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"Button Boy" Sequel, Also Set in Ferndale Print Email
Jacket covers from Lawrence Kadow's

What happens when an apocalyptic climate-change-induced storm hits the Pacific Northwest? Oil reserves are gone, subzero temperatures are the norm, and the shortened summers are too cold and damp to grow adequate food.  Local author Lawrence Kadow makes Ferndale the setting for his post-apocalyptic fictional trilogy, eventually to include a prequel.  Start with Button Boy, then follow the lives of four survivor families in the just-published The Ferndale Sector, "brought together by necessity to protect what little they had, defending themselves against packs of ruthless men drifting across the decimated landscape, picking from the bones of civilization." (book jacket)  BRRR!  Hard to put down, great readalike if you enjoy books/movies like Cormac McCarthy's The Road.