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Squirrel and skunk reading together

Archeology for Kids
A National Park Service site.

Dig: The Archeology Magazine for Kids
Check it out!

Dinosaur Train Field Guide
Fun facts and pronunciations for dinosaurs from A to Z.

Download a Dinosaur
Printable patterns for cut-and-fold dinosaurs.

Endangered Species Origami
Instructions for folding a sea turtle and more!

Fossils for Kids
Fossil information and fun for kids of all ages.

Hidden Garden Gnomes
Online hidden object game.

Little Bearded Gnome
Directions for making a simple gnome costume.

National Geographic Kids Sea Turtle Race
Play this online game.

Neferchichi's Tomb
Lots of great information on ancient Egyption gods, pharaohs, mummies, and hieroglyphics.

Pirate Name Generator
Type in your name to create a pirate name and ship.

Senet Online
Play Senet - the ancient Egyptian board game.

Sing a Worm Song
Four hilarious worm poems to sing or recite.

Sugar Cube Pyramid
Directions from

Write Like an Egyptian
Translate your name into a hieroglyphics cartouche.

Zoo Borns: Meet Badger Girl
Meet a baby honey badger born at the Johannesburg Zoo. 


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