Library Hack #26: Top 4 Homework Hacks

Library Hack #26: Top 4 Homework Hacks

If you’re tired of scouring Google and Wikipedia for homework help, then go to the source with the latest, most trustworthy information: your local library.

WCLS offers world-class online resources that help with tests, research, and writing. Here are our top four homework hacks to help you ace your next test!

1. Britannica Library Online

Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the world’s most trusted resources for researching history, philosophy, technology, politics, health, and more. Search a person, topic, place, or idea, and access articles, videos, photos and images, magazine entries, and primary sources.

You can also choose from three research levels: children, young adult, and reference center. Explore Britannica Library now!

2. Librarian Live Chat

Even if it’s 1:30am and you’re totally stuck on your research paper . . . there’s a librarian ready to help you! With Librarian Live Chat, you can chat with librarians across Washington State 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are professional librarians ready to answer your questions and offer solutions.

You can ask them for homework help, book recommendations, hard-to-find items, and more! Chat with a librarian now.

3. Culturegrams

Culturegrams simplifies history and geography research. Access everything you want to know about a certain place: graphs and tables, recipes, famous people, language, flags, demographics, and more.

Explore the world now!

4. History Study Center

Master history class with the History Study Center. This massive online database includes thousands of primary and secondary historical sources, from ancient times to today. Explore medieval knights, the Han Dynasty, ancient Egypt, and more! Get started now.