Hack #1: Access Ancestry Library Edition – Powered by Ancestry.com!

Hack #1: Access Ancestry Library Edition – Powered by Ancestry.com!

Our first Library Hack is all about tracing your family’s history . . .

Have you ever wondered where your family came from? Or if you’re really 100% Irish? Or if your great-great-great-grandfather actually emigrated from Amsterdam?

Here’s your opportunity to find out: track your genealogy for free with Ancestry Library Edition. 

With Ancestry, you can trace your family’s history, map your family tree, and explore your origins from across the globe.

You’ll find reams of data on people from North America, the U.K., Europe, Australia, and more. 

The U.S. collection includes data from federal and U.S. censuses; birth, death, and marriage records
including the Social Security Death Index, U.S. border crossing, and trans-ocean ship records. 

The military collection includes more than 150 million records from Colonial times to the Vietnam era. These are just two of the many collections included in this edition of Ancestry!

Ancestry’s multimedia collections also include millions of files, like family and gravestone photos, postcards, newsreels, and more. 

And with your WCLS card, you can access Ancestry Library Edition for free! (A regular Ancestry account can cost up to $200 for six months!)

You can only access Ancestry from the library, so find your nearest library location and come in today!

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