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Early Learning Begins With YouMother and Father reading to their young son

You have been your child's teacher from the day he or she was born.  You know more about your child than anyone else.  You are in the best position to help your child get ready to read because:

  • Young children have short attention spans.  You can do activities for short bits of time throughout the day.
  • You know your children best and you can help them learn in ways and at times that are easiest for them.
  • Parents are tremendous role models - if your children see that you think reading is important and enjoy it, they will follow your lead.
  • Children learn best by doing - and they love doing things with YOU.

Five Practices of Reading Readiness

Young children need to master these five important skills before they are ready to learn to read.  

Why is it so important for children to get ready to read before they start school?

Children who enter kindergarten with pre-reading skills have an advantage.  They can focus on learning to read instead of first learning essential pre-reading skills.  Children who start kindergarten ready to read have greater success throughout their school years.

How does the library support early learning?Mother and Father with their new baby and a Raise a Reader packet

Each of our libraries has an early learning activity center with toys that help develop reading readiness in a fun way.  

Our early learning programs include Toddler Time, Preschool Storytime, Play and Learn, and science programs for the very young.

The library's outreach efforts seek to inform a greater number of families to the benefits of early learning.  These include Books for Babies and Changing Table Tunes one and Changing Table Tunes two.

And of course the library has thousands of delightful picture books including sturdy board books for the very young. 

We invite you to come to one of our storytimes or programs and share the joy of reading with your child.



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