The WCLS "Pop-up" Library Print

Pop-up LibraryImagine browsing at the local farmer’s market and suddenly you see … the library! Not just a display table filled with brochures and newsletters but an actual mini-library with materials to check out,

Wi-Fi laptops, and knowledgeable staff able to answer reference questions or register you for a library card on the spot.

pop-up libraryThe next week you are at the park walking your dog when you notice kids carrying blue balloons with the library logo. The library is here! There are materials to check out for adults and children on dog obedience, Frisbee golf and outdoor family fun.

A few days later at a community event you overhear people talking about how they received help with their eReader at a similar event because the library was there as a pop-up!

By “popping up” where you are you get extremely convenient access to the library and materials and service that exceeds your expectations. Who would guess they would get to register for a library card at the Laundromat, checkout a book at the beach, or peruse a database at the dog park even if they don’t own a smart phone?

This creative approach to getting you connected to your library helps to shape the unique personality of our communities. Not every county has a library that can pop up any time!

pop-up libraryA pop-up library visit increases your awareness and use of library services and resources in a way that will surprise and delight. The Pop-up Library is energetic, mobile, fresh, and a step in the right direction towards access, community, and FUN.

Want the library to pop up at your county event?  Contact Adult Services Coordinator Lisa Gresham for more information at (360) 305-3600 x 217.