Angels and Demons Print

Jacket cover of Cassandra Clare's

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will hit theaters in August, bringing the first book in a popular teen fantasy series to the big screen. Clary Fray thought she was like any other teenager, but when she begins seeing things that no one else can, her whole life changes. After her mother is kidnapped by demons, Clary meets Jace Wayland and his group of friends. They are Shadowhunters, half-human and half-angel, and they destroy evil Downworlders like the demon that stole Clary's mother. The Shadowhunters open Clary's eyes, and she discovers a hidden world that has been right in front of her the entire time. If you haven't yet sampled this fantastic series, check out Cassandra Clare's novels before you head to the theater.  For other books being made to movies, check out these lists!  (Books to be Movies List 1 & List 2)