Let’s Practice: August 22-28


Let's Practice Talking

Monday: Let’s Practice Talking

Children as young as 3 months start noticing differences in appearances. Early childhood is a great time to start pointing out the beauty in our differences. Practice looking at books and acknowledge the similarities and differences in characters but also show that you celebrate those differences. Example: “Wow, look at all the different people with difference skin tones. They are all so beautiful. Do you like your skin tone?”

Let's Practice Singing

Tuesday: Let’s Practice Singing

Try singing in other languages. Young children’s brains are especially adept at language learning. Exposing kids to new sounds shows them that there is diversity everywhere. Don’t worry too much about pronunciation. Give it a try it with “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.”

Let's Practice Reading

Wednesday: Let’s Practice Reading

There is equal value in reading books that are like a mirror to yourself (reflect your appearance or experience) and in reading books that are windows to lives that are not like your own. A good book for celebrating diversity is All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold.

Let's Practice Writing

Thursday: Let’s Practice Writing

Try drawing a self-portrait and describing different things about yourself in a positive way. Try drawing someone else too–maybe a family member or a friendly neighbor.

Let's Practice Playing

Friday: Let’s Practice Playing

Have a dance party with kids’ music from around the world. Putumayo Kids albums or Youtube videos may inspire you to explore new cultures.