Book Buzz: Orhan’s Inheritance

Orhan’s Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian Long before President Biden declared Russia’s Ukraine war “genocide,” and long before the word was first coined during World War II to describe Nazi Germany’s actions toward European Jews, the Ottoman Empire’s ruling Committee of Union and Progress systematically implemented the mass murder of approximately 1 million Armenians in what … Read more

Nova’s Pick: Roll With It by Jamie Sumner

Roll With It by Sumner, Jamie

Roll With It by Jamie Sumner Nova’s Pick: Told from the perspective of Ellie, a twelve year old girl with CP, Roll With It is an inspiring book that shines light on young people who use wheelchairs. Ellie has lived alone with her mum for as long as she can remember. But when her grandpa … Read more

Rachel’s Pick: Red Scare by Liam Francis Walsh

Red Scare by Walsh, Liam Francis

Red Scare by Liam Francis Walsh Rachel’s Pick: Peggy is a young girl who suffers from polio, making it extremely difficult to walk, even with assistance. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only issue she has to face. At home, she has a father who has PTSD from the Korean war. At school, she endures constant bullying … Read more