eRead of the Month: ONE TO WATCH

by Kate Stayman-London.

Through the lens of a popular reality TV competition show, ONE TO WATCH explores themes of belonging, acceptance and love, with complex characters you can’t help but root for. This snappy novel asks big questions, but it’s also incredibly fun – perfect for spring reading!

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Mary Kinser talks about ONE TO WATCH

Questions and Prompts for Readers

Question 1:

ONE TO WATCH is part of an increasingly popular genre of books: contemporary romantic comedies. These books tend to be more lighthearted in tone than other romances, but can be every bit as complex. With their bright covers and interesting plots, rom-coms are a can’t-miss fave of many readers.

TELL US: What are some of your favorite rom-com books or movies?

Right now, check out the eBook & eAudio of ONE TO WATCH with NO WAIT if you have a WCLS library card. Get started reading today & share your thoughts with us all month long!

Question 2:

Let’s talk about reality for a second – more specifically, the “reality” of social media and competition shows.

In ONE TO WATCH, Bea’s career as a fashion blogger already has her in the public eye when she decides to join the cast of matchmaking show Main Squeeze. Her experience on TV makes Bea’s personal life much more public, though, something Bea isn’t always happy with.

TELL US: If you had the opportunity to go on a reality TV show – would you take it?

Go behind the scenes of Main Squeeze by reading ONE TO WATCH with us in April. All month, you can check out the eBook or eAudiobook with NO WAIT if you have a WCLS library card. Check it out today!

Question 3:

A big theme throughout ONE TO WATCH is image and representation. While Bea is a devoted viewer of Main Squeeze, she also has serious issues with the lack of diversity in contestants, and it’s her criticism that leads her to become the show’s first plus-sized contestant.

TELL US: How do you think reality TV shows like this should approach the subject of casting?

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Question 4:

Happy endings are an expectation of competition shows like Main Squeeze, as they are for so many forms of entertainment. But for Bea, a happy ending is more than a trip down the aisle. Instead, it’s fulfillment in herself and a sense of belonging in her own life.

TELL US: Have you ever felt pressure for a specific kind of “happy ever after”? How can we as a society support one another to find our own unique versions of happiness?

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