To celebrate National Library Card Sign-Up Month, we’re inviting YOU to take a WCLS Pet Selfie!

Our goal is to get 1,000 new WCLS card sign-ups in September—our most ever! To help us hit our goal, we’re asking you to post photos of your pets with library materials, tag three friends to do the same, and then ask everyone to get WCLS cards.

Here’s how it works:

Bonus: patrons with the most likes will be featured in our weekly email newsletter. At the end of the month, you’ll get to vote on your favorite photo and the winner will get a FREE custom photo shoot with their pet at WCLS!

To participate, be sure to make your post “public.” To do this, go to your Facebook settings, select privacy, and change the “Who can see my stuff” settings to “Public.” (Here’s an example.) For Instagram, go to your profile settings, then switch the “Private account” off.  Or, if you’d prefer, just email the selfie to us at petselfies@wcls.org and we’ll post it to our Facebook and Instagram feeds for you.

Post your WCLSPetSelfie and get a library card today!


Look at these great #WCLSPetSelfies:

Rika Lee Reuble delivering Homebound Services to Jeanette Esthuis in Lynden, with her special pal, Chewy.

This Corgi is showing his Gryffindor pride!

Kyle and Barb the Chicken getting motivated with Les Brown.

Lola is uncovering the secrets of Crossbone Hill . . .

Piper, Bronco, and Izzy learning French with Mango Languages. (Oui, oui!)

Kiki learning about bodily functions . . .

At just 14 weeks old, Milo loves playing games from WCLS!

Barney is deeply engrossed with Cujo . . .

Harley is checking out the latest edition of Whatcom County Library System Explorations! Hmm . . . Dog Day Afternoons or Winter Birds of Whatcom County?

This dog is exercising a little “blind faith” 🙂

Wilson is enjoying one of his favorite books from WCLS!

This dark cat loves reading about the dark knight.

Brian is enjoying storytime with his pet dragons, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

Erin and her cat are enjoying an exciting (and free!) eAudiobook from WCLS!

Books: good for learning, great for naps.

Brodie is reading up on his arch nemesis . . . squirrels!

Lucy and Maddy are going to whip up something tasty for dinner!

Stay. Speak. Read! Ayla says they are both delicious and from the library!

Looking for a new hobby? Explore activity and hobby books at WCLS!

Sam and Julie enjoying storytime together!

Justin and Liam the bunny enjoying their copy of The Martian.

Piper and Izzy enjoying a good book in the yard.

Sherri and Romper enjoying Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Romper’s not impressed).

Joey rocking out to Kesha’s new album on Freegal!

Stevia sometimes spends hours browsing the shelves 🙂

Sylvia brushing up on her medical skills.

He’s never been much for his master’s voice, but Jeb loves listening to an audiobook, downloaded from the Washington Anytime Library (we’re listening to The Inquisitor’s Tale by Adam Gidwitz at the moment–the dog dies, but it’s all good).

Wendy spending quality time with her, um, “pet.” 🙂

Jeeves loves reading about his namesake’s adventures!

Rusty making sure none of his secrets have been shared!

Zero the mouse likes to sniff his books before taking a nibble.

This cute pug is brushing up on his owner’s manual 🙂

This is quite the CATch 22 . . .

You’re never too big to put your nose in a good book 🙂

I realize I’m adorable, but please stop taking photos. I’m trying to read . . .

Joel is BEARly able to concentrate with his furry friend peeking over his shoulder . . .

Ichiro the Cat is enjoying some classic Steinbeck.

This little Jack Russel is showing his Seahawks (and library) pride.

Piko hopes he’s not being a bad dog . . .