Japanese-American Experience during WWII Print

Jacket cover from Whatcom READS! logo - text and a yellow-rayed sun behind itThis year's Whatcom READS! community reading program focuses on David Guterson's award-winning book Snow Falling on Cedars.  Part love story, part courtroom drama, and part historical fiction, Snow Falling on Cedars is set on an island in Puget Sound in the 1950s, and tells of the death of a white fisherman and the Japanese-American man who is charged with his murder.  Guterson lives on Bainbridge Island and based many of the characters on real island residents whose families were removed to concentration camps during WWII.  Here are just a few of the ways to get involved and learn more about this period of history (besides reading the book!):

  • Meet Japanese-American Bainbridge Island residents who will discuss their WWII experience (Sumas)
  • Learn more about the history of Japanese-American internment camps (Blaine)
  • Discuss the book with others (many locations)
  • Meet Japanese students studying at WWU and learn more about their culture (Deming)
  • Attend a panel discussion on ethics in journalism (Fairhaven)

For more information, visit the Whatcom READS! events calendar!