Ken Jennings and Parental Warnings Print

Cover of Ken Jennings' Ken Jennings is known by many for his lengthy winning streak on Jeopardy! and here in Whatcom County we have a more intimate connection with Ken for his regular guest appearances as a lifeline for the annual Whatcom Literacy Council trivia bee.  The author of several trivia-based books (Brainiac and Maphead), Ken's newly published Because I Said So! explores the "myths, tales, and warnings every generation passes down to its kids."  Do you really need to wait an hour to swim before eating?  Are poinsettia leaves really poisonous or can you eat them?  If you run with a lollipop in your mouth and fall down, can it really puncture the back of your throat and go straight into your brain?  Ken explores the science behind these parental syllogisms with his trademark sense of humor. 

Read an interview with Ken (and see a really cute picture of him as a little tyke) here.