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Book Buzz: Northwest Know-how: Beaches

Northwest Know-how: Beaches by Rena Priest Nature lovers and poetry enthusiasts have a couple of chances to meet a local treasure, Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest. Priest will be speaking about her latest book, “Northwest Know-How: Beaches” from 7-8:30 p.m. Friday, June 10 at Village Books in Bellingham as part of the spring “Nature of Writing” … Read more

Book Buzz: Orhan’s Inheritance

Orhan’s Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian Long before President Biden declared Russia’s Ukraine war “genocide,” and long before the word was first coined during World War II to describe Nazi Germany’s actions toward European Jews, the Ottoman Empire’s ruling Committee of Union and Progress systematically implemented the mass murder of approximately 1 million Armenians in what … Read more

Book Buzz: The Salt Fields

The Salt Fields by Stacy D. Flood In spare prose with haunting images, Stacy D. Flood’s novella, “The Salt Fields,” tells of a Black man’s train journey north, leaving South Carolina with its ghosts and grief for a fresh start in the northern steel mills. Set just after World War II during the beginning of … Read more

Book Buzz: Murder at the Mission

Murder at the Mission: A Frontier Killing, Its Legacy of Lies, and the Taking of the American West by Blaine Harden Whether you’re a “Whittie,” know someone who attended Whitman College, or have never heard about early Washington pioneer Marcus Whitman, you’ll still find much to learn by reading veteran journalist Blaine Harden’s deeply researched … Read more

National Library Week 2022: Connect with Your Library

National Library Week promotional image featuring Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon, multiple Emmy-nominated and Spirit Award-winning actress, comedian, and legendary Saturday Night Live cast member, will help celebrate our nation’s libraries as the honorary chair of National Library Week, April 3–9, 2022. Shannon will highlight the numerous ways libraries serve to connect communities to books, resources, programs, and, of course, each other.   “I am … Read more

Shop the Friends Online Bookstore to support local libraries and skip supply chain woes

Need gifts for the last few names on your list? Here’s a novel solution: the Friends of the Library Online Bookstore, You’ll find gently used and carefully curated books, CDs and DVDs plus your purchases will support local libraries. Volunteers from the Friends of the Blaine, Deming, Everson, Ferndale and Lynden libraries provide donated … Read more

Sevila’s Pick: Insiders by Mark Oshiro

The Insiders by Mark Oshiro

Insiders by Mark Oshiro The Insiders tells the story of three kids who don’t belong. They find and connect with each other through a secret room that shouldn’t exist. They all help each other with each of their problems in a magical school year that will change their lives forever.As a teen, I don’t read … Read more

Let’s Practice: August 23 – 27

THIS WEEK’S THEME: CELEBRATING DIVERSITY Monday: Let’s Practice Talking Children as young as 3 months start noticing differences in appearances. Early childhood is a great time to start pointing out the beauty in our differences. Practice looking at books and acknowledge the similarities and differences in characters but also show that you celebrate those differences. … Read more

Let’s Practice: August 16 – 20, 2021

THIS WEEK’S THEME: SUMMER Monday: Let’s Practice Talking Talk about your favorite summer things.  Are there things you like to do in the summer that you can’t do any other time of year? What is your favorite memory from this summer? What are your favorite summer foods? Do you like that the sun sets so … Read more