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Revised November 15, 2005

SCOPE: This policy applies to all patrons and staff in every facility of the Whatcom County Library System

The goal of the Whatcom County Library System is to protect each individual's use and enjoyment of library services. The Board of Trustees has established this policy to protect the rights and safety of library patrons and staff; to preserve the library's materials, equipment, and property; and to enable staff to provide everyone with good library service.

Any activity prohibited by law or any other conduct that interferes with others' use, safety, or enjoyment of the library is not allowed in Whatcom County Library System Branch Libraries.

The director is responsible for establishing administrative policy and procedures necessary to carry out this Board policy, which shall include the posting of rules prominently in each library. These rules will be enforced in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff or local law enforcement officers will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors.

Library privileges may be limited or revoked for violating any of the rules. The library may withdraw permission for a person to re-enter its facilities if the person continues violating the rules or if a person's physical condition is deemed offensive or dangerous to other library patrons (RCW 27.12.290)


Revised November 15, 2005
Adopted September 18, 1995

APPROVED BY: Library Board of Trustees

Rules Concerning Conduct Policy (September 18, 1995)
Disruptive Behavior Policy (September 18, 1995)


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