Library boycott of Macmillan eBooks

The Washington Digital Library Consortium (WDLC), of which Whatcom County Library System (WCLS) is a member, has voted to boycott Macmillan eBooks. In this effort, we join the library systems listed below who protest Macmillan’s inequitable new embargo on eBooks, and we invite other U.S. and Canadian libraries to join us.

Participating libraries

Alexandria Library, Alexandria, VA with 5 locations, serving 161,000 residents.

Arkansas Digital Library Consortium, AR, representing all 34 library systems in Arkansas serving 3.014 million residents.

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, Fulton County, GA, with 34 locations and serving the 1.036 million citizens of Fulton County and the City of Atlanta.

Berks County Library System, Berks County, PA representing 20 libraries, serving 400,000 residents.

Bucks County Free Library, Bucks County, PA, with seven locations, serving 628,000 residents.

Cedar Rapids Public Library, Cedar Rapids, IA, with two locations, serving 132,000 residents.

Chesterfield County Public Library, Chesterfield County, VA with 11 locations serving 349,000 residents.

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, OH, in partnership with 18 other libraries in the Digital Downloads Collaboration. CML was one of the top 25 U.S. libraries by eMaterial purchases in 2017.

Des Moines Public Library, Des Moines, IA, with six locations, serving 218,000 residents.

Estes Valley Library, Estes Park, CO, with one location serving 12,000 residents.

Fairfax County Public Library, Fairfax County, VA, with 23 branches serving 1.151 million residents. Fairfax County was one of the top 30 U.S. libraries by eMaterial purchases in 2017.

Houston Public Library, Houston, TX, with 44 locations serving 2.313 million residents.

King County Library System, King County, WA, representing 50 library branches in Washington State, serving 1.5 million residents. KCLS circulated more eBooks and eAudiobooks than any other U.S. library in 2018.

Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium, NJ, representing 33 library systems in New Jersey.

Luzerne County Library, Luzerne County, PA, with ten participating library systems and 320,000 residents.

Monroe County Library System, near Rochester, NY, including the libraries of sixteen towns, two villages, a school district and the City of Rochester. It serves 744,000 residents.

Multnomah County Library, based in Portland, OR, with 22 locations, serving 812,000 residents. Read the press release here. Multnomah County was one of the top 15 U.S. libraries by eMaterial purchases in 2017.

Napa Valley Unified School District libraries, Napa, CA, serving 16,750 students.

Nashville Public Library, Nashville, TN, representing 21 library branches in Tennessee’s capital city, serving 1.5 million residents.

Nassau Library System, Nassau County, NY, with 54 member libraries, serving 1.358 million residents.

New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA, with 14 locations, serving 391,000 residents.

Omaha Public Library, Omaha NE, serving the City of Omaha and Douglas County with 12 locations and 562,000 residents.

Public Libraries of Suffolk County, NY, Suffolk County, NY, with 55 member libraries serving 1.481 million residents.

Roanoke County Public Library, Roanoke County, VA, with 6 locations serving 94,000 residents.

Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA, with 28 branches serving 501,000 residents. Sacramento Public Library was in the top 25 libraries by ePurchases in 2017.

San Jose Public Library, San Jose, CA with 25 locations serving 1.030 million residents.

Somerset County Library System, Somerset County, NJ with 12 branches serving 330,000 residents. It describes its rationale for the boycott here.

Sutter County Library, Sutter County, CA with 3 locations serving 97,000 residents.

Timberland Regional Library, 5 counties in Washington State, with 27 locations, serving over 500,000 residents.

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka and Shawnee County, KS, serving 177,000 residents.

Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach, VA, with 10 locations serving 450,000 residents.

Washington Digital Library Consortium, 21 counties in Washington State, representing 45 libraries and serving 820,000 residents.

Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, serving the 5.814 million residents of the state of Wisconsin with the Wisconsin Digital Library. Details here.

Yolo County Library, Yolo County, CA, representing 9 libraries serving 220,000 residents.