Summer Reading Ideas

Looking for some guidance as you choose what to read this summer? Here are some ideas to get you going. Pick and choose, or go off on your own. It’s all good. Remember, your reading belongs to you.

READ THE ALPHABET: Choose a book for each letter of the alphabet, author or title.

READ YOUR AGE: Fill your card with books published the year you were born.

READ RECOMMENDATIONS: Ask different people to choose for you, and put the recommender’s name and the title in each stepping stone.  Or choose from our Staff Picks.

READ AUDIOBOOKS: Fill your card with listening.

READ PODCASTS: Sample different podcasts and subscribe to your favorites. Start out with WCLS’s own Library Stories

READ THE WWU CLC: Read through the works of the authors, illustrators (and audiobook narrator!) coming to the 2021 Western Washington University Children’s Literature Conference.

READ WHATCOM COUNTY: Visit every WCLS location and at every stop pick up a book or three that catch your eye.

READ THE PURA BELPRÉ: On this 25th anniversary year of the Pura Belpré Award honoring books for young people that celebrate the Latino experience, start with the 2021 recognees.

READ THE RADIO: Check out the suggestions from NPR’s Book Concierge.

READ THE KITCHEN: Fill your card with Cook Books.

READ THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Read the WCLS eRead of the Month with friends and neighbors.

READ READER TO READER: Follow what the teens of Whatcom County are recommending through our Reader to Reader initiative.

READ AGAINST RACISM: Dig into all of the Resources your librarians have pulled together to combat racism.

READ TOGETHER: Join a Book Club, or start one of your own, and fill your cards with things you read together.

READ THE WORLD: Fill your card with book published in other countries and/or translated from different languages.

READ PICTURE BOOKS: Immerse yourself in the undeniable magic of picture books, no matter your age.

READ THE RAINBOW: Fill your card with books that have a color in the title.

For even more ideas, talk to the staff at your local library. We love nothing better than talking books with you!

drawing of hands holding books in air