Let’s Practice – September 6 – September 10


Let's Practice Talking

Monday: Let’s Practice Talking

Describe the process of how things grow. What can you grow? What does it need to grow? While cooking together, ask your child(ren) what ingredients you have. Does it come from a tree? A bush? Is it pulled from the ground?

Let's Practice Singing

Tuesday: Let’s Practice Singing

Sing “Bananas Unite” with Mary from the South Whatcom Library 

Let's Practice Reading

Wednesday: Let’s Practice Reading

Read The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin to see how the plants we grow can turn into delicious food.

Let's Practice Writing

Thursday: Let’s Practice Writing

Draw your favorite vegetables and fruits. How many colors do you see?

Let's Practice Playing

Friday: Let’s Practice Playing

Act out the story of the Great Enormous Turnip or your own garden/farm story. Can you pretend to pull the turnip out of the ground? Do we need more help from our farm friends?