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Barcode not working on the Account login page?

Are you typing in your entire barcode? Enter your entire barcode number (all 14 numbers with no spaces).

Has your library card expired? If you haven't used your library card in three years or more, you may have been purged from the system. Please contact your local branch and have us check your account status.

Do you have fines? If you have over $50 in library fines, you will not be able to use the Databases from home. Please visit the library to arrange a payment plan.

Are you being asked for a password?

Is your web browser set to accept cookies? You must set your browser to accept cookies. This means setting the security level at low or off.

Are you running a firewall or Internet security program? Firewall software may interfere with the login/authentication that allows access to databases. The most common sign that firewall settings are at fault is the appearance of a database login/password page after a library card number has been successfully submitted.

You should not have to disable your firewall. Rather, enable URL referring and/or add database base URLs (ie for Heritage Quest) to your firewall's list of approved websites. The base URL will be visible in the address bar atop the database error page.

  • Norton 2003 and 2004 users should follow their posted instructions .
  • Norton 2005 users should follow their instructions.
  • ZoneAlarm users should go to the Privacy Panel's Cookie Control panel and uncheck "remove private header information" and 'block 3rd party cookies.'
  • Network firewall users should contact your network administrator.

Consider updating or switching your browser software. This is particularly helpful if you are using a Macintosh computer you will need to at least have Internet Explorer (5.0) . Consider downloading and using a browser other than Internet Explorer or Safari. Two other suggestions are Opera or Firefox .

Ask A Librarian to see if this is a problem with the database vendor that we are working to remedy.

If none of the above solutions work, please contact your Internet Service Provider. They may be running a firewall that blocks a specific database.

How do I find magazine and newspaper articles?

Our online databases  provide the complete text of many newspaper and magazine articles. You may also use these databases to find the citations of articles for your research.
The databases may be accessed in the libraries or from home, work or school using your library barcode found on the back of your library card. 
Ask A Librarian if you would like help with your research.

Need more Troubleshooting Tips?

The King County Library System has details of accessing databases that may give you more information. It is always a good idea to clear your history and delete your cookies and temporary internet files if you are having problems connecting to a website. You should clear your history and delete your cookies and temporary internet files on a regular basis. Maintenance of the library catalog takes place before library hours. If you experience problems with the catalog between 7am and 10am, please try again later.