Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION: Connecting information, ideas, and community.

VISION:  An engaged community where curiosity is cultivated, literacy flourishes, and democratic ideals thrive.


  • PARTNERSHIP:Collaborations with community and other partners to create environments that cultivate community connections and serve as sanctuaries for curiosity, thinking, and free exchange of ideas.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE:Excellent customer service and an innovative organizational culture that supports staff and learning.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING:Discovery, inquiry, lifelong learning, and reading for pleasure, especially for children.
  • ACCESS:Free convenient access to a diverse collection of resources that supports popular interests and lifelong learning.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY:Confidentiality and personal choice in regard to individual use of our materials and services.
  • EFFICIENT OPERATIONS: Effective and efficient operations through measurement and evaluation of our plans, goals, objectives, and services, within the context of professional best practices and emerging technologies.
WCLS Mission, Vision, and Values