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Bob Bryant at Sudden ValleyIt’s been widely reported that being active socially, giving back to your community, having strong and healthy relationships are key indicators of health and deep and lasting happiness as we age.

Many Whatcom County library supporters and advocates are walking that talk.

Here are a few brief snapshots:

Friends of the new library being built in Sudden Valley gave 1000 hours and have a goal for 2012 to Storytime Volunteerscontinue with fund raising and initial construction while also promoting the use of the library within our South Shore community.

In Lynden, Friends volunteered over 4000 hours to library work. Their goal this year is to find other ways to attract people to the library who are not already patrons; to locate charitable groups who might like to receive books from after sale remainders.

In Everson, Friends gave over 2700 hours of volunteer time.  Accomplishments range from purchasing better display shelves, to planting a plum tree and hosting regular Saturday programs.

Volunteers at North Fork LibraryOther Friends groups have similar but unique stories of how they give back--based on their local community branch library’s needs.

If you’re looking for strong healthy social ties, you’ve found a resource in your local library. Check it out!

Joan Airoldi, Director

Social ties are the cheapest medicine we have.
Shelley Taylor