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You may be looking for a job just like the one you had. But a lot of people find that the
economy has made it hard to find the same kind of job. You may need to learn some new skills
and maybe even change careers. The library has databases that can help.

Find books from the library about Retraining for a new Job.


Job seekers can explore career choices, assess likes, abilities and strengths, research specific job salaries, and map a career path or practice certification tests for a variety of vocations.

Learn a new language - for free.


Our Careers, Education and Testing web page includes links to many career-related websites, schools, and financial aid information.

State-run worker retraining programs in Whatcom County

Goodwill offers free computer and ESL classes, free job training programs, and free education and services for job-seekers.

Whatcom Life Transitions Program helps people who have lost their primary income become self-sufficient.

Whatcom Literacy Council offers free one-on-one tutoring and classes that can help you develop your reading and writing skills.


This list of jobs that are in demand (or in decline) in the local area is generated every year based on actual job openings, unemployment in the field, and expected job growth. The amount of money you can expect to earn locally for each job is also listed.


A career planning website designed for people who want to find a job that will use similar skills to their previous work. The site also shows you jobs that are growing in demand.

A Career OneStop has many resources for finding a new career path. Find a job that uses your existing skills, or find out how to improve your skills so that you can find work.