The Power of a Classroom Library Print Email
Winward Teacher Shirley ShimerShirley Shimer packed some heavy boxes into her classroom at Windward High School.  Those boxes contained about 700 books-her personal collection.  She decided her books would get more use if she used them to build a library at her school.

What kind of impact do 700 books have at a small school where there has never been any kind of official school library?  Even students that aren’t in Shirley’s classes are finding their way to her room to talk to her about books.  Some students have offered to bring their own titles in to share.  Just by being out and available these books are creating community.    Last time Shirley was bringing boxes of books into the classroom for her library she wrote to us that “one student got so excited to see the books he almost missed the bus.”

As much as we hate to have a student miss the bus, we just want to give Shirley a shout out for the great work she is doing creating excitement around reading-even for students who don’t have her as a teacher.  Three cheers for Shirley, and for all teachers who help create an atmosphere where students love to read!