Whatcom Art Guild: Out the Window

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Out the Window

During quarantine, we had to simplify our lives to be more home-centered. Looking out our windows became a substitute for participating in the events that made up the fabric of our everyday lives — from attending art shows and public events, to eating dinner out and traveling to new destinations. What have you been doing as we all look “Out the Window”?

No matter what you may dream up, we hope you will share what has been important to you during these last few months by including a short narrative to accompany an artwork of yours that is relevant to the challenge.

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* Only art created this year (2020) will be eligible.
* Include a short narrative explaining your piece.
* Email .jpg of your art and narrative to Joyce Norfolk at studiogals@aol.com by July 14
* Only active Whatcom Art Guild (WAG) members may submit. Learn more about WAG on our website.

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Whatcom County community organizations are inviting local residents to submit their personal COVID-19 stories by launching the county-wide project, Peoples’ Perspectives: COVID-19 in Whatcom County. The goal is to preserve and share the experiences of those within our community by connecting us during this historic time.

WAG intends to answer their request by forwarding them some of our members’ artwork. If your work is selected, we will contact you for permission to share your story prior to submission to the Peoples’ Perspectives project.