Test Form with Limits

I have set the limit for submissions to 2 for ease of use on this test page. The notifications come to me (Neil) rather than wclsreq@wcls.org so it won’t disrupt or confuse anyone.

Secret trick: You can submit and then hit your back button to submit again. The third time you will get an error message.

Put in your email address and you will get a notification saying how many more requests you have this month.

Item Request Form (with limits)

  • Choose the type of item you are requesting.
  • Enter the publication date
  • Item Source

  • If this item is available from www.amazon.com or www.worldcat.org, copy and paste the link here.
  • When and where did you find out about this item? If you have a date by which you need the item, please enter it here.
  • Patron Information

  • Enter the 14-digit barcode number from your card. No spaces or dashes, please!
  • Please enter an email address to allow us to follow up with you if necessary and to receive confirmation of your request.