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John Green has a message for teens going back to school that we thought was worth sharing.  

“Regardless of where you live, primary education became a requirement sometime after 1775,” he said. “This 250-year period has been a pretty good run for humans — featuring, you know, steam engines, the Internet, antibiotics, skyscrapers, a stunning increase in life expectancy, home pizza delivery, water purification plants and landing a freaking Mini Cooper on Mars. Needless to say, this is not a coincidence.” Education, he concluded, “isn’t just about you. Your nation is making an investment in you because they believe that you are worth it. So the next time you’re, like, half-asleep in class, fantasizing about being a kid chosen for a special mission or wizard school or whatever, please remember something: You are special, and you’ve been chosen for a special mission that was denied to 99.9 percent of all humans ever. We need you, we believe in you, and we’re counting on you.”

Thank you John Green! If you students to stay awake, we librarians will stay awake with you.