WCLS Community Survey Results Print
Mother and daughter holding a bookMany thanks to the 844 of you who took the WCLS Survey during the month of May.  The results speak loudly and are included in the research results used to develop our focus and priorities for the library’s strategic plan and future.

Top 3 services WCLS should focus on in the next 3 years (from the Community Survey):

  1. Woman picking up materials on holdProvide materials and programs to help people satisfy curiosity and promote lifelong learning
  2. Create young readers by offering programs and services to foster early literacy from birth to age five
  3. Promote literacy to providing adults and teens with the resources to learn to read and write

Library staff were also asked to identify focus areas for the future using the Public Library Association’s Service Responses. PLA Service Responses are what a library does for, or offers to the public in an effort to meet community needs.

Top 4 PLA Service Responses Identified by WCLS Staff:

  1. Create young readers
  2. Connect to the online world
  3. Know your community
  4. Visit a convenient and comfortable place (tied with #3)

The WCLS Community Survey asked how you used library services offered on the library’s website and accessed from outside of library:

  • Renewed, found or ordered a book or other item (580)
  • Obtained general information such as library hours, location, services and programs (429)
  • Downloaded an audiobook, eBook or video (180)
  • Accessed online Library materials such as newspapers, magazines or academic journals (136)
  • Obtained homework help for myself or for a child (30)

Lastly, here are the top 10 ways you have used the library in the past year (in descending order of frequency):

  • Reading in a newly designed spaceBorrowed printed books (781)
  • Browsed book displays (587)
  • Borrowed DVDs (580)
  • Requested materials from other Libraries (560)
  • Obtained a librarian's help to find information or materials (458)
  • Borrowed CDs (444)
  • Read Newspapers or magazines in the library (363)
  • Used Library computers (345)
  • Borrowed audiobooks (311)
  • Got information from the Library's printed or online resources (305)

Whatcom County Library System is YOUR library. Your input through this survey, the community search conference, and interviews of key community leaders, coupled with the library’s research, provides a clear direction for the future of library services in Whatcom County.

Joan Airoldi, Director