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Whatcom County Library Foundation was formed in 2005 for the purpose of funding charitable, scientific, or educational activities that provide support for the Whatcom County Library System's mission and plans.

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What is the Whatcom County Library Foundation Book Endowment?

A Book Endowment is your opportunity to give pleasure to others through books, while helping to preserve memories of special persons or to recognize valuable events, organizations, community work or good deeds, and to honor the persons associated with them. Your endowment can:

  • Preserve the memory of a special person
  • Salute a retiring club officer, or the club itself
  • Mark a birthday, graduation, anniversary or achievement
  • Thank a business or a friend for their service to the community.
  • Show your support for libraries in Whatcom County. 

How do I establish a WCLF Book Endowment?

Fill out the Endowment Form and enclose with your check made payable to WCLF Book Endowment.

What do I get with an Endowment?

A full endowment of $300 provides one book every year to the Whatcom County Library System.  The endowment can be established with multiple donations of lesser amounts that total at least $300 within three months. If the total does not reach $300 in three months, a one-time selection of one book with bookplate and announcement will be made.

A bookplate is placed in a selected book each year, giving the name of the person or other entity in whose honor or memory the book is purchased, as well as the name of the donor.

An announcement is sent to the person or entity being honored or to the family of the person memorialized, as specified by the donor.  The donor is identified, but the amount contributed is not mentioned.  A receipt is sent to each donor acknowledging the tax-deductible contribution. 

A one-time donation of at least $100 provides one book to the Whatcom County Library System, and includes the bookplate and announcement.  The same Endowment Form may be used.

How are Endowment Books Chosen?

You may choose to have the book(s) selected from one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Biography, memoirs
  • Classics
  • Current events, politics, censorship
  • Education
  • Gardening, landscaping
  • History, travel, foreign cultures
  • Homemaking, decorating, cooking, home improvement
  • Local interest, local authors, local history
  • Music, fine art, home crafts, woodcraft, antiques
  • Pet care, animal husbandry, agriculture
  • Philosophy, religion
  • Sports, adventure
  • The earth, wild animals and birds
  • Adult fiction
  • Teen fiction
  • Children literature
  • Large type books
  • Audio books 

History of the Book Endowment

The Library Book Endowment was established in 1981 for the purpose of encouraging donations toward the purchase of books as a way to mark a special life event or milestone, honor a loved-one, and support libraries and reading in Whatcom County.

The first book endowment was given to honor Audrey Liller, a charter member of the Friends of the Everson McBeath Library, by her daughter Andrea Bevan.  Polly Hanson and Bernice Vossbeck brought the idea of book endowments to all of Whatcom County by forming the Friends of the Library Book Endowment associated with the Whatcom County Library System.

In 2007, the Friends of the Library Book Endowment group disbanded and donated their principle funds to the Whatcom County Library Foundation.  The Foundation continues to support the Endowment and donates funds to WCLS each year. 

For more information, call (360)305-3600 or contact Jennifer Rick, Foundation Development Director.