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The American Chemical Society: Science for Kids
Science experiments and more.

Bill Nye the Science Guy, on Simple Machines
Check it out!

Build a Film Canister Robot
Instructions for building and launching a film canister rocket.

Exploring the Science of Light: Optical Illusions
Examples of cool optical illusions, and activities to try.

Hidden Animal Games
Find camouflaged animals in their habitats.

Hobey Ford: Butterfly Lifecycle
Puppeteer Hobey Ford's ten-minute video of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Interactive Weather Maker
Create different types of weather.

Lawrence Hall of Science
Online science games and activities.

Make a Pinwheel
Part of the Simple Machines program.

Make Your Own Musical Instruments
Instructions for making several musical instruments.

Paper Airplanes
Instructions for building a variety of paper airplanes.

Patterns in Nature - Spider Webs
Slideshow of amazing spider webs.

Science Buddies
Science projects about music and sound.

Science of Cooking
Recipes and activities.

ZoomKids Science
PBS Kids site with lots of great science experiments.


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