colors, Storytime Themes
Five Little ChickensFelt Story …Chickens, Counting, Farms, Storytime Themes
Hush Little AlienFelt Story …Outer Space, Silly, Storytime Themes
Kitty Wore Her Red ShirtFelt Story …Cats, Clothing, Colors, Storytime Themes
This Little TrainFelt Story …Colors, Storytime Themes, Trains
When Cow (or Ducks) Get Up in the MorningFelt Story …Farms, Storytime Themes
Thanksgiving RulesFriedman, Laurie …Family, Food, Storytime Themes
Today Is MondayCarle, Eric …Food, Storytime Themes
This Is the TurkeyLevine, Abby …Family, Food, Storytime Themes
DotIntriago, Patricia …Opposites, Shapes, Storytime Themes
Color ZooEhlert, Lois …Colors, Shapes, Storytime Themes
Shades of PeopleRotner, Shelley …Colors, Storytime Themes
BlocksDickson, Irene …Colors, Sharing, Storytime Themes
Cat’s ColorsCabrera, Jane …Cats, Colors, Storytime Themes
Not Quite Black and WhiteYing, Jonathan …Colors, Storytime Themes
Fall Is Not EasyKelley, Marty …Fall, Storytime Themes
The Busy Little SquirrelTafuri, Nancy …Fall, Storytime Themes
Leaf ManEhlert, Lois …Fall, Storytime Themes, Traveling
Boo to You!Ehlert, Lois …Cats, Fall, Mice, Storytime Themes
Pumpkin Time!Deak, Erzsi …Fall, Farms, Growing Things, Storytime Themes
Turkey FeathersFelt Story …Birds, Colors, Fall, Storytime Themes
Bluebird Through My WindowFelt Story …Birds, Colors, Storytime Themes
Dream FriendsByun, You …Friends, Imaginary Creatures, Playing, Storytime Themes
Strictly No ElephantsMantchev, Lisa …Elephants, Feelings, Friends, Pets, Storytime Themes
Ella Sarah Gets DressedChodos-Irvine, Margaret …Clothing, Dress-Up
How to Dress A DragonGodin, Thelma …Clothing, Dress-Up, Silly, Storytime Themes
Animals Should Definitely Not Wear ClothingBarrett, Judi …All Mixed Up, Clothing, Dress-Up, Silly, Storytime Themes
MamasaurusLomp, Stephan …Dinosaurs, Family, Lost & Found, Storytime Themes
Dinosaur vs. BedtimeShea, Bob …Dinosaurs, Storytime Themes
How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?Yolen, Jane …Dinosaurs, Storytime Themes
One FamilyShannon, George …Counting, Family, Storytime Themes
So MuchCooke, Trish …Babies, Birthdays, Family, Storytime Themes
Kitchen DanceManning, Maurie …Dance, Family, Storytime Themes
My Many Colored DaysSeuss Link …Colors, Days of the Week, Feelings, Storytime Themes
Joseph Had A Little OvercoatTaback, Simms …Clothing, Storytime Themes
Pete the Cat I Love My White ShoesDean, James …Cats, Colors, Storytime Themes
Little Big GirlKeane, Claire …Babies, Family, Growing Things, Storytime Themes
One MondayHuntington, Amy …Fall, Farms, Rain, Storytime Themes, Wind & Clouds
Maisy’s PoolCousins, LucyMice, Storytime Themes, Summer
A Kitten TaleRohmann, Eric …Cats, Snow & Winter, Storytime Themes
RainStojic, ManyaRain, Senses, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
15 Things Not to Do with a BabyMcAllister, Margaret …Babies, Brother & Sister, Storytime Themes
Hoot and PeepJudge, Lita …Brother & Sister, I Can Do It, Owls, Storytime Themes
Jazz BabyWheeler, Lisa …Babies, Dance, Family, Storytime Themes
Elizabeti’s DollStuve-Bodeen, Stephanie …Around the World, Babies, Lost & Found, Names, Storytime Themes
This is Our Baby, Born TodayBajaj, Varsha …Around the World, Babies, Elephants, Family, Our Earth, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Mama Has Three KittensFleming, Denise …Babies, Cats, Storytime Themes
Roar Of A SnoreArnold, Marsha …Cats, Family, Sleep, Storytime Themes
I See KittySurovec, Yasmine …Cats, Pets, Storytime Themes
Blue EthelReinhardt, Jennifer …Cats, Colors, Friends, Storytime Themes
Can You Make a Piggy Giggle?Ashman, LindaFarms, Silly, Storytime Themes
Hey Mr. Choo-choo, Where Are You Going?Wickberg, SusanStorytime Themes, Trains, Traveling, Vroom! Vroom!
EggHenkes, Kevin …Babies, Birds, Storytime Themes, Surprise
Everybunny Count!Sandall, Ellie …Counting, Friends, Playing, Storytime Themes, Surprise
Sleepy BirdTankard, Jeremy …Birds, Feelings, Friends, Sleep, Storytime Themes
Have You Head the Nesting Bird?Gray, Rita …Babies, Birds, Storytime Themes
Hooray for Birds!Cousins, Lucy …Birds, Storytime Themes
Potato JoeBaker, Keith …Counting, Food, Storytime Themes
Click, Clack, Moo Cows That TypeCronin, Doreen …Farms, Silly, Storytime Themes
Where Is the Green Sheep?Fox, Mem …Farms, Silly, Storytime Themes
Duck On a BikeShannon, David …Ducks & Geese, Farms, Silly, Storytime Themes
The Cow Who CluckedFleming, Denise …Farms, Lost & Found, Storytime Themes
Tuck Me In!Hacohen, Dean …Sleep, Storytime Themes
Tiny Little RocketCollingridge, Richard …Adventure, Outer Space, Storytime Themes
Life On MarsAgee, John …Outer Space, Silly, Storytime Themes
Green Wilma, Frog in SpaceArnold, Tedd …Adventure, Frogs, Outer Space, Storytime Themes
Good Night Like ThisMurphy, Mary …Night, Sleep, Storytime Themes
Twenty YawnsSmiley, Jane …Night, Sleep, Storytime Themes
Maisy’s BedtimeCousins, Lucy …Sleep, Storytime Themes
Maisy Goes on VacationCousins, Lucy …Storytime Themes, Trains, Traveling
Meeow and the Little ChairsBraun, Sebastien …Colors, Storytime Themes, Trains, Vroom! Vroom!
Some PetsDiTerlizzi, Angela …Cats, Dogs, Pets, Storytime Themes
What Pet to Get?Dodd, Emma …Dogs, Pets, Storytime Themes
I Got a New FriendEdwards, Karl …Dogs, Feelings, Friends, Lost & Found, Pets, Storytime Themes
Inch by Inch: The Garden SongMallett, David …Growing Things, Storytime Themes
Night AnimalsMarino, Gianna …Night, Storytime Themes, Surprise, Wild Animals
Listen to the RainMartin Jr, …Rain, Storytime Themes
Ten Little CaterpillarsMartin Jr, …Bugs, Counting, Storytime Themes
T is for TerribleMcCarty, Peter …Dinosaurs, Silly, Storytime Themes
Bear Snores OnWilson, Karma …Bears, Feelings, Food, Friends, Snow & Winter, Storytime Themes
Blueberries for SalMcCloskey, Robert …Bears, Food, Storytime Themes, Summer
Sleepyhead BearPeters, Lisa …Bears, Bugs, Storytime Themes
There’s A Bear on My ChairCollins, Ross …Bears, Feelings, Mice, Storytime Themes
Where Bear?Henn, Sophy …Bears, Friends, Growing Things, Storytime Themes
Bear’s ScareGrant, Jacob …Bears, Feelings, Friends, Storytime Themes
Tanka Tanka SkunkWebb, Steve …Dance, Storytime Themes
Chugga-Chugga Choo-ChooLewis, Kevin …Adventure, Night, Storytime Themes, Trains, Vroom! Vroom!
You Are (Not) SmallKang, Anna …Opposites, Storytime Themes
Lemons Are Not RedSeeger, Laura …Colors, Storytime Themes
Shhh! This Book is SleepingRamadier, Cedric …Night, Storytime Themes
The Whale in the Swimming PoolWan, Joyce …Ocean, Storytime Themes, Summer
I Will Not Eat YouLehrhaupt, Adam …Friends, Imaginary Creatures, Playing, Storytime Themes
Little PenguinsRylant, Cynthia …Birds, Snow & Winter, Storytime Themes
Stanley’s StoreBee, Willam …Food, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
No Hugs for PorcupineWaring, Zoe …Feelings, Friends, Storytime Themes
Pizza DayIwai, Melissa …Food, Growing Things, Storytime Themes, Summer, Waiting
Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!Prop Just …City, Pigs, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!Odanaka, Barbara …City, Pigs, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Big BookColors, Senses, Storytime Themes
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Felt StoryColors, Senses, Storytime Themes
How to Find a FoxMagruder, Nilah …I Can Do It, Lost & Found, Storytime Themes, Surprise, Waiting
Bear is SleepingAction Rhyme …Bears, Sleep, Spring, Storytime Themes
I Went WalkingWilliams, Sue …Colors, Farms, Senses, Storytime Themes
Bear’s FeastFelt Story …Bears, Fall, Food, Storytime Themes
The Soup is Boiling UpAction Rhyme …Food, Growing Things, Storytime Themes
Snakes on a TrainDennis, Kathryn …Storytime Themes, Trains, Vroom! Vroom!
Shapes, Reshape!Borando, Silvia …Counting, Shapes, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Grandma’s Tiny HouseBrown-Wood, JaNay …Counting, Family, Food, Homes, Sharing, Storytime Themes, Summer
I’m a DuckBunting, Eve …Ducks & Geese, Feelings, I Can Do It, Spring, Storytime Themes
Cat WishesBrill, Calista …Cats, Homes, Lost & Found, Pets, Storytime Themes
A Hippy-Hoppy ToadArcher, Peggy …Adventure, Frogs, Storytime Themes
Fox and the Bike RideTabor, Corey …Adventure, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Strong as a BearStangl, Katrin …Feelings, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes
Hungry BunnyRueda, Claudia …Fall, Food, Rabbits, Storytime Themes
If You Plant a SeedNelson, Kadir …Friends, Growing Things, Sharing, Storytime Themes
Niblet and RalphOhora, Zachariah …Cats, Friends, Lost & Found, Pets, Storytime Themes
Zebra on the GoNogales, Jill …Friends, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals, Zoo
Welcome Home, BearNa, Il …Bears, Homes, Senses, Storytime Themes, Traveling, Wild Animals
Bear Came AlongMorris, Richard …Adventure, Bears, Friends, Storytime Themes, Surprise, Wild Animals
Martí y el mangoMoreton, Daniel …Bilingual, Food, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Pet This BookYoung, Jessica …Pets, Storytime Themes
Thank You, Omu!Mora, Oge …City, Food, Friends, Senses, Sharing, Storytime Themes, Thank You
Hey, Hey, Hay!Mihaly, Christy …Farms, Growing Things, Storytime Themes, Summer, Vroom! Vroom!
The Day You BeginWoodson, Jacqueline …Feelings, Friends, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes
Who Eats Orange?White, Dianne …Colors, Food, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Mouse CountWalsh, Ellen …Counting, Mice, Storytime Themes
The Super Hungry DinosaurWaddell, Martin …Dinosaurs, Food, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes
Buster and the BabyHest, Amy …Babies, Dogs, Pets, Playing, Storytime Themes, Waiting
This Is the Nest That Robin BuiltFleming, Densie …Birds, Homes, Spring, Storytime Themes
Crunch the Shy DinosaurDunlap, Cirocco …Dinosaurs, Feelings, Storytime Themes
AnimalphabetDonaldson, Julia …ABC, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
How Do You Say? ¿Cómo se dice?Dominguez, Angela …Bilingual, Friends, Storytime Themes
Fire Engine ManZimmerman, Andrea …Brother & Sister, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
How Are You? ¿Cómo estás?Dominguez, Angela …Bilingual, Feelings, Friends, Storytime Themes
Some PetsDiTerlizzi, Angela …Pets, Storytime Themes
BubblesChase, Kit …Feelings, Friends, Playing, Storytime Themes
Jabari JumpsCornwall, Gaia …I Can Do It, Storytime Themes, Summer
Splish, Splash, Ducky!Cousins, Lucy …Ducks & Geese, Playing, Rain, Storytime Themes
Waiting for GoliathDamm, Antje …Bears, Friends, Storytime Themes, Waiting
What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive?Lee, Mark …Dinosaurs, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
I’m the Best!Kitzing, Constanze …Brother & Sister, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Little Wolf’s First HowlingKvasnosky, Laura …I Can Do It, Night, Storytime Themes
Step by StepLeedy, Loreen …Babies, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
We’ve Got the Whole World in Our HandsLópez, Raphael …Our Earth, Storytime Themes
There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the LakeLong, Loren …Bugs, Frogs, Storytime Themes
The Seals on the BusHort, Lenny …Silly, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!, Wild Animals
I Just Want to Say Good NightIsadora, Rachel …Around the World, Night, Sleep, Storytime Themes
The HoneybeeHall, Kirsten …Bugs, Our Earth, Spring, Storytime Themes, Summer
ColorsRotner, Shelley …Colors, Our Earth, Storytime Themes
Firefly HomeClarke, Jane …Bugs, Homes, Lost & Found, Night, Storytime Themes, Summer
Strictly No ElephantsMantchev, Lisa …Elephants, Friends, Pets, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
Home is a WindowLedyard, Stephanie …Family, Homes, Storytime Themes
The Peculiar PigSteuerwald, Joy …Dogs, Family, I Can Do It, Pigs, Storytime Themes
Great Job, Mom!Wang, Holman …Family, I Love You, Storytime Themes
Great Job, Dad!Wang, Holman …Family, I Love You, Storytime Themes
WingsKlein, Cheryl …Birds, I Can Do It, Spring, Storytime Themes
Some BugsDiTerlizzi, Angela …Bugs, Our Earth, Storytime Themes
Honk! Splat! Vroom!Gott, Barry …Ducks & Geese, I Can Do It, Mice, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Tiger Days: A Book of FeelingsClark, M.H. …Feelings, Storytime Themes, Wild Animals
I Really Want to See You, GrandmaGomi, Taro …Family, Lost & Found, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
The Rabbit ListenedDoerrfeld, Cori …Feelings, Friends, I Can Do It, Storytime Themes
Bruno, the Standing CatRobert, Nadine …All Mixed Up, Cats, Pets, Silly, Storytime Themes
Would You Rather Be a Princess or a Dragon?Saltzberg, Barney …Imaginary Creatures, Opposites, Storytime Themes
You Hold Me UpSmith, Monique …Family, Friends, I Love You, Storytime Themes
The Patchwork BikeClarke, Maxine …Around the World, Brother & Sister, I Can Do It, Playing, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
A Good Day For A HatFuller, T. …Bears, Birthdays, Dress-Up, Hats, Storytime Themes, Surprise
Vroom!McClintock, Barbara …Adventure, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Where Are You From?Mendez, Yamile …Family, Storytime Themes
Grumpy PantsMesser, Claire …Baths, Clothing, Feelings, Storytime Themes
Allie All AlongReul, Sarah …Brother & Sister, Colors, Feelings
How to TwoSoman, David …Counting, Friends, Playing, Storytime Themes
One Shoe Two ShoesHart, Caryl …Clothing, Counting, Mice, Storytime Themes
The Carrot SeedKrauss, Ruth …Growing Things, I Can Do It, Spring, Storytime Themes, Summer
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Martin Jr., …Colors, Senses, Storytime Themes
BobPearson, Tracey …All Mixed Up, Chickens, Farms, Storytime Themes
Blue Rabbit and FriendsWormell, Christopher …Homes, Rabbits, Storytime Themes
Big Fat HenBaker, Keith …Chickens, Counting, Storytime Themes
Bertie Was a WatchdogWalton, Rick …Dogs, Pets, Silly, Storytime Themes
The Beastly FeastGoldstone, Bruce …Food, Sharing, Storytime Themes
Bear Snores OnWilson, Karma …Bears, Night, Snow & Winter, Storytime Themes
Bear in SunshineBlackstone, Stella …Bears, Playing, Storytime Themes
Barnyard BanterFleming, Denise …Ducks & Geese, Farms, Storytime Themes
Baby Bird’s First NestAsch, Frank …Birds, Homes, Storytime Themes
The Baby Beebee BirdMassie, Diane …Sleep, Storytime Themes, Zoo
Astronaut PiggyWiggyFox, Christyan …Outer Space, Pigs, Storytime Themes
Animal MusicZiefert, Harriet …Dance, Storytime Themes
The Apple Pie TreeHall, Zoe …Fall, Food, Growing Things, Spring, Storytime Themes, Summer
All You Need for a BeachSchertle, Alice …Ocean, Storytime Themes, Summer
10 Little Rubber DucksCarle, Eric …Counting, Ducks & Geese, Ocean, Storytime Themes
Maisy Dresses UpCousins, Lucy …Dress-Up, Storytime Themes
Baby Goes To MarketAtinuke Link …Around the World, Babies, Counting, Food, Storytime Themes
Soft KittySoft kitty, …Cats, Storytime Themes
Z is for MooseBingham, Kelly …ABC, All Mixed Up, Silly, Storytime Themes
I Stink!McMullan, Kate …ABC, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Little Bear’s ValentineMinarik, Else …Bears, Friends, I Love You, Snow & Winter, Storytime Themes
Where Is Tippy Toes?Lewin, Betsy …Cats, Night, Pets, Storytime Themes, Summer
Carrot and PeaHood, Morag …Friends, Growing Things, Storytime Themes
Thank You, OctopusFarrell, Darren …Ocean, Sleep, Storytime Themes, Thank You
B is for BulldozerSobel, June …ABC, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Pilot PupsMeadows, Michelle …ABC, Storytime Themes, Vroom! Vroom!
Little Bitty MousieAlyesworth, Jim …ABC, Mice, Playing, Storytime Themes
The Very Hungry CaterpillarCarle, Eric …Bugs, Days of the Week, Food, Storytime Themes
The Very Busy SpiderCarle, Eric …Bugs, Farms, Storytime Themes
Old Black FlyAylesworthy, Jim …ABC, Bugs, Storytime Themes