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REVISIONS: April 15, 2008

RELATED POLICIES: Meeting Room and Facilities Use Policy, Political Activities and Expression by WCLS Employees
SCOPE: WCLS supports the display or posting of educational, cultural or artistic exhibits, and is a neutral forum permitting the posting of notices on a wide variety of subjects and issues. This policy states the conditions for postings, exhibits, and petitions.

It is the policy of the Whatcom County Library System to provide space in its facilities for educational and cultural exhibits and for the posting of public notices and announcements. The library provides this space in its capacity as a neutral forum for public discussion, and not in endorsement or approval of any particular notice, announcement or position. All posting are subject to the limitations of space and library staff time.
Every effort will be made to protect materials placed in library facilities. However, protection cannot be guaranteed.


(includes leaflets, brochures, etc.)

All postings must be approved by authorized library staff before being placed in the library. Notices must be dated. They will be posted only if space is available and only for a fixed period determined by the Branch Manager.

Because the library is an impartial, neutral forum it will accept postings without discrimination on the basis of content, subject to the following guidelines:

  • The library will not display petitions for the public to sign;
  • The library will not permit the posting of materials that are libelous; that urge violence or harm to a person or persons; or that, in the discretion of the library director, present significant risk of unlawful violence or harm to a person
  • Where there are space limitations, notices will be accepted for posting in the following priority order:
  1. Whatcom County Library System postings.
  2. Friends of the Library postings.
  3. Notices of non-commercial events and notices of general local or community interest.
  4. Commercial notices of educational or cultural value to the community.
  5. Want ads -- e.g., babysitting ads, etc.


  1. All exhibits must be arranged through the Branch Manager. Placement and scheduling are at the discretion of the Branch Manager.
  2. Requests for exhibit space by artists and artisans may be referred to local arts commissions or other art professionals for assistance in determining such factors as originality and creativity.
  3. The purpose of exhibits is educational and cultural. Exhibits arranged by commercial organizations must emphasize their educational and cultural aspects. Prices will not be displayed on exhibits, nor will price lists be made available in the library.
  4. Owners of exhibits are advised to carry their own insurance. The library will not be responsible for uninsured loss or damage.
  5. An Exhibit form, clearly stating the duration of the loan and its terms, will be completed and signed in every case (see attached form.)

Legal review by attorney Deborra Garrett August 23, 2007.

Adopted by the Whatcom County Library System Board of Trustees:

REVISIONS: April 15, 2008
APPROVED: February 16, 1993