Tile Bookcase Installed at North Fork Library Print

Tile BookcaseA beautiful and unique form of donor recognition was unveiled at the North Fork Community Library at the Building Dedication ceremony in late October.  The Tile Bookcase is made up...

Val & Georgina in front of bookcaseof individual tiles in the shape of books on a shelf, with the spines displaying donor names and memorials. A banner in one bookcase proclaims "The library is the heart if the community," and a nearby teddy bear holds a beautiful heart given to manager Georgina Furlong-Head by Director Joan Airoldi at the Groundbreaking ceremony.

Local Whatcom County artist Val Lloyd created the piece, making each ceramic tile by hand - the unit hold about 187 tile "books." The tiles represent significant monetary donations to this "miracle library" which was built In large part by community volunteers.  Just one more reason to drive up Mt. Baker Highway and visit the North Fork Community Library in Kendall!

Pictured: Artist Val Lloyd (left) and Branch Manager Georgina Furlong-Head standing in front of the beautiful new commemorative tile bookcase.