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What is Zinio?

View full digital copies of your favorite magazines! You see the exact same material you get in print‚ plus some magazines include features like video, audio and live links. Magazine issues are not checked out so they're always available any time. Read online or download issues to your computer or mobile device to read offline. You must have a current Library card to use this collection. The library subscribes to 100 magazines.

How do I get started on Zinio?

1. You will need a Whatcom County Library System card

2. You will need to create a Library Zinio account (email address required)

3. You will need to create a Zinio.com account (same email address as above required)

4. Use these instructions:

5.  Access Zinio digital Magazines and get started

How does Zinio work?

After setting up your accounts, you can browse one hundred popular magazines and subscribe to and read them for free on your PC, Mac and mobile device. The magazines are full-color, just like the print version. Once you subscribe to a magazine, you can view and enjoy till the end of the year or till you delete your subscription.

What computers and devices work with Zinio?

PC and Mac computers; iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry Playbook devices.
Mobile device users: You must set up your two accounts before downloading the Zinio reader 4 app.

Having trouble finding the Zinio app for Amazon's KINDLE FIRE?

Some users are reporting problems with finding the Zinio App from their Kindle Fire. Follow this link for instructions to Zinio help for Kindle Fire to fix.

Still need help?

Tried everything and still need help? Ask A Librarian.