Introducing: Library Hacks (the Library’s Best-Kept Secrets)

Introducing: Library Hacks (the Library’s Best-Kept Secrets)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you say, “I didn’t know the library offered that.”

Well, get ready to have those moments a lot more.

Starting next week Monday, we’re kicking-off Library Hacks: the library’s best-kept (but most useful) secrets.

We’ll release a new hack every week, designed to simplify your life, save you money, and help you get more out of WCLS.

Get the inside scoop on entertaining the kids for free, saving yourself a trip to the library, auto-renewing your check-outs, and more. Some hacks include:

  • Accessing Ancestry Library Edition
  • Downloading and keeping 20 free songs a month
  • Accessing your entire family’s holds/checkouts from one place
  • Getting 25,000+ movies for free
  • Exploring free product reviews from the experts
  • And more!

Thanks and stay tuned!

Pssst . . . Have a hack you want to share? Great! Post your idea to our Facebook page with #LibraryHack.