Top 10 First Novels Print

Jacket covers from three books on this list - The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, That's Not a Feeling, and When Captain Flint was still a good man

Something about the heart-and-soul process of writing a first novel tends to produce some of the most exciting, pitch-perfect reading experiences.  This list of the top ten first novels of 2012 (selected by Booklist magazine) is no exception and provides plenty to fall in love with - from shy June who is devasted by her dear uncle Finn's death from AIDS to retiree Harold Fry who walks 600 miles across England to deliver a letter to an old love who is dying.  Reviews include words such as harrowing, haunting, cosmic, stunning, and soulful.  Try one out!

If you like the flavor of first novels, here is a list of some other first novels from 2012, ranked in order of popularity.  Enjoy!