Changes in Kanopy Streaming Video Take Effect Nov. 1

On Nov. 1, 2023, Kanopy changed from a “credit” system to a “ticket” system. Each month, patrons will receive 30 tickets instead of 10 movie credits. (Note: Kanopy Kids still does not require credits or tickets. You can watch unlimited Kanopy Kids videos as before.) 

Kanopy screenshot showing how a movie costs 2 tickets and is available for 72 hours days
This movie uses 2 tickets and you have 72 hours to watch it

Movies and series will require tickets (often just two tickets for a feature film or documentary and 5 for a season of a series) rather than credits. Each video’s preview page will display how many tickets are required and how long you have access to watch the video without using new tickets.  

For series videos, you will see how many tickets and how long you have access to watch an entire season of the series.  

Collection Services Manager Lisa Gresham says, “We expect that patrons will appreciate the clarity and transparency that will come with this new tracking method. And we are always here to help and answer questions.” 

Kanopy screenshot showing how a series costs 5 tickets and is available for 14 days
This series season uses 5 tickets and you have 14 days to watch it

You can find more information at the Kanopy website at  

Or stop by your library and our staff will help you with questions about the changes to Kanopy’s system.