Shop the Friends Online Bookstore to support local libraries and skip supply chain woes

Need gifts for the last few names on your list? Here’s a novel solution: the Friends of the Library Online Bookstore, You’ll find gently used and carefully curated books, CDs and DVDs plus your purchases will support local libraries.

Volunteers from the Friends of the Blaine, Deming, Everson, Ferndale and Lynden libraries provide donated books to the online storefront at Browse hundreds of donated books, CDs and DVDs priced between $1 and $5. Rare or special materials are priced higher. New selections are added weekly.

Sort and search by genre, including fiction, children’s books, gardening, cookbooks, science fiction, young adult and more. At check out, select a pickup date and location from a list of seven WCLS branches. Currently, purchased items may be picked up at the Blaine, Deming, Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, North Fork or South Whatcom libraries.

Books and discs are stored and processed at the Friends of the Everson Library warehouse space graciously provided by Peoples Bank. From this central hub, orders are distributed to the pickup locations on scheduled dates. Community members who have questions about donating items may contact the manager at their library. Revenue from the sale of books and discs is allocated among the participating Friends groups and used to fund library programs and services.