Lis Marshall New WCLS Trustee Print

Please welcome the newest member to the WCLS Board of Trustees! Lis Marshall is the first WCLS Library Board trustee from Lummi Island.

Lis MarshallBorn in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Lis used to take the bus across town to visit her local library. She especially remembers the summer reading program and the cut-out “ponies” they used to gallop around a racetrack to measure the number of books read by the kids.

Lis even started her own library when she was a child. She organized her books, pasted date-due flaps in each one and checked them out to friends using her very own date stamp!

With her three children “launched” and through college, Lis felt now was the right time to become a Trustee volunteer. When asked why libraries are important, Lis responded, “Libraries are a dynamic service that helps communities grow. They represent such a positive potential – access for all with everything you need to succeed.”

Lis became a trustee because, as she says, “Libraries require work. It’s like looking at a clean house and knowing the amount of work required to get there.”

WCLS is governed by a five member volunteer Board of Trustees responsible for library planning, policy, and budget. They meet on the third Tuesday of each month.  Meeting and location schedule, agenda, and minutes of previous meetings are on the library’s website at