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Jacket covers from Tony Danza's book (mentioned in article) showing him in a white shirt and tie in front of a classroom, and the DVD cover of The Hobart Shakespeareans, showing teacher Rafe Esquivel in front of a classroom.

National Teacher's Day is today (May 7th), a day to recognize and honor educators.  TV star Tony Danza developed a new appreciation for teachers after he spent a year teaching English at Philadelphia's largest high school.  He recounts the experience in an enlightening and funny memoir, I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had.  Danza struggled to keep his students engaged while realizing they had needs beyond education that were difficult to meet.  For another story about what it takes to be a truly inspiring teacher, check out the DVD The Hobart Shakespeareans about Los Angeles elementary school teacher and winner of the American Teacher Award, Rafe Esquith, who teaches his students to understand and perform Shakespeare as a motivational teaching tool and unique method of education.