Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION/WHAT WE DO: Connect information, ideas, and community.

VISION/WHAT WE WANT AS A RESULT:  An engaged community where curiosity is cultivated, literacy flourishes, and democratic ideals thrive.

PURPOSE/WHY WE DO IT:  WCLS shares information to promote understanding, stories to cultivate empathy and spaces to support community.


PEOPLE: In our relationships with all patrons, staff and volunteers, we commit to:

*Kindness *Respect *Equity *Trust

COMMUNITY: As the meeting point for strangers, neighbors and friends, we believe in:

*Engagement *Connection *Partnerships *Understanding

CURIOSITY: With free, convenient access to a universe of information, we encourage:

*Reading *Intellectual Freedom *Learning *Growth

STEWARDSHIP: In our duty to the residents of Whatcom County, we undertake our work with:

*Responsibility *Innovation *Effectiveness *Sustainability